Important treadmill accessories for better performance

7 Treadmill Accessories you should have for Improved Cardio

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More and more people are opting for the home treadmills because of various reasons, while some are just too busy to go gym regularly others are incapable of running on a daily basis because of the harsh weather conditions.

So now you own a treadmill at home, there are few treadmill accessories that can ensure the long life of your treadmill and enhanced benefits. Top essential Treadmill Accessories are:

  • Lubrication kit (if you have a treadmill at home)
  • Treadmill mat to protect the floor
  • Sweat belt
  • Laptop holder (to burn calories while working)
  • Weighted vest (to intensify the training)
  • Treadmill workout app

We are not going to recomend any stupid piece of accessory that is obvious, like a water botter or cup holder or running shorts, we are going to talk about the treadmill accessories that are surely going to help you improve your performance while improving the lifespan of your treadmill.

Top Treadmill Accessories To Get. 

Accessories can be defined as anything that can help you improve your performance and experience. Here is the list of things to take care of.

Lubrication Kit

Best Treadmill For The Money

Frequent lubrication and maintenance of the treadmill parts are very important for the machine’s long life. 

Most of the gym contains high-end treadmills that have self-lubrication abilities, but the majority of the home treadmills do not facilitate this functionality. 

Why exactly do you need to lubricate your treadmill?

  • Low lubrication will challenge the motor and other treadmill parts to exert more pressure. 
  • Better lubrication means the smooth running surface and lower chances of a knee injury. 
  • Will protect the treadmill belt from excessive friction. 

If you are a daily runner then it’s suggested to lubricate your treadmill every 3 months and if you are a decent brisk walker then you can do the process twice every year. 

If you are experiencing the jerks while running, it might be a sign of low lubrication. 

Lubrication kit should be your top buy treadmill accessories.  

Treadmill Mat

If you are not willing to sacrifice your floor area then you should definitely invest in a high-density treadmill mat. 

These mats will save the surface from any probable damage or scratches, additionally, it will also contribute greater cushioning for better running conditions. 

Sweat belt

sweat belt for fat loss

Waist Trimmers are designed to enhance fat loss by improving thermogenic effects.

There is a different opinion about the waist trimmers, some experts find them beneficial and some find them a waste of money. 

Many people have pounds of excess water stored in the body which can be discharged through rigorous sweating. Waist trimmers actually help in getting rid of water retention that most of the overweight people have. 

Intensifying the thermogenic effects allows the body to loosen up some water retention which ultimately leads to achieving a smaller size. 


Tablet or laptop holder

Many people are buying a home treadmill to spend some more time with family, but what if you can improve your work productivity while burning some calories? Sounds like a cherry on the cake, right?

Having a tablet or laptop holder can be a great add-on, it gives you the ability to check work progress or do some easy talk while walking a few miles. 

I usually wake up at 5 every morning and dedicate 2 hours daily to the morning walk on my treadmill while responding to the emails and team task assignments as a first thing. This has considerably improved my productivity while staying in shape. 

Weighted Vest

weighted vest

It’s the best thing you can buy for better fat loss while covering the same distance. 

Weighted vests are inspired by the army. You wear a vest that has many pockets filled with weighted material (sand, iron rods, etc). Weighted vests can help you add resistance to your workout. 

Suppose if you are 100kg and you wear a body vest weighting 20Kg then you will burn calories at a 20% higher rate. Additionally, you can use these weighted vests to add resistance in other bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats, planks, etc. 

It’s not recommended to run or jog with these weighted vests, they might put excess pressure on the spine. Brisk walking or inclined walking with a weighted vest can do wonders to your calorie burning process. 


Treadmill workout apps

Treadmill workout apps might not be an accessory but they serve as an important purpose to improve the overall experience.

“I don’t need any fuck**g workout app for my workout”, that’s what many people would say. But these apps are designed by industry experts to develop motivation and improve your performance in planned ways. 

These treadmill workout apps will change the way you used to jog, they will challenge you and will save you from boredom. 

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Ending note: 

All the products and accessories we mentioned in the article were found to be very effective for our clients and you can enjoy its benefits too. 

These treadmill accessories will not cost you allot but will surely help in improved performance and longevity of your machine.

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

This site contains affiliate links as well as general health and fitness information. Please read my Medical Disclaimer and Writing Disclaimer for more information.    

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