How much does an empty EZ curl bar weigh? full Analysis

how much does curl bar weigh


One of the most common barbells available in every gym, the EZ curl bar is definitly the most favorite tool to complete a good arms workout. These EZ curl bars are perfect to be worked in tight spaces as well. But how much do these barbells really weigh?

Is it important for you to know the weight of the curl bar? Yes, to track the progress, and that’s how the progressive overload works. 

While most of the straight bars come in standard size and weight, many people are confused about the weight of the EZ curl bar they have been lifting. 

Every gym has a weighing scale that can provide an accurate weight on the barbell you are using. But if weighing a barbell on the scale is not an option for you then knowing little basics can help you guess the weight.

Problem is, unlike standard lifting bars, there is no standard size and weight of EZ curl bars, every manufacture offers a different weight range, Rogue curl bar weighs 30lbs, REP EZ curl bar weighs 30 lbs, Vulcan Curl bar weighs 25lbs, Fringe curl bar weighs 30lbs, Synergee curl bar weighs 19lbs, American Barbell’s Stainless EZ Curl Gym Bar weights 31 lbs, REP Rackable EZ Curl Barbell weighs 35lbs.

As you can see in the picture below, the length of EZ curl bars may vary. 


ez curl bar

A normal EZ curl bar can weigh between 15-35 lbs.

How much does your bar weigh? Before we identify the weight, we need to understand the different classifications of EZ curl barbells and how they differ in size and weight. 

Types of curl bars and their weight

The weight of EZ curl bars widely depends on the type of barbel. These bars can be broadly classified into three types- 

  1. Standard Curl Bar
  2. Olympic Curl Bar
  3. Super Curl Bar

Let’s get into detail. 

Standard curl bars

how much does curl bar weigh

Standard curl bars were widely popular around a decade ago, you won’t usually find these in a commercial gym. Standard EZ curl bar does not include 2 inches sleeves to hold Olympic weight plates.

A standard curl bar is a simple chrome-plated stainless steel bar that has been molded into an EZ curl bar shape. 

Standard curl bars are perfect for people looking for a lightweight barbell or if you have a set of standard 1-inch weight plates. 

A standard EZ curl bar is about 120 cm or 47 inches long and weighs around 12 to 17 pounds.

Standard bars have a relatively low weight capacity and you will require old-school 1″ hole weight plates.

Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Don’t panic with the name, it’s not for the Olympic lifters only. The bar is called the “Olympic bar” because of the 2 inches sleeve diameter. 

It’s the common type of curl bar that can be found in almost every gym.

Olympic curl bars are relatively heavier (because of their extender sleeves and superior quality) than the standard bars and are made with far better tensile strength. 

An Olympic EZ curl bar can have a length of 48” to 54” and its weight can range between 18-25 pounds. 

Olympic Barbells contain rotating sleeves that help in lifting heavy while reducing the torque created by weight plates. Rotation of sleeves actively assists in protecting the lifter from a wrist injury. 

Super Curl Bar

how much does curl bar weigh

Super curl bars are just like an Olympic bar but with far deeper curls. 

It’s designed for advanced lifters to provide better versatility and workout options. 

Super curl bars also have spinning sleeves with a 2” diameter. Super curls are relatively heaviest in the category. A good quality super curl bar can weigh between 25-35 pounds. 

Let’s recap the difference between the Standard curl bar, Olympic EZ curl bar, and Super curl barbells.

 CharacteristicsStandard curl barOlympic barSuper Curl Bar
Length 45-50 inches 45-55 inches38-45 inches 
Weight 10 lbs15-20 lbs 18-24 lbs 
Price $20 approx$40- $100 $50-$140 
Sleeve Diameter 1 inch2 inches 2 inches 

**Note: There is no standard length, weight, price, and diameter. This comparison table is based on the most commonly found barbells.

Famous EZ Curl Bars & Their Weight

Curl BarLengthWeight
CAP Barbell Olympic EZ Curl Bar47 Inches15.5 lb
Elevens Olympic Curl Bar47.5 Inches18 lbs
Titan 47″ Barbell Olympic EZ Curl Bar47.12 Inches14 lbs
ROGUE Curl Bar54.5 Inches30 lbs
Body-Solid Curl Olympic Bar OB47B47 Inches16.5 lbs
Valor Fitness Curl Bars MB-4747 Inches25 lbs
XMark Fitness XM-367548 Inches22 lbs

Buying Guide of an EZ Curl Bar

If you are looking to buy an EZ curl bar for the home gym then keep the following pointers in mind. 

Already have a gym setup?

Are you someone looking to add a curl bar in your home/garage gym? Then your buying decision should depend on the type of weight plates you already have. 

If you have a 2 inches lifting plate then an Olympic curl barbel is the best but if you have old-fashioned 1” weight plates then you have no other option than a standard curl bar. 

Installing a new gym setup? 

Standard 1” bars are becoming obsolete, choosing an Olympic EZ curl bar is a futuristic choice. Since most of the weight plates are manufactured for  2” barbells.  

Olympic bars with spinning 2” sleeves work well for injury prevention and inertia support. 

  •  The 2-inch sleeves used of the Olympic weights
  •  The 1-inch sleeves used for the Oldschool 1-inch weight plates.


The quality of knurling greatly affects your lifting strength. 

If you are planning to go heavy, then it’s recommended to choose a manufacturer that is offering superior quality of knurling.  


There is no preferred angle in the curl bar, every vendor/manufacturer is providing a different angle. 

How to know the best angle? That differs with everyone, it’s better to analyze different varieties before making the purchase. 

Tensile strength

You don’t really need to worry about the tensile strength until you can planning to deadlift with your EZ curl bar. Most of the bar would easily support weight up to 200 pounds.

Curl bar vs regular bar

While we all love to workout with a curl bar, most people are not really aware of the difference between a curl bar and a regular bar. 

Let’s get to know the benefits of the EZ Curl Bar over the Straight bar. 

We Recomend Rogue Fitness EZ Curl Bar For Your Garage gym.

10 Best EZ Curl Bar Exercises

Thanks for reading. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always. 

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