How To Manage Stress

1.         Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is a natural stimulant that induces increased alertness and heart rate and may also trigger anxiety as well. Most people will get overly excited or anxious after taking caffeine, which could worsen if in an unfamiliar or stressful environment. Limiting your caffeine intake or giving it up altogether may help lower your anxiety levels. This applies to all caffeinated drinks and products.

2.         Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Most people turn to alcohol when feeling stressed and anxious. While alcohol may seem to help for the moment, it only makes the condition worse. This is because alcohol messes up with serotonin receptors and other neurotransmitters, making it a lot harder to calm down when intoxicated and after it starts to wear off.  The best way to fight off anxiety is to stay away from anything with alcohol in it.

3.         Write It Down

 Is anxiety making it impossible for you to handle even the most basic of tasks or relax?  You then want to identify whatever factors that might act as triggers for anxiety and write them down. This option is mostly recommended if unable to speak your worries out aloud.  According to experts, writing down whatever is stressing you does help relieve the pressure, allowing you to calm down.  Simply take the journal out if the pressure starts to build, jot it down, then go on with your work. Many have attested to feeling much better after using this approach.

4.         Consider Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the best and effective ways of handling stress and anxiety. It involves inhaling the sweet fragrances produces by essential oils, say lavender, to invoke nervous and mental relaxation.  Aromatherapy can be quite effective in treating anxiety, especially when used alongside meditation or mindfulness. The sweet fragrances help brain cells calm down and relax, beating anxiety in the process.

5.         Talk To A Friend

Talking to a friend can also help overcome the condition. You however want to talk to someone that understands you, a true friend, and someone who will not judge you in any way. Although you might not know this, simply having someone lend their ear might be enough to drive anxiety away. A good friend will listen to your woes patiently and even offer to help whenever they can too. He/she might even suggest a new hack that might work against your triggers as well.

6.         Find a Mantra

Speaking positive affirmations to yourself has also proven to be quite effective in managing and overcoming anxiety and a panic disorder. You however want to find a mantra that works best for you or for that specific problem. The idea is to help the body, and especially the mind, interpret the condition to be temporary and give it a reason to calm down or stay calm. Learn to tell yourself that the feeling/condition is temporary and that you’ll overcome it. Letting the brain realize the state is meant to make you stronger might also help overcome anxiety for good.

7.         Take A Walk

Taking a walk away from the stressful environment can help too. First, it distracts the brain from the scene, and secondly, walking helps boost your adrenaline levels. The extra adrenaline produced might be just what you need to fight the feelings of fear and anxiety off. Consider going for a walk in the streets or the park to breathe the fresh air. Communing with nature is a welcome option that will help uplift your spirit and improve your overall wellbeing.  Make a habit of staying active to fight cortisol and other stress hormones by producing more happy hormones. Leading a sedentary life will only make the condition worse.

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