Walking vs Jogging vs Sprinting: What’s Better Choice?


Whether it’s walking, jogging or sprinting, all the three forms offer a wide range of benefits to the people. 

Each cardiovascular activity helps in burning calories, lowering weight and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

But question is, which activity is better? Walking or jogging or sprinting. 

This is one of the most common question asked by people but the answer depends on the objective of the exercise. 

Fitness goals may vary from person to person, goals can be: 

  • Improved cardiovascular health.
  • Weight management.
  • Fat loss
  • General fitness
  • Weight loss and muscle building
  • Healthy living for an elderly person.
  • Quick workout
  • Healthy living for busy bee

If you fall into any of the above categories then we are going to provide you a perfect choice. Before that, let’s understand the difference between the Walking, jogging and Running. 


Walking is the simplest way to workout and burns calories, you can do it almost anywhere. An average 180-pound person will burn about 100 calories/ mile.

Benefits :

  • Anyone can do it, no matter your health or age.
  • Less stress on the body.
  • Good for burning those additional few hundreds of calories. 
  • Elevate mood. 


  • Walking burns calories at a slow speed. 


The most common way to maintain personal fitness, a person don’t really need any guidance or personal training to run, all you need is will-power. 

A 180-pound runner at the speed of 10mph will burn roughly 400 calories in a 30-minute session

Benefits of running: 

  • One of the most popular way to stay in shape.
  • It’s quite convenient to run anywhere, all you require a free space.
  • Helps in supporting healthy heart and lungs.
  • Improves mood.


  • Might lead to muscle loss.
  • Can we difficult for over-weight and elderly people


Sprinting comes under a High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT), it is running over a short distance in a limited period of time.

Sprinting is often practiced by professional athletes to improve speed and agility. Sprinting is a great way to burn tons of calories in a short duration of time, just a 15-minute interval sprinting session can help you lose that stubborn fat forever. 

Benefits of sprinting:

  • Burn more calories in a short period
  • Improve metabolism
  • Boost up testosterone levels. 
  • Preserves the muscle mass.


  • Not for everyone. Limited to healthy individuals. 
  • Can be really exhaustive. 
  • Requires mental strength to do it daily. 

Walking vs Jogging vs Sprinting: What’s Best For You? 

So now we know the basics, let’s get our focus on the activity that suits your needs: 

Looking for Improved cardiovascular health? 

If you age under 45 and looking improved cardiovascular endurance then mixing jogging and sprinting in your workout schedule can be the best way to achieve the goal. 

You can opt for 3 days long-distance jogging and 2 days for sprinting every week. 

While 3 days jogging will help you achieve better endurance and cardiovascular health, 2 days sprinting will help you train your fast-twitch muscles for better performance. 

Looking for Weight loss? 

Most people don’t understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss, weight loss means losing the overall weight (including fat and muscles). 

So if your goal is to lose weight as soon as possible then jogging is the best way to bring it down. 

Try to stay in caloric deficit through a restricted diet and burn more calories with long distance running. If you can’t run far enough then it’s okay to combine jogging with brisk walking. 

Looking for Fat Loss? 

If your goal is losing the fat but not muscle then the combination of Sprinting and Weight training will work best for your needs. 

Sprinting helps in the development of fast twitch muscle groups that are responsible for greater agility and mobility. Sprinting also helps in increasing the metabolic stress that forces the body to burn fat as a fuel. 

Healthy living for an elderly person.

If you are above 60-years of age then you should definitely get yourself checked before getting into a fitness routine. 

Start with the walking sessions followed by some basic yoga poses. 

Slow jogging can also be incorporated if you are not suffering from any serious medical condition. 

Quick workouts: 

Sometimes we just don’t have time to dedicate an hour to the fitness routine, opt for 10 minutes jogging with 15 minutes or 10-sessions of high-Intensity interval sprinting. 

Interval sprinting involves 10-sessions of 100-meter of sprinting, take 60 -seconds break in between every session.  

Healthy living for busy bee

It happens especially with entrepreneurs who are working day and night to build an empire. 

Being an entrepreneur involved a lot of dedication and all day working, but we have got a perfect solution for you, buy an under desk treadmill

Under desk treadmills are designed for the people who are not able to dedicate time for daily fitness, these machines are designed to take little space under desk and allows you to work on your laptop or tablet while you walk on it. 

An average of 180 pounds person burns 100 calories per mile, and you can burn 200 calories per hour while staying focused on work. 

I personally use Under desk treadmill to improve my productivity, the fact is, I am editing this article while walking on it. 

Under the desk, treadmills help me burn more than 600-800 calories every day which is enough to stay in the best shape without investing separate time for fitness. 

Ending Note: 

Choose your exercise wisely according to your needs. No matter whether you choose walking or cardio or sprinting, they all will help you see the result if stay persistence and maintain a healthy diet. 

Keep moving, stay fit.