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Relationship advice: 8 tips to deal with after sex moments..


Well after sex moments are perhaps one of the weirdest moment to be noticed in a relationship. Maybe you are in a relationship when you are about to deal with the after sex moment or maybe it’s a fling.

But the advice and suggestions that we have for you, are applicable to both, let that be a relationship or a fling. Love and relationship are something that you need to work out especially when it comes to dealing with such moments. Of course love and relationship work hand in hand but eventually, you will have to learn to get rid of such award situations. That is exactly when the relationship advice walks in.

You need to make sure that you both know each other well. And even if you do not, there is nothing to worry about. Just like love and relationship work hand in hand, you will have to make sure that you and your partner work together too to make it less awkward for both of you. However, we have some few easy get-away for both of you to deal with such after sex moments:

Go for a shower together:

You guys have been intimate for a while and now you want to break that awkwardness, so how about a shower where both of you can relax and just enjoy the moment together? After lying down on the bed for five minutes and thinking what to do now, just grab her hand or take a piggyback ride to the bathroom and hop in for a good shower. This way you will clean yourselves up and also have some extended fun. Showering together is one of the best get away which you will always come across.

Let’s talk:

Honestly, this kind of advice for love and relationship or just as a relationship advice is very weird. However, if both of you have been dating for a really long time then this is a really healthy thing to do. Sometimes couples have sex just to get over a topic that they had been fighting for really long about or to get rid of the negative environment that they have been in. so according to a relationship advice, if both of you have been in a relationship for a very long time then it is a really healthy thing for you to do.

Caress her:

Caressing your fingers against each other and through her body is the most relaxing thing to do. Try doing that to her scalp and if you feel that she is really scared about something, then this will help her calm down. Playing with her fingers with yours is an amazing relationship advice for love and relationship. It is kind of cute and it will surely make her smile.

Play with her hair:

Sometimes, nothing that you do will help. One of the most cute get away from the after sex awkward moment is to start playing with her. start braiding her hair or just simply playing with her hair. However, be really gentle. If you try to go wild there, she will probably just slap you right across her face. It is another thing if you do it every now and then, but try keeping it really rare or specially for awkward moment because she surely is going to laugh it off.


A lot of relationship advices talk about things being okay with the fact that you discuss about how the sex was. Was it ok, good, really good, best, amazing or bad? This will however get you rid off the awkward moment that you guys might share after having sex. But it is also true that if you are in love and relationship then it is important for both of you to share the thoughts about how was the sex. Sometimes the answer may disappoint you and so try going for something which has lower chances of offending you.

Spoon her and sleep:

This is as well a really good relationship advice for both of you to spoon each other and take a short nap or just lay there really quiet. This will give both of you the moments to think and enjoy the previous sexual moment which you guys shared. This will also just mean that you guys are getting closer and more comfortable. Which also means that both of you will be able to talk about it later on with a much better mood.

Movie in bed:

This is also a really good get away by watching television in bed or by watching a movie in bed. This expands the comfort zone of both of you. However, many people may not like it and rather just jump on to eating something. But being lazy and just lying has its own fun too! Watch something funny or something romantic or do some crossword puzzle together. Sitting quietly will definitely not be a good option over there.

Tell her what you liked:

Always, always, always compliment her. This will not only show how generous you are but also show how much you really like things about her and how good she was. This is will probably and maybe want to have sex with you in future too. When you have sex, you are opening up a lot of doors for each other in love and relationship. This will help her to know that you are a guy is a good man.

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