Overview Of AFO and SMO Braces

For any orthosis to do their job properly, they must have the proper shoe partner. Footwear is so important when it comes to this and we have created a helpful guide for you!

It’s important to bring shoes that you are going to wear with you to a fitting appointment with an orthotic if possible. This will allow them to create something that will fit your shoes properly.

Orthosis fabrication depends on the brace circumference and the measurements that are taken. When you purchase any type of shoe online, always remember to find out about the exchange policy. A proper fitting should be done at home. Friendly’s top ideas for orthoses are here for you to consider.

1) Always consider getting the next size up when you are selecting different types of shoes

Friendly tip: orthosis, if this is to work, must not have a lot of room inside of your shoes. It is so important to have a perfect fit, one that will provide comfort for both your feet and body. That’s why singles programs are so popular today.

2) They should be firm and rigid around the heel collar

Every shoe needs to be high enough, as well as firm enough, when using orthosis in your shoes. Ankle stability is absolutely essential. Just be sure to be careful when using low-back shoes. Take a look at the Vionic clearance for options

3) The inner sole should be removable

When you put the braces in, there will be a lot of room taken up inside of the shoe. They should have a removable inner sole so that adjustments can be made.

4) Use a low heel and not one that is flat (which means avoiding Chuck All-Stars)

Completely flat shoes are not going to work at all when you are trying to use orthosis to help your feet. At the heel, it simply is going to have too much height, and that can cause a problem. Always consider supporting both feet.

5) Adjustability is the key to reducing the tension on the foot

Friendly Tip: If you get shoes, make sure they have elastic places so that tension can be adjusted. These shoes must have a tongue that is going to open up far enough to allow easy entrance into the shoe.

6) Get a lightweight shoe

Tip: Orthotic shoes are excellent for people that have certain foot conditions, but they are also going to be heavy. That’s why it’s important to have lighter shoes, especially if you walk long distances.

7) Always know the return policy with shoes that you purchase online

Shoe fitting, especially with online purchases, can be beneficial as long as there is a trial period. If your shoe is not the right size, exchange policies can be enacted in order to get the right fit.

8) Be well aware of your measurements

The easiest way to get the best shoe is to know your shoe size. Be prepared so that, with future purchases, you will know the following: forefoot measurements which will be without or with the brace, preferably with the metatarsal head, and you should know the width of your ankle, preferably at the widest point, related to your instep width.

9)  Anti-slip rubber bottoms

These will really reduce your propensity toward tripping or slipping.

10)  Consider other potential difficulties with purchasing shoes

Even the best shoe that you can find may not be a perfect match for someone else.

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