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How You Can Motivate Your Partner to Workout

Not everyone is a fitness enthusiast. There are some people who workout, take care of their diet and lifestyle but their spouses are not much interested in making an effort. For you and your spouse’s well-being, exercise and diet management is key to a healthy lifestyle. But how should you convince your partner to get up from that couch and get in the gym? Get involved with your spouse and convince him/her to engage in activities that promote better physical and mental health.

Benefits of Working out with Your Spouse

Couples who exercise together stay together. Exercise has a ton of incredible benefits, such as an increase in metabolism, help in losing excess weight, and stress relief. So it’s beneficial to prioritize your health and take steps towards it.

If you have any medical conditions then it’s necessary to get treatment for that as well and take steps to prevent or manage them. You can order medicines for your medical issues as well as your spouse’s for example, if she is going through a menopause stage, she may find it hard to get the motivation for workout. Get medicines for your spouse such as which will help her manage symptoms of menopause and she gets more focused on better health. You and your partner will find motivation in looking for each other during your fitness journey.

1. Offer compliments when your partner exercises

Compliments help a lot in increasing the morale of a person. Shower your spouse with simple compliments which will help her get more pumped up for the workouts. A simple, “wow you are doing great” will go a long way.

2. Share your fitness goals

Share your fitness goals with your partner and ask for her goals as well. Help her set small, realistic goals and encourage her to achieve them. In this way, you will also get motivated to achieve your goals as well. Celebrate when any one of your goals are met. Make a deal out of it.

 3. Don’t over-pressure your partner

Make your and your partner’s time in the gym a pleasant one. If you are constantly pressurizing your partner to do well, he/she might get upset and lose motivation to workout. They can even opt-out of going to the gym anymore. So, rather than being a helicopter and constantly scrutinizing your partner’s every move, buck them up but focus on yourself as well.

4. Go for two-person exercises

There are some cool exercises in which you can involve your partner as well. such as high-five pushups, tricep kickbacks with a shared band, sit-up passes of a heavy ball, wheel-barrow push ups with squats etc.

5. Encourage healthy competition

Turn both your fitness journeys into a competition. Go to the gym, start a timer, and set up a race for whoever finishes the workout in less time wins. This will ramp up the motivation and fat-burning potential of you and your partner. Help your partner with muscle soreness after a workout, they will thank you for it.

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