What Is Hot Yoga Good For? Basic Bikram Yoga Poses


Bikram Yoga is a type of hot yoga which the yoga expert Bikram Choudhury formulated from the techniques and poses of traditional yoga in the 1970s. The sessions of Bikram Yoga run for about 90 minutes for beginners and comprise of a periodic series of 26 different yoga postures which includes two breathing exercises. 

The ideal climatic conditions of the yoga studio for Bikram yoga is a temperature of 35-42 degrees centigrade and a humidity level of about 40%. The yoga instructors are Bikram-certified mentors who have attended and completed an extensive Bikram yoga training for nine weeks. 

Bikram Yoga is excellent for health and physical fitness. Read on to learn more about the poses of Bikram yoga and its benefits. 

What Is Hot Yoga Good For?

Bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga that is incredibly beneficial for health. The different poses of hot yoga have a host of benefits of like cutting down on stress, promoting detoxification, aiding in weight loss, and curbing body fat, and more. Check out the fantastic advantages of the Bikram form of hot yoga. 

Cuts down on stress

The whole point about hot yoga is to de-stress and relax the mind and body. One of the best health benefits of Bikram yoga is that it helps in calming the mind and getting rid of stressors. 

The high levels of temperature and humidity of hot yoga revive and refreshes the mind and body and promote a profound sense of relaxation.

Helps in detoxification

The extremity of temperature and humidity triggers sweating. The heavy sweating assists the flushing out of toxins through the skin pores. 

The elimination of toxins through sweat during the intense Bikram yoga session makes the person feel energized and refreshed.

Promotes healthy loss of body weight

Bikram yoga is a form of hot yoga which is performed in a studio room adjusted to high temperature and humidity. The sweltering heat of the room causes sweating that accelerates the burning out of calories. 

Bikram yoga can cause a reduction in calorie count by about 477 calories/hour, which is excellent for shedding the excess body weight. 

Supplement the loss in calories with a healthy and balanced diet to stay in good shape throughout your life. Practice Bikram yoga regularly to keep fit and slim.

Gives a healthy glow to the skin

The warmth and humidity of the yoga studio room work like a sauna session for the skin. The steamy temperature unclogs the skin pores by sloughing off the dead cells and sebum buildup. 

Cleanse your face with a face wash after the Bikram yoga session, and you will be amazed at the healthy glow of your skin.

Fights against the backache

Bikram yoga involves a host of different yoga poses that work to fight against backache and pain in the spinal cord region. 

The humidity and warmth of the yoga studio room aids in relaxing the stiff muscles and allows extensive muscle stretching and movement. 

Performing Bikram yoga in a hot and humid room also helps in promoting blood circulation, which is suitable for the prevention and cure of soreness and cramps in the back.

The best Bikram yoga poses to try for the alleviation of back pain include Sphinx and Needle the Thread poses that can ease the spinal pain and backache.

Stabilizes the cardiac rate

The humidity and heat of the Bikram yoga studio room increase the speed of the heart and improves the carriage of more food and oxygen to the muscles and different organs of the body. 

Attending the regular Bikram yoga sessions is remarkably beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Bikram yoga helps in the stabilization of blood pressure and works to maintain a healthy flow of blood throughout the body.

Makes the body more flexible

Attend the regular Bikram yoga sessions to enhance the flexibility of the body. Your body will become as fit and flexible as an elastic band with daily Bikram yoga practice. 

The high temperature and humidity promotes healthy blood circulation and maintains the strength of the muscles, which are suitable for physical flexibility.

Develops fitness and core strength

Bikram yoga pushes the body against its limits and compels it to build its core muscular strength. It works on the abdominal muscles and glutes and enhances their level of endurance and power. 

With regular Bikram yoga, your body becomes a powerhouse of strength and physical fitness.

Forges a healthy lifestyle for you

If you are trying hard to establish a healthy and disciplined lifestyle, then join the Bikram yoga class right from today. 

Follow a balanced diet and drink plenty of water to stay in shape and fight a hundred different ailments like arthritis, weakness of bones, and more.

Calories Burned In Hot Yoga

An hour’s session of Bikram yoga results in the loss of 477 calories. If you practice Bikram yoga for 90 minutes, then you will burn about 716 calories in one session. 

This reduction in calories count through Bikram yoga is good for the healthy loss of weight. You should also adhere to a balanced diet for the natural treatment of obesity, and other excess fat-related diseases. 

Hot Yoga Vs Yoga

There are quite a few differences between hot yoga and traditional yoga. These differences highlight the incredible health benefits of Bikram type of hot yoga for the body. 

The humidity and temperature of the hot yoga studio room are very high

The primary feature of hot yoga is the climatic condition of high temperature and humidity of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and about 40% humid. You can attend Bikram yoga sessions of an hour or 90 minutes in this climatic condition. You may also try Bikram yoga in an infrared sauna condition at about 120 degrees Fahrenheit under virtual Bikram-certified yoga instructors.

There is no such climatic control in traditional yoga. The warmth and humidity promote detoxification in hot yoga, which does not happen in regular yoga. Besides, the loss of excess body weight takes too long in daily yoga.

Bikram form of hot yoga is for detoxification and blood circulation unlike traditional yoga

Due to the increase in temperature and humidity of the studio room, the body starts sweating profusely during yoga. The heavy sweating results in the elimination of sweat from the skin, which results in detoxification. There are specific Bikram yoga poses that can trigger blood circulation and maintain the health of the cardiovascular system as well. 

Traditional yoga is good for the cardiac system, too, but it is not as effective as hot yoga. It plays no role in pumping the heart rate, promoting detoxification, and improving blood circulation.

Increase the flexibility of the body more quickly with Bikram form of hot yoga than traditional yoga

The heat and humidity of the yoga studio room keep the muscles warm during yoga, which is essential for the improvement in physical flexibility. The warmth is useful for performing the more strenuous yoga poses, which makes the body more flexible. Hot yoga is more comfortable to master for the same reason, unlike traditional yoga.

In traditional yoga, the muscles tend to remain taut and stiff, and overexertion of the muscles for the various poses causes fatigue and hinders the development of flexibility.

Bikram Yoga Poses

Check out the 12 different poses of Bikram yoga. You may not be able to attain all the poses in the first few weeks of practice, but with regular sessions, your muscles will become more flexible. Perform these poses of Bikram yoga in sequence for effective weight loss and development of strength.


Begin the Bikram yoga with the standing pose. Take deep breaths while standing straight.

Ardha Chandrasana 

Stretch your torse to one side in the half-moon pose.


Bend your body as though you are sitting on a chair in the awkward pose.


Strengthen and stretch every joint in the body by attaining and holding on to the Eagle pose.

Dandayamana Janusirsana 

Challenge your body balance by standing on one leg, stretching out the other and attempting to bring the head in contact with the knee of the leg stretched out in the front.


The Dhanurasana pose of Bikram yoga is for flexibility and core strength. Flex your body in the form of a bow in the Dhanurasana pose.


The balancing stick pose is for the development of the cardiac and nervous systems.


Separate your legs and bend the torso in the front to bring the head in contact with the ground. This pose of Bikram yoga is excellent for the spinal muscles, legs, and sciatic nerve.


The Triangle pose is for the mind and body.

Bibhaktapada janusirshasana

Stand with your legs separated and bring your head in contact with the knee of the leg in the front for the development of metabolism and weight loss.


The Tree pose is for strengthening the knees, hips, and ankles. It is a simple pose that makes the body flexible and erect. 


The Toe Stand pose of Bikram yoga is for the strength of the feet. It is an intense pose for the development of fitness and stamina

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