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5 Reasons To Include Collagen Powder Supplements For Weight Loss.

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Collagen is a protein that our body has in abundance. It’s a protein that assists in providing structure to the primary bodily elements like skin, bone, tendons, ligaments, arteries, hairs, etc. Basically, collagen is present almost everywhere in our body, it comprises 30% of the total protein in the body. 

Benefits of Collagen protein includes:

  • Optimum for Keto diet because of being low in carbohydrates
  • Beneficial for gut health
  • Collagen promotes satiety
  • Improves joint health by strengthening ligaments and tendons.
  • Found to be helpful in muscle recovery

Collagen powder supplement is present in the hydrolyzed form. Hydrolyzed collagen is easy to be mixed in any liquid (warm or cold). Commonly, collagen supplements are derived from the bones and cartilage of certain animals (beef and fishes). 

What Is Collagen Good For?

If there is a magic supplement that can improve muscle mass, relieve joint pain, improve skin texture, strengthen your bones, promotes digestion, would you invest your money on it? You will happily do that!!! 

Collagen is a protein supplement that has all the above benefits. Collagen improves your body’s overall health. Here are some of the facts about collagen protein:

  • Study published at the British Journal of Nutrition found better development of lean muscle mass in comparison to volunteers who were not given any supplementation after resistance training. 
  • Up to 30% of the protein in our body and 70% of the protein within our skin is made up of collagen. Supplementing with collagen peptide will help in better skin tone and flexibility. This supplement may also work as an anti-aging agent. 
  • Collagen also helps in building and repairing the connective tissues of the body, which results in stronger tendons and ligaments. 
  • Collagen peptide is particularly found very helpful for people on a low protein diet, supplementing with collagen peptide may help in the development of lean muscle mass and stronger joints. 
  • It’s high in glycine and proline, these are the amino acids which are found to have many positive effects on gut health. Glycine and Proline help in restoring and repairing the intestinal walls and fights inflammation. 

Why Collagen Powder Supplements For Weight Loss:

Hydrolyzed collagen has become a prominent element of major weight loss products. Most of the meal replacement shake contains collagen in Hydrolysed form. Let’s understand how collagen powder supplements are helpful for weight loss. 

Gut health:

Centuries ago, ancient Ayurveda had recognized the relationship between gut health and a healthy body. Your digestive tract plays an important role in hormone balance, immunity and mental health. 

Improving the gut health by a healthy lifestyle and targeted supplements can certainly help in boosting metabolism and trimming down that layer of stored fat. 

Collagen is a fantastic supplement that helps in improving the digestive tract and gut health. The entire gastrointestinal tract is made of skin, which needs a permeable barrier to do its job correctly. Supplementing with the collagen protein can help in keeping that inner lining of digestive tract healthy. 

Meal replacement

Collagen promotes satiety, and make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. 

Collagen supplement has been used as the main ingredient of many meal replacement shakes before hydrolyzed collagen supplement got into limelight.  

Anything that can keep you fuller is contributing to the consumption of fewer calories, is it difficult to understand? 

Additionally, apart from keeping your fuller, collagen is a clear protein that does not contain artificial flavors or additives.

Study conducted at the University of São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, researched about effects of gelatin (derived from collagen itself) on the human body. Daily supplementing with 20 g of gelatin to 12 obese patients and 10 lean subjects found the positive effects on satiety hormones.

In simple terms, collagen protein promotes fullness and keeps our body feeling satisfied after a meal.  

Collagen Keep Your Bodies Strong

Regularity and persistence are the most important components of a successful weight loss journey. 

Collagen peptides help in maintaining stronger bones and joints which helps in sticking to the daily workout routine. 

A 24-week study exhibits the improvement of joint pain in athletes who were treated with the dietary supplement collagen hydrolysate.

Muscle development and recovery

Collagen contains a high amount of Arginine, it’s an amino acid that helps in vasodilation and promotes blood circulation. 

Collagen is found to be very effective for fast recovery because of the presence of nitric oxide. 

Apart from better blood flow, collagen peptides also contain the required amino acids that help in the development of lean muscle. Gaining extra leans muscles directly helps in better strength, metabolism and faster fat loss. 

Helps in keto

Undoubtedly, the Keto diet is one of the most effective methods to shred the extra fat from the body. Use of Collagen protein while on the keto diet is one of the latest trends. 

Those who are not aware of the “Kito Diet” let me explain in short. It’s a diet pattern when you restrict the carbohydrate consumption very-low and replace it with fats. We actually train our body to use fats as a primary fuel by restricting the intake of carbs. 

Hydrolyzed Collagen peptides are very low in carbs which makes them a perfect supplement while ketosis. 


Hydrolyzed collagen helps in the overall development of body but if you want to enhance the fat burning process then it’s suggested to add whey isolates as well. Adding whey with your morning collagen smoothie will help in kickstarting your day. 

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