Helpful tips for correctly portioning your food, every time.

If you’re trying to lose weight or make healthier food choices, it’s important to learn about portion control. The recommended portion size for chicken is 3 ounces… but would you know how to measure 3 ounces if you didn’t have a kitchen scale? Don’t worry, there are a few quick tricks that you can learn to help you perfectly measure food portions every time, with or without a kitchen scale!

1- Use your plate as a portion guide

          Portion sizes have grown massively in the past few years and the average adult eats 300 calories more daily than they did 25 years ago. Learning to quickly estimate portion sizes while cooking can help prevent unwanted weight gain. One easy method to check portion sizes is to use a standard dinner plate. While trying to cook a healthy meal remember that:

  • ¼ of your plate should be reserved for protein like chicken, fish or tofu
  • ¼ of your plate should be for complex grains like pasta, rice or sweet potatoes
  • ½ of your plate should be filled with all sorts of colorful vegetables and fruit

Remember that this is just a rough guideline and some people will require more or less food. If you need more guidance, you can even purchase portion control plates that are designed specifically to help you measure serving sizes.

2- Use your hands

Did you know that you can even use your hands to measure out an accurate portion of food? Since your hands are always available this is a convenient solution that you’ll always have no matter where you’re cooking. Remember these tips:

  • A closed fist is roughly the same size as a cup.
  • Make a cup with your hand. That’s roughly ½ cup.
  • The size of your palm is roughly 3oz, which is the recommended serving size of many proteins like chicken.
  • The tip of your thumb is close to the size of a tablespoon.

Since everyone’s hands are different sizes, it’s best to test out these measurements beforehand so that you know how accurate they will be going forward.

3- Compare your portion sizes to your favorite sports equipment

Another easy way that you can measure out your portions is by using common sports equipment. Keep in mind that:

  • A softball is roughly 2 cups.
  • A baseball is roughly 1 cup.
  • A tennis ball is roughly ½ cup.
  • A golf ball is roughly 2 tablespoons.

Who knew your favorite sports could also help you keep your portions in check!

4- Tips and tricks for controlling portion size

You’re all set to start cooking! Here are a few tips & suggestions to help you enjoy cooking while keeping serving sizes under control:

  • Invest in a food plan: If all this measuring seems to be too much work, invest in a food plan from a healthy meal kit delivery service like HelloFresh.A meal kit delivery service delivers pre-portioned meals right to your door, so you never have to worry about weighing food or portion sizes. With this HelloFresh promo code, you can even enjoy a discount on your next purchases!
  • Be careful at restaurants: Restaurants often give out massive portion sizes as an incentive to draw in customers. Be aware of how much food you’re being given when dining out, and if it seems like too much, don’t be afraid to ask for half of it to be packaged up to take home!
  • Never eat straight out of the container: It’s easy to lose sight of how much you’re eating when you eat directly from the container. One quick tip to control snack portions is to measure out the correct portion size before hand, and then put the container away.

Remember, unwanted weight gain often starts by eating bigger portion sizes. With these helpful tips, you’ll be prepared to accurately and quickly measure out any portion size while you’re cooking!

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