Collagen Protein vs Whey Protein, What’s Better?

We have been asked this question multiple time ‘Does collagen protein help you build muscle just like whey protein?

Let’s start with the basics. 

Proteins are the building block of our body and it plays a key role in overall body development and energy levels. 

While most of the doctors recommend getting adequate protein from the food but it is not possible for each one of us. 

Whey protein has always been a reliable source of protein for most of the fitness enthusiasts but in recent years Collagen protein is gaining momentum to be a top choice of many athletes. 

What exactly is Whey protein and Collagen protein? 

What is whey protein? 

Milk contains two types of protein: whey protein(20%) and casein protein(80%). Did you ever opened a container of yogurt and had that watery stuff floating on top of the yogurt, yes that is whey. Earlier, cheesemakers used to discard this extra liquid before they recognized its health benefits and commercial value. 

Whey has been considered to be the best form of protein supplement because of the presence of a complete amino profile. Whey protein has become an all-time favorite bodybuilder supplement because of its proven effects of protein synthesis. 

What is Collagen Protein or Collagen Peptide?

Collagen is the most abundant protein present in the human body and there are more than 28 different kinds of collagen found in the human body. It assists in providing structure to our muscles, hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments, and tendons in our body.

Collagen peptides, also known as hydrolyzed collagen, come from the hides and connective tissues of cows (and fish in the case of marine collagen). Although some companies are providing vegan collagen which is now made by using genetically modified yeast and bacteria.

So, while whey protein is acting as a building block of body muscles, collagen protein is a building block of full body (including hairs, nails, bones, tendons, etc).

Collagen Protein vs Whey

Basic facts about whey protein:

Whey protein has established a reputation of top muscle building supplement. Let’s get to know some facts and benefits of whey:

  • Whey contains all nine essential amino acids which make it a most complete protein source for optimum muscle building. 
  • Whey protein is high in Leucine, which is also known to initiate muscle synthesis at the genetic and molecular levels. 
  • It’s a fast absorbing protein source which is easily digested by the majority of the people. 
  • Many studies have found whey protein effective in quick recovery and improved metabolic rate for low body fat percentage. 

Let’s get to know more about Collagen:

While whey protein is found to have muscle building benefits, collagen protein is found to be more effective in the overall development of the body. 

  • A study published at the British Journal of Nutrition found better development of lean muscle mass in comparison to volunteers who were not given any supplementation after resistance training. 
  • Up to 30% of the protein in our body and 70% of the protein within our skin is made up of collagen. Supplementing with collagen peptide will help in better skin tone and flexibility. This protein may also work as an anti-aging agent. 
  • Collagen also helps in building and repairing the connective tissues of the body, which results in stronger tendons and ligaments. 
  • These peptides are particularly found very helpful for people on a low protein diet, supplementing with collagen peptide may help in maintaining the body’s muscle mass and joint health. 
  • It’s high in glycine and proline, these are the amino acids which are found to have many positive effects on gut health. Glycine and Proline help in restoring and repairing the intestinal walls and fights inflammation. 

Who is the winner? Whey or Collagen?

Both the suppliments are the superior in their own category. 

If you are a fitness freak and looking for a muscle growth and development development then whey protein might be the winner for you. 

But if you are looking for the overall development of a healthy body then collagen protein might be better suitable for you. 

My choice: being in the fitness industry for more than 15 years I can’t betray my whey protein. Instead, I prefer the combination of both whey and collagen protein. 

I usually mix a scoop a whey and collagen protein in my morning smoothie and sometimes before sleep as well. 

Collagen peptide has emerged as a more versatile supplement for full body development which cant be ignored. It will not just help you maintain muscle mass but will also keep your skin and hairs beautiful for longer. 


You don’t really need to choose one of these. Instead of judging these supplements as collagen protein vs whey protein, it will be best to include both in your inventory.  I personally combine the scoop of my favorite whey with a scoop of hydrolyzed collagen protein for overall development.