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Watch it- Why Men Should Wear Watches


quotation-marks-left - CopyInvest in a quality watch, it should always be a part of your wardrobe.

Watches are meant to define a man’s personality. There are many men who prefer to wear watches because it adds to their style quotient. There are many men who wear watches as an extension of whatever they are wearing, as the right kind of watch has the ability to make you feel really good about yourself.

Getting back to your roots:

It means coming back to the sophistication of the early ages, when bureaucrats, as well as the elitists, would invest in their watches, as it was considered as a sign of a true man. And trust me it still is, as a true man who wears watches comes out as a man who values time and people love that!

Why should women have all the fun?

Just the same way women wear accessories; a man’s way of expressing his fashion sense is through a watch. A good looking watch can set the mood for a man, no matter what setting he is in.

A watch can also be a way of expressing one’s personality. An old saying explains that a lot could be said about a man’s character by the kind of watch he wears. A watch adds to the seriousness in a man’s personality and expresses a lot of how a man wants to be looked at.

Your own personal caretaker:

Wearing a watch, after a period of time becomes a part of you. It becomes an extension of your personality. You tend to remember those moments when people complimented you for the watch you were wearing, watches are known to have very interesting stories around them too. A watch, apart from a time keeper is also a great memory keeper.

Sometimes we tend to get a little lazy when we need to step out of our house and don’t feel like dressing up. A nice shirt with jeans along with your watch gives you a casual yet smart look. It seems that you made an effort without actually making one.

Women, no matter what their age is, are always attracted to watch wearing men. It brings about a certain class and style that is easily distinguishable. For those who are still “growing up”, wearing a watch is a great sign of growing up.

Today, to become a part of society, it’s always easier to be accepted, as it brings about a certain sense of identity that can be compared with beautiful jewelry. The advantage that men have here is the fact that it doesn’t look too over the top and still manages to give you that edge you are looking for.

The Bonuses we men always look for:

There are a lot of daily benefits wearing a watch always brings with it. For example, if you have your hands tied up with something and are not in a position to check the time on your mobile phone, a watch makes things convenient. It has the added advantage of refraining you from being glued to your mobile phone. As checking the mobile once, even if it is just for the time always finds your interest.