Cricket Equipment Buying Guide

For cricket enthusiasts, choosing the right kind of cricket equipment is absolutely necessary to elevate your game to the next level. And due to the abundance of quality online cricket stores, buying the cricket equipment you need is easier than ever before! Below is a complete guide for buying cricket equipment that will set you up to be the great player that you are. 

Choose Right Kind of Cricket Bat 

When selecting the right kind of cricket bat, you should be aware of the willow grade as well as the type of wood the bat is made of. Cricket bats are made up of two types of willows. 

English willow and Kashmir willow. English willow is the type of willow that is preferred by the manufacturers because of its high performance. 

With increasing time not only is the price of English willow increasing but it is also increasingly hard to find. Additionally, English willow is notorious for being easily damaged because of the nature of the high-intensity game. 

Whilst, Kashmir willow is relatively cheaper in price compared to English willow, it is made up of harder wood. This means the player may not experience the same shot power of the ball. 

The willow grade determines the performance and quality of the bat. Grades from 1 to 5 exist and the lower the grade number the better the quality.


Having a helmet that fits is going to both protect and offer you comfort. Before you proceed to play on the cricket field, it is important to have the right kind of safety equipment. 

A good cricket helmet should have proper padding, a chin strap so it can stay in one place and should be shock absorbent to minimize injury. 

Furthermore, the weight of the helmet also plays a crucial role. A heavy helmet may offer more protection however, it shouldn’t be too heavy, or else it could hinder your playing experience. 

All in all, the padding, the strap, and the weight of the helmet all should be comfortable enough to wear for a long match without being a nuisance.


Gloves also play a crucial part in offering safety to the players. Safety gear should be the top priority for cricket players. A player must look for gloves that have fiber casing on the fingers. 

The gloves must also have high-density foam and should be made of shock-absorbing materials. Protection is important however it shouldn’t come at the price of inconvenience. 

The glove should fit your hands properly while offering ventilation for your hands. When making the final decision for the kind of batting gloves you’re going for, make sure to find gloves with batting inners because they will ensure ventilation. 


A pair of cricket shoes are important for stability and an important component of your cricket equipment. The player whether he’s a bowler, a batsman, or an all-rounder should have cricket shoes that offer both comfort and grip. 

A selection of shoes is available such as spike and pimpled rubber shoes. Spike shoes are used on soft ground while pimpled are more suitable on hard ground. 

Batting Pads

Pads just like helmets and gloves are used as protective gear. The batting pads will ensure safety for your legs. 

The fitting of the pads should be proper and comfortable. Taking the right kind of measurement for the batting pad is also very important. 

The measurement that should be taken into consideration should be the approximate distance down to the instep from the middle of the knee cap. 

Batting pads are available in different sizes to offer players as much convenience as possible. 

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