How much Smith Machine Bar Weight? hack to calculate it.

how much smith machine barbell weight


One of the most common questions I have been getting on a frequent basis is: “How much does the smith machine bar weight?” 

Smith machines, one of the most common gym equipment that we all have trained with. These bulky machines that are great for a full-body workout, still, people have many confusions about the smith machines and the way they work.  

Well, the weight of the smith machine barbell may range between 15 lbs to 45 lbs. There is no industry standard weight when it comes to the weight of the barbell or the whole machine. 

Factors determining smith machine bars weigh

Superior quality commercial smith machines barbell weigh around 20 lbs. 

Weight of barbell depends on the following factors: 

  • Quality and length of a barbell
  • Gliders quality 
  • Availability of counterweight mechanism

Knowing the exact weight you are lifting can be crucial for many lifters. So how to predict the weight of the barbell?

How to know exact weight of the smith machine barbell?  

Handheld digital weight machine: We all have a weight machine at home to weigh luggage before we travel by flight. Handheld weight machines can be the best way to know the accurate weight of the barbell attached to the smith machine. 

Many advance smith machines come with Counterweight technology which reduces the overall weight of the barbell attached to the smith machine.

Counterweight technology is implemented in modern smith machines to provide an ideal workout platform for people with all kinds of fitness levels.

How can you estimate the weight of the barbell without a weight machine? Either by researching about the company or by knowing the type of smith machine. Just like all the smith machines are created differently, they don’t have the same barbell weight as well.

Let’s see the most common smith machines and the weight of the barbell they contain. 

All in one smith machine

You won’t really find them at local gyms, these are multi-purpose machines that are designed for home gyms. 

As the name suggests, these machines are definitly not designed for the powerlifting stuff, instead, they are designed to facilitate a common platform to target every muscle group. 

The barbell can weigh between 20-30 pounds in these machines. 

Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine definitly one of the best and reliable total body home gym systems. 

Smith machine for home 

The most basic and non-bulky smith machine you can have at home, most of the cost-effective residential smith machines have bushes instead of bearing. 

Bearing comes in high-end machines because of their high costing. 

Barbell feels quite heavy because of the absence of a counterweight mechanism. Bushes help in reducing the gravitational pull but don’t work well to reduce weight. 

Body-Solid Powerline Smith Machine is one of the most basic machines that you can find on amazon, its bar weight 32lbs because of the absence of a counterweight.  

Commercial Smith machine

Most of the people are curious about the weight of the barbell because it feels feather-light, right? 

It’s all because of the high quality bearings and counterweight mechanism that helps in reducing the overall weight of the barbell. 

Precor is one of the machine vendors at Planet fitness. 

Why do manufacturers make the barbell feather-light? Because smith machines are designed for everyone, these machines are made to facilitate resistance training to people with all strength range.  Lifting a 50-pounds barbell can be quite difficult for seniors, women, and kids. 

Most of the commercial smith machines barbell weights around 15-25lbs. 

Angled smith machine

Did you notice, some smith machines have an angled track? This angle might vary from 3° to 9°. 

This angle is provided to facilitate the body’s natural range of motion. 

Everyone has a different requirement, some people might like a straight path while others might like to have a little inclined path. 

Most of the Angled smith machine is equipped with high quality bearing to provide frictionless movement and performance. 

Body-Solid GS348Q is one of the best angled smith machine that is equipped with an Olympic size barbell with a Bearing glide system and 7° angle. It has a barbell weight of 25lbs. 

3 dimension smith machine

For those who love to have a natural range of motion without risking personal safety. 

The barbell is designed to move in 3 dimensional way, Jones moves both vertically and horizontally, allowing for natural, unlimited, user-defined motion. Its a smith machine where the Bar Hooks and Safety Spotters move along with you

The weight of the barbell reaches around 54lbs because of 45 lbs Olympic barbell and additional weight of Glider and Hooks

Why training on smith machine is easier?

To dig deep into it, you need to understand the origin of the smith machine. Smith was invented in the 1950s by American Jack LaLanne, he was looking to find a squatting solution that can be done without the need of a spotter.  

Reasons why smith machines feel easy: 

  • Most of the smith machines have counterbalance technology that helps in reducing the weight of barbell to make it easier to use for people with low strength (seniors, women, etc)
  • Smith machine moves in a fixed range of motion that supports the lifter for any further need of stabilization. 

Why does some smith machine feel heavier? 

Yes, some smith machines might feel heavier to lift. 

It’s because of the absence of the counterweight mechanism and low-quality glide system. 

Many economic smith machines are not equipped with a counterweight system that actively helps in lowering down the barbell weight. These low priced machines are ofter equipped with a cheap bushing system that adds up resistance because of friction between glide system and the path. 

Why is the smith machine angled?

Some smith machines are angled to provide an improved natural range of motion. 

Although it’s hard to tell the perfect angle for better performance, every person has their own preferences over the angle. 

Do smith machines make lifting easier for a beginner? 

Yes, it does. 

It makes the lifting easier for beginners by providing a definite path that is easy to follow by a beginner. 

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Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

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