Resistance Band Warm-Up for Athletes

A good warm-up is essential for any athlete, and resistance bands can be a part of just about any warm-up exercise. What’s more, resistance bands help increase flexibility and, by working the smaller muscles around the joints, can assist in preventing injury.

When you work with resistance bands, make sure you are doing the movements slowly and paying attention to stabilizing your muscles. Also, use the largest range of motion possible when you move: doing this will help increase your movement range.

Remember that you will need different types of resistance bands for various exercises, so if you don’t have any bands, get yourself a set.

Here’s our favorite resistance band warm-up for athletes.

Band Pull-Aparts

Doing pull-aparts with a resistance band will improve the mobility around your shoulders and upper back and increase your strength.

  • Stand in a neutral stance and hold a pull-up resistance band (such as the one at with one end in each hand.
  • Raise both arms in front at chest height, with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  • Now pull the band apart slowly while squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  • Pause for a few seconds, then bring your arms slowly back to your starting position.

Band Overhead Pull-Ups

This exercise is also excellent for improving your shoulders’ mobility, particularly if you spend a lot of time hunched over a steering wheel or at a computer.

  • Begin in the same position as the previous exercise, but this time raise both arms over your head.
  • Maintain the same distance between your hands the entire time.
  • Ensure your back is straight with your pelvis tucked in and your core engaged.
  • If you feel yourself tipping to one side, go back to start and begin again.
  • Remember to do this exercise slowly.

Banded crab walks

Crab walks with a resistance band are brilliant for improving flexibility in your hips.

  • For crab walks, you’ll want to use a hip circle band looped around your thighs (above your knees).
  • Get into a quarter or half squat, and walk sideways while keeping your back at a slight angle and your torso low.
  • Walk sideways in one direction (slowly), taking a big step with one foot and bringing the other foot to meet it.
  • Then go back to work the other hip.

Note: Make sure your knees are not bent further forward than your toes, and that your knees are aligned with your feet.

Banded good mornings

Banded good mornings work your glutes, core, back, and hamstrings, and they’re especially useful as a warm-up for weight training.

  • Stand with your feet hip-distance apart.
  • Use a long resistance band and place it under the middle of both feet.
  • Take the other side and put it across your shoulders and the back of your neck.
  • Now while keeping your feet in place, hold the band against your shoulders with your hands. This way, you avoid putting undue stress on your neck.
  • Sink into a squat to loosen the band, then slowly straighten up while keeping your back straight.
  • Use your feet to push up from the floor, and extend your hips.
  • Pause at the top, then return slowly back to your starting position.

Banded push-ups

Banded push-ups work your back, chest, arms, and core muscles.

  • Get into a push-up position with a resistance band wrapped across your upper back (just under your armpits). You can hold the ends down with your hands or loop the extra around each hand. The band should be tight.
  • Lower your chest slowly to the floor while keeping your gaze forward. You want your neck to stay in a straight line with your back.
  • Press back up till your arms are straight. That’s one rep!

Banded plank

Banded plank is another way to work your back, arms, legs, and core muscles.

  • Wrap a shorter resistance band around your ankles, and get into a plank position.
  • Now take turns tapping one foot out to the side to pull the band tighter.

Banded donkey kicks

Banded donkey kicks work your glutes primarily, as well as your shoulders and core.

  • Flip over onto all fours, in tabletop position.
  • Loop the band around the bottom of your right foot and left ankle.
  • While keeping your hands under your shoulders, kick your right leg up with your foot flexed, and both knees bent.
  • Pause for a few seconds, then slowly bring your leg back down.
  • Do reps as needed, then switch sides.

You should now be warmed up and ready to go!

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