An unbiased review of Angles90 grip – is it worth investing?

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Angles90 grips have definitely made a buzz in the fitness industry, and many fitness enthusiasts are wondering why these grips the getting hype from the top fitness experts in the industry. 

The makers of the Angles90 grips are not even aggressive about their marketing strategies, they are just allowing the Angles90 grips to do the talking. 

A few weeks back, I was scrolling down my Insta feed and saw one of the world’s leading fitness coach using this Angles90 with his clients, this raised my curiosity towards the effectiveness of this simple workout tool. I did some research on the product and found many elite athletes swearing by the effectiveness of Angles90 grips. 

So I thought of reviewing the product on my own and ordered a product from their official site. Just for the reader’s knowledge, this is not a sponsored post and I am not getting paid to write about the product. Let’s start the review: 

First impression: 

The first thing that came into my mind after unboxing the grip is its “sturdiness”, I didn’t expect these grips to be that heavy, I could feel the quality of the product. 

My first set of pull-ups with Angles90 grips

To my surprise, doing pull-ups with the angles90 was a little more difficult than conventional pullups. You need to control the rotation which requires greater control but I also experienced greater lats activation and greater muscle recruitment. 

Hanging on these grips was a far better experience because of its ergonomic design, we also covered a detailed article about Angles90 vs Gymnast rings.

Exercises that I did: 

Here are a few exercises that we really enjoyed.

  • Pull-ups almost all variations
  • Farmers Carries with weight plates only
  • Kettlebell swings with weight plates
  • Shrugs wide-grip for better trap activation
  • Some resistance bands drill too
  • One Arm Rows (attached to a Functional Trainer)
  • Seal Rows with Barbell
  • Archer Pull-ups
  • Inverted rows on a smith machine.

Actually, a list of exercises that can be done with these grips is endless, you can attach angles90 with the barbell, functional trainer, dumbbell, kettlebell, or anything else that can be hooked. 

Let’s Discuss Benefits of Angles90.

After using angles90 for more than a month it’s the right time to write down some of the benefits. 

1- Minimize joint stress

Every body is a little different, working out with barbells or machines with a fixed range of motion can be a little hard of joints. Because the body is not designed to move in a linear direction, every joint has certain angles at which they perform at their maximum potential.  

Angles90 grips are designed to allow your body to move in its own biological path of motion to lift the weight more naturally.

These are the most common gripping position: 

To train the muscle from different angles we usually change our grip position, right? But in order to hit the target muscle right, most of the people would compromise with the wrist, elbow, and shoulders health. 

EX: a simple pull-up can be done with a variety of grips, you can do them with a normal grip, narrow grip, or wide grip to target different parts of your back but not all the positions are optimum for other stabilizer joints. 

Another example, do you experience wrist discomfort while doing barbell upright row for shoulders? Joint discomfort occurs when you we force the joints to move beyond their natural range of motion. That’s when injuries happen. 

Incorporating angles90 into the workout will allow your joints to move in their natural range of motion which drastically removes stress from the joints. 

2- Game-changing design

We really found the design of grip to be a real game-changer.  

The grip is one of the most powerful neurological stabilizers in the human body which is beneficial for compound strength, but BAD for isolation work. And having the ability to change the grip styles allows you the capability to switch between muscle isolation and compound movement with a single tool. 

You can switch between different grip pattern that allows you to work on every muscle differently and achieve greater muscle activation. 

One of the basic lessons of bodybuilding, if you want to isolate specific muscle groups then use your hands as a hook and if you want to lift the heavyweight then squeeze the barbell hard. Try it yourself, next time you do the lat pull down, don’t grip the handle hard and you will feel more activation of lats, and if you grip the handle hard, it will increase your capacity to lift heavier weights. 

Using ergo grip helps in the muscle isolation movements while the power grip can be effectively used for heavy lifts like deadlifts or rows. Another prominent design features of the angles90 handle is the finger cavity that allows a very comfortable grip by allowing your middle finger to sit properly in the design. 

3- Improved Muscle Contraction & Range of Motion

There is a basic difference between lifting weights and bodybuilding that not many lifters understand. A true bodybuilder is more concerned about better muscle contraction instead of just lifting weights.

Angles90 allows extended range of motion by allowing your joints to move more freely. Whether you are doing lat pull down or T-bar row, angles90 will allow you naturally rotate the handles to help you experience maximum contraction. With maximum contraction, you also get the opportunity to establish a better mind and muscle connection.

4- Quality (Heavy duty)

Every handle of angles90 is designed and tested to resist the force of 400 lbs which is quite more than enough for majority of lifters.

Straps seem to be really high quality and we can’t find any sign of wear and tear after extensive use. 

5- Versatility

I usually check for the versatility of any product before I buy it. 

Versatility if an important aspect behind the tremendous success of Angles90 Grips. You can use these grips with almost any kind of fitness equipment, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines, functional trainers, pullup bars, etc.

6- Portability 

Looking for a workout tool that is portable? Angles90 grips are one of the best choice.

If you travel allot then I would suggest you buy the A90 Athlete set which comes with sling trainer and resistance bands to produce a complete fitness solution. 

Limitations of Angles90:

Angles90 grips are not really applicable for the push movements, especially when you are training with barbells or dumbbells. 

We could not find any other real drawback of these grips. There are quite affordable grips that are relieving pressure from joints and promoting greater muscle activation, couldn’t expect more from these. 


Are angles90 worth it? From my point of view, its an investment worth every penny. Angles90 grips will not only prevent injuries but will also improve the quality of workout to great extent; no matter whether you are a beginner level or pro-level athlete these simple ergonomic grips will surely help you experience better training session. Additionally, these grips are designed to last really long, which makes it a worthy investment.

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article.

Questions are welcomed in the comments as always. This site contains affiliate links as well as general health and fitness information. Please read my Medical Disclaimer and Writing Disclaimer for more information.

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