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Dating Alpha Female: 7 Struggles Of Dating Alpha Woman & How to Deal With Them.

quotation-marks-left - CopyThis is a Man’s World, but it wouldn’t mean anything without a Woman. – James Brown

Alpha females are supposed to be the most independent women on earth. They love to get their own work done and will not spare any bullshit that is going around. Of course, they love being the center of attraction which means that they love it when the spotlight is completely on them. In certain situations, you might just even feel that she is the one who is leading all the time. Well yes, that’s exactly how alpha female is. You cannot expect any less from them they believing in maintaining themselves the most and they will not compromise on any of the factors which will make them look better as a person, as a human being. However, they can be really loyal. These are just the good points.

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We as well have a couple of things that you might find difficult to deal with, but don’t worry. It is absolutely normal. Every relationship faces a couple or more of struggle and there are things you have to give up and compromise for. However, for alpha female or for alpha women you probably have to work a little harder and understand that it’s not that they don’t love you, they love you but they are just born as independent women and alpha female like to get their work done by themselves.

Here are some of the struggles that you might face while dating an Alpha Female:


1) Smart mouth:

Well first of all you need to know that alpha women are big mouths as well, just like any other women, but we are smart mouth. They know what to speak when and will not stop themselves when they for sue that it is the right time to speak. For men like us, if we do not involve ourselves in the conversation we might be called up on as the ones who do not speak at all, or maybe the quiet ones. However, we know that’s not true. Alpha female like to speak the truth and cannot spare anything going wrong.

2) A little too sarcastic:

Alpha women like to be sarcastic about nearly everything and they like to keep situations light so that don’t turn into another drama. They believe every problem can be solved with patience but their sarcasm however in the process won’t stop. They do not mean any harm to anyone else, its just how they are. But then they do come across as the bitchy ones and despite their “ladylike” good traits, people might just take them wrong. The bad part of you here is that if you are with an alpha female, it might just come down on you.

3) Taking the lead, always:

A lot of times it is good that your lady takes the lead, especially for things like where to go and where to eat. However, a lot of men these days like to decide that for themselves and like to pick a place or restaurant. That is not exactly the issue here. Such a small thing can be avoided. The problem is when alpha women don’t realize and then to take the lead by themselves. It gives the hint or impress or trait of a bossy nature. Alpha women know exactly what they want and they are really certain about it. In short, alpha women can nearly take a charge in everything.

4) A big no-no to cliche romance:

Everyone likes to be romantic but not them. Yes, a little bit of romance is fine, but passion is exactly what drives them crazy. Don’t get her flowers, don’t get her anything, she is okay with that. Greet her with a passionate kiss and she will be way more impressed. Cliché romance can, in fact, be something that alpha women are allergic to. Try making things different for them, put in your efforts and let your alpha female know that you are going out of the way for her.

5) A little more of “I can get my own work done” woman:

Yes, it is true that alpha females are independent. But they can be independent to the extent where they might just as well end up changing their own flat tire if they have no help. Hard work and challenges is not something that will ever stop them. In fact, there will be moments where your alpha woman will help you out instead of just sitting like a queen bee.

6) The bad moods:

As much as an alpha woman is independent, her bad mood can be scary. She may be able to handle her own bad mood or maybe she really needs someone to stick around willingly. That’s where you might face a little difficulty and only by knowing what your woman really likes is how you can be there for her. There is no book on to how exactly to make her feel better. This is where the part of you making some real efforts walks in. She might expect a lot and just let you to know a few certain things, but you will have to know what exactly to do.

7) Not easy:

Of course, by now you have got the idea that an alpha female is sure as hell, not an easy one. An alpha woman is difficult and is a little complicated but surely competitive. At a point of time, you might feel that you are doing a lot for her, or maybe that you are compromising a lot. She can slay any person who will get in the way. An alpha woman likes to be independent and does not like to rely on anyone. However, when she is with you, don’t worry she will go easy on you. She is your girlfriend or wife or life partner after all, she does not want to lose you. You should just know how to handle your alpha woman.

8) Might make you feel small:

With her ‘my way or the high way’ attitude, a lot of things she does and says make you feel small but remember that an alpha woman will never do that intentionally. It’s just that a woman like her would never rely on anyone and she is not used to relying on anyone in fact. What you can do is take advantage of such an attitude by her and let it empower you and strength your weak corners. Unknowingly or knowingly, she will make you learn so much about yourself. Pushing you to go ahead and be a better person is something which is there in her blood and it will test your patience as well as hers. But trust me, an alpha female like her is definitely worth it.

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