5 Types of Hex Trap Bar & Their Weight.

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Some call it Trap bar and other calls it Hex bar (or hexagonal bar), basically, all are the same. 

The trap bar is relatively new in the fitness industry. Trap bar was invented, patented, and trademarked by Al Gerard, in mid-1980. Al Gerard was a competitive powerlifter who was determined to find a safer way to deadlift because of frequent back injuries due to deadlifting. 

In recent days, trap bars are getting more popular in every gym because of their effectiveness in improving overall strength without putting the body under risk of injury. For many, Trap bars deadlifts have replaced conventional deadlifts. 

So we get to see the trap bars at the gym, but how much do they really weigh? It’s important to know the exact weight you are lifting, right? 

Problem is, there is no standard weight and dimensions of Trap bars. The range of trap bar weight may vary from 40 lbs to 110 lbs depending on the quality of the material and its design.

Every gym has a weight scale, The best way to know the accurate weight is to weigh the bar on the weight machine. 

But if you do not have access to the weigh machine then you can predict the weight of the trap bar why identifying 5 different types of hex bars. 

Type of Trap bars and their weights

Weight of the trap bar depends on the quality of the material and its size, barbells which are mare with high tensile strength steels are much heavier. 

Although trap bars can be designed in many different ways, they can be broadly classified into 5 categories. 

1# Conventional Hex bar:

Barbell’s Weight: 30lbs -75 lbs

What it is?

There are the most commonly available hex bars that can be found in local gyms, garage gyms, etc.

Conventional hex bar provides a great alternative to conventional deadlift without risking back injuries, they are also proven best options for farmers to walk

In comparison to other bars, these conventional trap bars are relatively cheaper. 

CAP Olympic hex bar

It’s the best-selling trap bar on amazon and it’s one of the most commonly found trap bars in garage gyms. 

CAP has proven very consistent with providing high quality barbells at a reasonable price range. This bar weighs 75 lbs and has a weight capacity of 1000lbs.  

It’s a perfect bar for your garage gym or anyone who loves to lift heavy. it is made off high tensile strength steel with good quality knurling. 

2# Heavy-duty trap bars:

Barbell’s Weight: 125 lbs

What it is and what it is good for?

CFF Monster Hex bar offers multiple grips for various Olympic and powerlifting movements, 3 sets of knurled handles and a weight capacity of 1500 lb capacity. You won’t normally find this barbell at a conventional gym. 

This barbell has got a weight capacity of 1500lbs, perfect for those looking to prepare for the strongman competition or looking to improve strength in a multidimensional way? This heavy-duty trap bar is the best option for you. 

This is a specialty bar for strength improvement, multiple grip options allow you to practice various gripping options. 

If your gym has this one, now you know it weighs 125 pounds. 

3# Open-back trap bar

Barbell’s Weight: 40 lbs to 80 lbs

These are the Functional trap bar for unilateral and carrying movements. Common Functional open back trap bars and their weights

What it is and what it is good for?

These are the functional trap bars designed to add teeth to the capability of conventional trap bars. 

These barbells have an open back which allows the lifter to incorporate additional functional variations beyond your standard deadlift, including loaded carries, split squats, RDLs, and lunges.  

4# Tri-grip trap bar: 

What it is and what it is good for?

There arent many companies manufacturing these specialty multi-grip trap bars. 

Size of the grips plays great emphasis on the strength development, broad grip helps in much superior grip strength and narrow grip helps you lift heavier weights. 

Having multiple grips are a great addition to the functionality of the barbell, you can use different grips for your farmer’s walks and deadlifts. 

Rotating handles allow the lifter to choose the grip that works best and gradually work up to wider grips. Handles include Women’s (25 mm), Men’s (28 mm), Strongman (41 mm). 

5# 1” Sleeve Trap Bar

Barbell’s Weight: 35 pounds

What it is and what it is good for?

Only a few manufacturers are offering a trap bar with 1” sleeves. This trap bar is compatible with the 1” hole weight plates that could not fit in the conventional barbell. 

Everything else works pretty much the same. 

Beginner tip to choose the best Hex trap bar

Trap bars are highly versatile gym equipment that is being used by beginners to powerlifters. Let’s see how to choose the best hex trap bar for the workout

Type of handle

Hight of handles differs largely in trap bars, height of handles varied in a different model. Finding the right height that suits you best should be the top priority. 

Low handles are used to achieve a higher range of motion and high handles allow you to lift heavier. High handles are the best choice for people with a lack of flexibility or who prefer a low range of motion. 

Low handles put your legs on work and high handles help to target the back. High handles are also more preferred for the farmer’s walks.  


Knurling is the grip portion of a barbell that has that crosshatching texture to provide better gripping ability. 

The quality of knurling may depend on the manufacturer, you can choose between fine or aggressive knurling.  

It’s important to find a hex bar with that knurling that feels good in the hand and allows you to hold the bar with ease. It should not slip or cause pain while lifting it. 

Tensile strength

Choose the barbell with higher tensile strength. High tensile strength guarantees the quality of the barbell and also ensures that the barbell won’t break down while workout.  

Barbells with high tensile strength are often built to last longer and they also offer better grip quality. 


Its always suggested using the same barbell for the strength-building exercise. Using the same barbell ensures the same weight which helps in keeping better track of progressive overload. 


If you are looking to buy the hex bar for home then its important to pay more emphasis on the coating of the barbell. 

Nobody wants to invest in equipment that is going to rust in a few years. Choosing a stainless steel barbell or the one with powder coating can ensure a long life of barbell. 

Additionally, choosing famous brands over cheap barbell is always a great approach to endure high quality product. 

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

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