I lost 11-lbs with Kinobody diet & workout in 8 weeks


Kinobody fitness protocol is founded by an online “fitness guru” Gregory O’Gallagher, who got a quick recognition because of bizarre YouTube videos stuffed with supercars, models, and lavish lifestyle.

No matter, whether you love him or hate him, his approach to fitness has already changed thousands of lives. 

The Kinobody YouTube account has got 500,000+ subscribers, and its website is filled with success stories and impressive before-and-after shots

What makes people really suspicious about the success of kinobody diet and fitness program is its food pattern. It actually allows people to eat the stuff that was considered unhealthy or could lead to weight gain. 

If you follow Greg O’Gallagher (Kinobody founder) on Instagram, you’ll notice him eating a lot of food and beverages that had been considered unhealthy. Additionally, he also suggests his clients include foods like: Steak, tacos, fries, alcohol, chocolate bars, etc.  

What is kinobody all about?

One thing that I personally felt about the kinobody programs, Greg is not trying to sell a transformation program, instead, he trying to sell a lifestyle. A lifestyle that is sustainable and doesn’t needs an extensive amount of effort. 

He is pushing people in a habit of healthy living without demanding time and energy. He will teach you to eat the right way, and train in a smarter way.  

If you are someone who has been regular at the gym for more than 7-8 years and if you are already in perfect shape then this might not be the best program for you. 

From my perspective, this program is not for the pro-level lifters (since they know more than what Greg is about to tell you), it is specifically crafted for the beginners and intermediate bodybuilders who are still learning to eat right quality of food. This program is also for someone who has been struggling to stay regular at the gym. 

In short, he is offering a fitness program that satisfies the requirement of modern men who don’t want to count calories, loves to party and don’t want to invest daily hours at the gym. 

How it all started for me? 

I was with a bunch of friends and one of them was literally impressed with the Kinobody program. He showed us a few of Greg’s youtube videos where he is promoting his “exclusive” diet pattern to stay in shape without a lot of work. 

Frankly speaking, after watching those show-off videos, I seriously considered it a fad transformation program. I thought this diet is just a marketing gimmick that is fooling people. 

Then I dug around multiple fitness forums to find the harsh reality of the program but could find many, Although I came across few unsatisfied people but most of his customers were still happy and satisfied with the results. 

So I decided to give Kinobody Greek God physique program a try. I choose this program because of the medium difficulty level, since a beginner level program would have been too basic for me. 

One thing to note here, most of his programs are based on the same strategies, he is just changing the intensity level in all programs. 

Key pillars of his fitness programs are: 

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Meals that keeps you full for longer
  • Pyramid training protocol 

I had never tried intermittent fasting in my life and I had gained a lot of fat because of the six months of no gym due to a road accident that injured my lumbar spine. 

Because of my unhealthy body, I thought it’s the right time to try this diet pattern and expose it. But to my surprise, it did help in reducing tons of stored fat that I had accumulated since the last six months due to lack of physical exercise and eating all kinds of unhealthy stuff. 

This is what I was at the start of the kinobody diet protocol.

my Kinobody diet transformation

As you can see that I have some amount of muscle mass underneath the thick layer of fat. I was having fat at 26%. Although this is a huge amount of fat that I never expected a fad diet like kinobody could have any positive effect on it But I have been proven wrong. 

I followed this program for a short duration of just 8-weeks. I was impressed with the results, I lost about 11lbs of weight while gaining a good amount of muscle mass as well, improved muscle definition can easily be seen. 

my Kinobody diet transformation

I never had a plan of writing an article on my 8-week transformation, I apologize for the unavailability of professional-grade pictures.

One thing that should be taken care of is the period of the diet, it’s just a 2 month of transformation that is far better than expectations. 

Initial challenges

As I said earlier, I was really doubtful about the effectiveness of the kinobody diet.  

The fitness industry has so much hardwired us to think in a certain way that any diet that does not ask us to elevate our protein intake seems ineffective. 

Additionally, I never had any prior experience with intermittent fasting and I was really worried about a drop in muscle mass and strength. 

Frankly speaking, it was really hard for me to convince my brain about the possibility of body transformation without cutting down carbohydrates and fats. 

What is kinobody diet?

Now you know the basics about the kinobody fitness program, now it’s time to discuss the kinobody diet blueprint. 

Although I am not specifying the exact diet pattern to follow due to copyright issues, but I am about to share the kinobody diet blueprint that has been followed throughout the program. 

Intermittent fasting

Before kinobody, I had zero experience with fasting and I had a habit of eating something every 3-4 hours that kept me overweight. 

Fasting is the key ingredient of the kinobody transformation program. Although intermittent fasting can be hard for people doing it for the first time, the Kinobody program is planned to transition you into fasting mode in an effortless way. 

A huge component of learning how to do intermittent fasting is getting used to skipping breakfast and extending your overnight fast into the day. 

By doing this, some pretty remarkable changes start to happen to the body. Intermittent fasting pushes the body to start using stored fat as a primary fuel, additionally, intermittent fasting also stimulates the release of growth hormones. Boost in natural growth hormone levels helps the body in the following way. 

  • High GH has always been linked to the body’s improved ability to burn fat (1).
  • Accelerated recovery process (2).
  • Improves bone density (3).
  • Positive correlation with male vitality and testosterone production which not just help in the development of muscle mass but also enhances sex drives(4).
  • Boost metabolism for better energy levels (5, 6).

Intermittent fasting also makes the process of meal prep easier, because you are not eating anything for most of the time. 

Counting calories

“Effortless fat loss” is a primary objective of kinobody diet protocol.

One of the best things about intermittent fasting is, it saves you from counting macros. But that doesn’t mean you have the freedom to eat all kinds of crap in your eating window. 

The program includes two big meals that will keep you full for a longer period of time.

The beauty of kinobody diet plan is, it naturally restricts you from eating unhealthy food and helps you maintain the state of calorie deficit in the easiest way possible. 

Greg never asks you to keep an eye on your macros, he used his scientific knowledge to design a diet pattern that is easy to follow and keeps you away from craving. 

Kinobody diet encourage you to avoid food items like pasta, rice, cereals, or any other foods that don’t really help in keeping full for a longer period of time.

The last meal consists of a full organic chocolate bar that does a really good job of satisfying a sweet tooth while promoting fullness. 

Protein intake

Just like other fat loss diets, kinobody diet does not revolve around multiple high protein meals. 

I have always believed, those 6-7 daily meals are only for the bodybuilders whose career depends on their body, I am a simple man who had a busy work schedule and I could never invest soo much time in preparing or eating 6-7 meals a day.

Greg is actually a big advocate of “Terminating the obsession about protein and counting macros”. His idea is to consume balanced meals while staying at calorie deficit.

Kenobody diet suggests you eat adequate protein with balanced fat and carbohydrates as well. Greg explains in his course, how going low fat in a meal may negatively affect the hormonal balance (7) and how going low carb can hamper the testosterone levels. A well-balanced meal with balanced macronutrients supports in improving mood and relieving stress.

Greg’s favorite is to go to chipotle and get triple meat (only $4 extra), with rice, beans, veggies and lots of cheese.

Being an Indian, I was not having access to chipotle, most of my meals consist of some chicken or red meat with some rice, veggies and Indian nan. I personally loved to add bone broth and a few boiled eggs to get the daily nutrition in my feeding window. 

When you feel extremely satisfied and filled up while dropping fat, life feels pretty damn good!

Coffee while kinobody diet

When used strategically, caffeine is a powerful weapon to destroy that stubborn fat. 

Caffeine boosts the body’s metabolic process which helps in burning more calories. There are other benefits as well! Like it also prevents fatigue, provides better mental alertness and blunts appetite.  

I was always tolerant to caffeine, so I preferred to supplement green tea or green coffee beans extracts in my fasting window. 

Kenobody diet is pocket-friendly

He is not asking you to invest tons of money in protein shakes or multiple meals, which saved a lot of money. 

Having two big meals was easy to follow and they can be easily prepared at home which gave me better control over adding only clean ingredients in my food.  

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Kinobody Greek God Workout? 

Enough talked about the diet protocol, let’s discuss the workout pattern now. 

Greg designed the workout routine in the smartest possible way, he kept the workout volume low which is really beneficial for people following intermittent fasting. 

Truth is, you can’t really deliver the maximum performance while fasting, and you are on a caloric deficit as well, the whole workout program is designed while keeping this in mind. 

You will be training for 3 days a week and an active recovery routine on the rest days. Active recovery involves low-intensity cardio movements like walking for an hour or swimming. 

While you are in a state of caloric deficit, training thrice a week provides optimum time full recovery and better strength gains. Weekly workout routine- 

  • Monday: Upper body
  • Wednesday: Legs and abs
  • Friday: Upper Body (a different set of exercises)

Training pattern: 

Kenobody workout is following a little unconventional approach of personal training. 

You will be following a reverse pyramid training protocol. It’s a workout pattern where the trainee puts their heaviest set first, then ‘pyramids down’ to a lighter weight, usually with more reps for the latter sets.

How long are kinobody workouts?

In the beginning, I specified, its a workout protocol for a modern man who is always short on time. 

Workouts are quite shorter than conventional training patten. Every day, you will be given 5-6 different exercises only. 

For me, daily training sessions lasted for less than 45 minutes only. 

Why kinobody worked for me?

No fitness program is perfect, what worked for someone else might not work for me. which makes it quite essential to point out key pointers that made the program work for me.

  • Intermittent fasting has been the best thing I have ever included in my life, it actually gave me the freedom to eliminate those extra snacking calories.
  • Because of the narrow eating window, I was more concerned about having more nutrition-dense food in my meal which eliminated junk food.
  • While most of the diet patterns are hard to follow and people usually give up too soon, kino diet has been the most convenient diet I have followed so far.
  • Kino’s diet pattern revolved around strategizing food correctly, which curbed unnecessary hunger and craving.
  • 3 training days were really easy to follow, active recovery days played an important role in burning calories without overtraining muscle tissues.

Overall, the kinobody program worked well for me because it was built on the concept of “smart work” instead of “hard work”.

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Drawbacks of Kinobody 

Although Greg has been really good with all the reference material with the program, he tried to answer every question with a perfect explanation backed by scientific evidence.

This article is strictly unbiased and there are definitly some drawbacks too, let’s have a look at the drawbacks.

  • Reverse pyramid training might be a good idea for greater muscle activation and strength gains but it’s not the best choice for complete beginners.
  • Progam does not suggest Squats and Deadlifts, it can be a drawback for some but a benefit for others.

That’s the only two things I could find wrong in the program.

What’s the difference between all programs?

Although there are more than 20 different courses offered, Let’s have a look at the top-rated programs

Almost all fitness programs are following a common blueprint, still, they all differ in workout intensity and other strategies. 

The “Warrior” Physique

A basic program that is created for someone new to personal fitness and intermittent fasting. 

The program is more focused to get you accustomed to new diet protocol and strength training. The goal of the program is:

  • Boost sex appeal and confidence
  • Improve posture and achieve the coveted v-shape
  • Learn to lose fat while building lean muscle. 

Kinobody claims you’ll learn a proven, repeatable, easy-to-follow nutrition and exercise plan that will support muscle gains, testosterone, and workout performance.

Just what does this involve? Other than claiming to eat 2-3 large meals per day and exercising 3 times per week, we’re not told.

The “Greek God” Physique

It’s a second stage of the “Warrior physique” program. This program is developed to take your body to a different level. You can call it a “intermediates level” program. 

Now it’s time to take the process further through MEGA (Minimal Effort Growth Acceleration) training.  “increase strength, muscle mass, proportion, definition, and sex appeal”, just by training 3-times per week. This program will help you achieve: 

  • Improved strength and muscle mass. 
  • Break the plateau with a new workout protocol. 

The “Superhero” Physique

The final stage to achieve far more strength and muscle size while staying lean like a superhero. Learn to train smarter and in a more strategic way. 

The Superhero Program focuses on giving you a perfect v-shape that “women love and men envy.”

The Goddess Toning Program

As the name suggests, a program built for the ladies to get a slim and toned body. 

The basic structure is still the same, you will be required to exercise thrice a week with an active lifestyle on a rest day. 

Fasting is still an integral part of every kinobody program. 

Final thoughts: can you trust kinobody?

This program works!

Depending on who you are and what your body goals are, you will be able to see the progress and improvement in body composition.

It’s not a diet pattern that promises the fastest results, it’s a fitness program that teaches you to stay lean and healthy forever.

If your goal is to drop maximum weight then you should probably go for his “warriors Shredding Program” or “Aggressive Fat Loss Program”.

His strategies definitly work without putting a lot of effort into maintaining a healthy diet and exercise.

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

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