5 Pro Tips: How Can Running Everyday Help To Lose Weight?


Yesterday someone asked me at the gym, will running help me lose weight? The answer is not that straight forward!

Running has been one of the most common and favored ways to stay in shape, but these days many Youtube and Instagram fitness gurus are focusing more on the drawbacks of running, right?

Here is the most common question asked by people:

Can running everyday help to lose weight?

Yes, Running can help you lose weight!

But your weight loss result depends on the multiple factors like how much you run every day, your total calorie consumption, metabolic rate, etc. 

Does running burn fat? 

No, any physical activity helps in burning calories. 

Your body’s ability to burn fat depends on its ability to use fats to fuel your body. 

Maintaining a calorie deficit can help in forcing the body to use stored fats as a source of energy, hence it helps in burning fat. 

What is a calorie deficit? In simple terms, a calorie deficit is any shortage in the number of calories consumed relative to the number of calories needed for the maintenance of current body weight. So, when you consume fewer calories then you force your body to use stored fat for energy

How to lose weight with running

Run regularly

If you are serious about losing those extra pounds then make yourself comfortable with regular running. 

You don’t really need to run 7 days a week, but try to run at least 5 days a week while mixing your running patterns. 

Mix up your training

Mixing up cardio and strength training will make you stronger and will also improve your endurance. Packing up some muscle power will ultimately assist in running longer and faster. 

Here is running program for weight loss

  • Monday: long distance running; should be at least 5 km. If you can’t run 5K then you can breakdown the distance in 2-3 parts. 
  • Tuesday: Sprinting as a part of HIIT(High-intensity interval training) and weight training (Chest, shoulders, and triceps).
  • Wednesday: Hill sprinting for 15-20 rounds, functional body moments (jumping squats, burpees, kettlebell swings, tire flips, etc).
  • Thursday: long distance running. 
  • Friday: Sprinting + Weight training (back and biceps).
  • Saturday and Sunday: Rest 

Interval training

Interval training is one of the most effective ways to burn more calories. 

Interval training is all about mixing up the pace of your run. You combine the Low-intensity running with high-intensity running to have better results. 

Here is how to implement it: 

  • Walk for 5 minutes for warm-up.
  • Jog at the normal speed for 200m.
  • Increase the pace for next 100m.
  • Get back to normal speed for next 200m. 

Repeat the process for 10 rounds to burn an insane amount of calories. 

Hill Sprints

Hill sprinting is a killer workout that will make your body beg for mercy. 

You can either find a hilly area for hill sprinting or you can do it on a treadmill with incline function.

Hill sprinting is a HIIT workout that not just helps in cutting down the stubborn fat but also helps in improving the explosive power and body endurance.  


After 7-8 hours of sleep, your body’s glycogen reserves are already down, running every morning empty stomach just after you wake up is a great way to push your body to use energy from stored fats reserves. 

Someone who is concerned about losing muscle mass should take pre-workout with Glutamine to prevent any muscle mass. 

Just after the workout, don’t forget to fuel your body with BCAA’s and Whey protein. 

Consume the right food

Food is the most important factor to lose weight. You can’t cut down fat if you are eating in a calorie surplus. 

Cutting down the simple carbs and increasing the intake of high-protein and fiber will help you cut down fat.  

I will soon cover an article on best diet pattern for cutting fat.