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Everything About Trap Bar Deadlift & Its 7 Benefits.

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Most people are still unaware of this amazing Deadlift variation, “Trap bar Deadlift or Hex bar Deadlift”.

Don’t confuse yourself with the name. Some call is Trap Bar Deadlift, some call it Hex Br Deadlift (Hexagonal bar) and some call it TBDF (abbreviation of trap bar Deadlift).

But what is the reason for the success of this weird looking bar?

Trap bar has made deadlifting easier than ever before, people who were afraid to perform Deadlift became more enthusiastic about lifting, and it gave them easier and dependable way to lift heavier.

But what’s so special about hex bar or trap bar Deadlift?

Special is in the design of its barbell, it allowed lifters to keep the bar closer to their center of mass. This ultimately resulted in a better performance with lower chances of back injury. Additionally, it became easier for a newbie who always had a problem in performing the right form of traditional deadlifting.

Researchers have shown that trap bar Deadlift significantly reduced the pressure from the spine, which eventually helped in minimizing the lumber stress. It has shifted pressure from spine to knee and hips which helped in better performance.

Trap bar deadlifting have some greater benefits on glutes, hamstring, and quadriceps muscle groups. This made it a better alternative to squatting (not deep squat). People, if you had joint problems or correct form problem while performing squats, you got another option to strengthen your muscle group of the lower body.

Let’s get back to Major benefits of Trap Bar Deadlift.

Lower back

While performing Deadlift on conventional barbell your body’s center of mass is challenged. You have to hinge forward to grab the bar. This change in the center of mass and craving to bend their spine have left many people with severe back injuries.

We try to push our body to greater limits and that’s when most injuries occur. I personally feel deadlifting is a king of all exercises but not at a cost of the spine. Many newbies compromise with correct spine posture in order to lift heavier and then shit happens.

Trap bar deadlifting is a boon to all those who are willing to challenge their body with higher load and reach their body’s peak. Trap bar is designed to save body’s natural posture.

Now you will be lifting weight while standing within a trap bar. This makes a huge difference. Now while doing trap bar Deadlift, you don’t need to hinge your body to lift that huge weight now you need to flex your shoulder internally.

Higher load

Once the phobia of the broken spine is discharged, you will be able to pull the much higher load. Trap bar Deadlift provides people that confidence, which they were lacking while performing conventional Deadlift.

Trap bar gave you everything, from stability to better posture to better confidence. What else required by a lifter? In my early lifting days, I used to be very scared of deadlifting. I was always afraid to load more weight on the bar. But I see people now using trap bar to challenge their body.

Study, that included weightlifters and powerlifters have proven that using trap bar had greater benefits than conventional Deadlift. Lifters were able to lift the significantly higher weight when they were asked to try both, trap bar Deadlift and straight bar Deadlift.

Better stability

Better stability is everything when you are about to lift 400 or 500 pounds. Lifters will be in constant pressure of hinging their body.

Why deadlifting have a credit of most injuries? That’s because of the change in body’s center of mass. When you step into the trap bar, it makes your stance more stable. Your body and joints position themselves for better lifting experience.

Squatting is considered to be safer than deadlifting because you lift the weight on your shoulder and you can manage the center of mass of the body. Trap bar got an ability to put you in a stable position to push your body to its peak.

Monstrous gains

There is a simple gym rule- ‘the heavier you lift, the more you gain.’

Squat and Deadlift were always the favorite exercises of every professional bodybuilder. Reason? Because these two exercise allows to lift heavy.

Several studies have proven that lifters were able to experience a significant difference in the weight they lift when they tried Trap bar Deadlift vs straight bar Deadlift. Additionally, they felt more comfortable while performing Trap bar Deadlift.


Yes, it is easy, but in comparison to straight bar Deadlift. Deadlift is a technical exercise and doesn’t matter that kind of bar you use, whether it is a straight bar or trap bar or any other type of bar; that 400 pounds are not gonna lift by itself.

Trap bar Deadlift if a boon for those who were unable to apply correct posture or hinging their body through glutes while doing straight bar Deadlift. Trap bar dodges those issues that we used to face while doing straight bar Deadlift.

Substitute for squatting

Till now we were comparing trap bar Deadlift with straight bar Deadlift. but it can be used as a substitute to squat too.

This tip is not for pro bodybuilders or lifters, But those who had a knee injury or newbie to the gym. For them, this trap bar deadlifting can act as a great alternative.

After an accident, I always used to have knee pain and lower back while doing squats. But then I started using trap bar deadlift. It helped me in strengthening my knee and the whole lower body portion.

We have discussed trap bar Deadlift removes pressure from the spine and put more emphasis on hamstring, glutes, and quadriceps. This helps in the development of strong lower body as well.

Try feet elevated Trap bar Deadlift if you want to put more pressure on your legs and lower body. All you need to do is keep yourself higher than ground by standing on anything. This will help in increase the range of motion of your Deadlift.

Let’s revise the correct form of Trap Bar Deadlift

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