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6 Ways To Look Hot Naked On Your Special Night…


Looking hot naked is sort of an art in its own. You need to create a mystery before actually going naked.

Well, in reality, something like that does not really work. They might find it creepy and scream and run away. It is not a 4 out of 5 chance, it is more like 3 out of 10 where you MIGHT get laid. Those who do not know about this theory, they need a gist, or a brief, of what’s being talked about over here and so here it is: the theory is all about when you go on a date and when you take her home or are at her place, when you get the chance you strip yourself and go naked.

This might sound amusing but honestly, if you do not have a good body, it is surely weird. Anyway, we have a lot of ways about how we can make YOU look hotter when you are naked:

The scene:

You know that you need to create an environment right? So first we need to analyze that what’s your scene? Are y’all out for a date? Is it a one night stand? Or are y’all married? Is it the first night with your girlfriend or your wife? Like what exactly is the occasion. You cannot ignore the environment that you are in to make things look better later on. It will leave a good impression and a better satisfied feeling if you have been going according to the situation that’s present.

The move:

How are you going to get her in bed? Are y’all already in bed? How do you plan on taking her to your apartment or are you guys planning to rent a hotel room? All these things are some important factors that need to be noticed and planned. You have to make sure that you know how is going to end up being and in what situation so that you know the plan to go for. Once you are clear with that, you will be more confident and you will know how to go about with then.

Make a mystery:

It will kill the interest from the girl’s side if you act like an open book. Well, of course, you want your partner to be interested in you so it’s better to not to give off some of the things easily. That will make her hold on to you and keep her interest in you alive. Nobody likes it when their partner gives away things easily.

Don’t strip easily:

Give her feelings the priority in bed and in real. For now, in bed. Make sure that you have set the mood for her. But before that, you need to look for if she is looking forward to go ahead for the night or does she want to end it at dinner. Once you know that she is in the mood, get her more and more tempted and excited for it. She may or may not be easy though.

Tempt her:

It is obviously okay to tempt her. You will want her to want you and so keep some of your clothes on and make her strip you. This will just make you look all the more hot. Girls are comparatively easier to be tempted, in bed definitely yes.

For now, we have given all about how to get her in your bed and how to tempt her and everything. Let’s talk about how to get you ready:

Groom Yourself:

Grooming yourself is really very important. Get the hair from all the possible parts of your body out. Except for your head, and your beard and moustache and all of that. The chest, legs, hands, pubic area, all the other places, they are all off limits. Apart from this you also need to make sure that you lose all the fat from your body which is really very important if you want to look better in bed. Well its fo you to guess if the girl would rather like a flat stomach or a bulging stomach?