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9 Farmers Walk Benefits & Why You Should Never Skip It.

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No other single exercise have so many benefits as farmers walk do. It will be activating every muscle group in your body.

Ahead in this article, we will be discussing the benefits of farmers walk but before we move further, it’s important to understand the basics of farmers walk and how it originated.

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Farmers walk benefits were first discovered by Dan John. Dan John is a former All-American discus thrower, has competed at the highest level of Olympic lifting, strength coach and author of many bestseller books.

Farmers walk benefits were propagated by may lifters since many years but still, there are many people who have never tried this incredible exercise. Farmers walk is a single exercise which will help you built some serious muscle mass, shed that extra fat and will help you elevate your performance in any other play.

Farmers walk is a functional exercise which helps your body to improve its performance in very basic manner. Functional training is any movement which helps our body to elevate our performance in your day to day work. For example, Deadlift is a functional exercise which makes you more capable of lifting anything from the ground. Similarly, farmers walk is going to help in improving your core strength which ultimately leads to better performance in any game.

How to perform farmers walk?

Before we jump on the benefits of farmers walk, it’s important to learn ‘how to perform farmers walk’. We all have been performing the movement of farmers walk since the day we started walking on our feet. Its guide is very simple yet very effective.

  • Arrange a pair of heavy dumbbells or kettlebell or anything heavy and put is on a ground.
  • If you are trying farmers walk for the first time, make sure dumbbell weight is at least 50% of your body weight.
  • Lift them from the ground and walk for a specified distance. Distance could be anything from 50M to 1000M.
  • Try your best to maintain correct posture, with a straight back and tight shoulders.
  • In order to see progressive gains, supplement your dumbbells with additional weights.

Checkout this video, which describe how to perform farmers walk-

There is a reason why almost every elite forces training includes farmers walk. let’s discuss benefits of farmers walk.

#1 Forearms

No other exercise can be better than Farmers walk for the development of stronger and bigger forearms. If you are the one who always struggles with your smaller forearms then you should definitely try this wonderful exercise.

Farmers walk to have a great impact on your forearms size and grip strength. Stop doing those wrist curls and focus on lifting more weight with your bare hands.

For those who use ‘lifting straps’ should start thinking about ditching those straps and lift those heavy weights with a bare hand.

#2 Bigger Traps

A perfect exercise to add up with your traps training routine. When you perform shrugs, all contraction happens when you squeeze your traps muscle and lift the weight up, but when you release the pressure to get in bottom position, that time your shrugs remains untrained. Performing farmers walk with your shrugs will train your traps even when they are not squeezed and at the bottom position.

#3 Stronger Shoulders and Delts.

Farmers walk and deadlifts are especially beneficial to develop bigger shoulders muscle. In addition to training your traps, farmers walk is proven to be a wonderful exercise to develop stronger shoulders and delts.

For those who are struggling with the presence of additional fat storage on shoulders, delts and upper shoulders should definitely try farmers walk for greater results.

#4 Weight loss

It is definitely one of the greatest sources of weight loss; here are the few reasons behind it.

  • Compound exercise – as we have stated earlier that farmers walk are a great compound exercise, it challenges your every major muscle group.
  • High metabolism- farmers walk is a great exercise to built more muscle, it challenges your whole body to workout which ultimately leads to better metabolism.

#5 More muscles

There aren’t many exercises available which can challenge your whole body. Farmers walk will help you build stronger core, forearms, shoulders, delts, traps, obliques, glutes, hamstrings.

So this means you are challenging your every muscle group to work, which will ultimately lead to better muscle growth.

For those who are like to do a workout at home or who like to do bodyweight exercises only, this farmers walk is a great option to train there every muscle in a single exercise.

#6 Stronger Abs and oblique

Many people tend to perform thousands of crunches in order to get beautiful abs, most of them fails miserably. Crunches could be used to sculpt your abs but they aren’t much effective in abdominal fat burn.

Farmers walk is a perfect solution for those who are struggling to achieve fat-less abdomen.

Additionally, to getting good looking and stronger abs, farmers walk also puts great emphasis on oblique development. Most of the abs routines never concentrate on stronger oblique but this loaded carries exercise will do wonders to beautiful and stronger obliques as well.

#7 Raw strength

Many old bodybuilders still perform their exercises routine in ‘old school’ way, instead of opting for new fancy gyms. If you are willing to have the raw strength then old school style of bodybuilding is a perfect solution for you.

Most of the newbie goes to the gym and perform fancy exercises to make their body look good, but what about core strength? Most people tend to ignore Deadlift and squats just because they are truly old school. But these old school exercises are the one, who helps in building raw strength in body.

#8 Lesser chances of Injuries

Lifting weight in farmers walk is the most common practicing we have been doing since ages. Our ancestors used to carry weight from one place to another place by lifting it with bare hands.

Technology has ruined us by making everything simple and easy. But still, we all are used to of lifting any object in farmers walk form.

Our body has developed to lift any object in this form, hence making it more natural to lift a weight.

#9 You can do it every day

It’s always suggested not to perform the same exercise every day. But for those who prefer to workout without gym aren’t left with many options.  When you are doing workout without a gym, then you are left with a hand full of compound exercises like pushups, pull-ups, and body weight squats.

A slight change in the routine can make it possible for you to perform these farmers walk on a daily basis. There can we three different type of intensity you can opt to perform this exercise on daily basis.

Day 1: Heavy Day- Lift heavy (body weight), short distance (10-20 meters)
Day 2: Medium Day- Lift moderate (2/3 of body), med distance (40-50 meters)
Day 3: Light Day- Lift light (1/2 of body), long distance (100 meters)