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Can you lose weight by running? How to do it the right way.


Whether it’s about building endurance or weight loss, running has proven to be one of the most minimalistic training patterns that can be followed in almost any condition. You don’t need any specific equipment as well, just a pair of good jogger is enough to start the transformation journey. 

So, you started 5 days a week running about a few weeks ago and saw good progress in the initial days of running. But now, progress seems to be on halt and you are not sure what to do next. Are you struggling with your weight loss journey even after being persistent at running? We have got the answer to every question. 

Let’s start with the basics. 

Can you lose weight by running: 

Definitly! People have been losing weight with the help of running and you can do that too. 

Why can’t you lose weight by running? 

I understand that you are being persistent with your running routine but there are many other components that need to be addressed for active weight loss journey.

Let’s have a look at the most effective way to lose weight.  

Reasons for not losing weight:

There are a number of reasons behind not being able to experience weight loss, let’s start with the most common. 

You are paying too much emphasis on weight scale: 

 So you are following a right diet pattern and also staying consistent with your daily resistant training and running, what could go wrong? 

One thing that you need to understand is, Weight loss ≠ fat loss. 

The weight scale is not always the best way to predict progress. 

You might be losing fat but still have the same weight because you are gaining some muscle mass. 

Muscle is denser than fat, which makes them heavier. So you might be losing some fat % while putting some muscle mass, which is a win-win situation.  

Post-workout binge eating: 

Many people start running so that they can eat anything they want. Do you fall into the same category? 

In order to lose bodyweight, you are required to maintain a caloric deficit. Many people are eating more than they burn. Suppose you burn 400 calories after a 30-minutes of a running session, but you eat a donut with 500 calories just after a running session. 

How can you expect to see change? 

Understand the importance of fueling wisely, post-run meals should contain high protein and a moderate amount of complex carbs and good fats. 

Are you running enough? 

Most of the people are not running enough to experience a decent calorie burning. 

It’s okay to not being able to run for long-distance, everyone starts with a short running. 

Implement the combination of running and walking. That means, you run for a particular distance and then you walk until you get your energy back for another short run. This strategy will help you burn far more calories and develop superior progressive endurance. 

Reached the plateau:

It usually happens after a month of consistent running for the same distance. That’s why mixing things up is so much essential. 

Consistent improvement in workout intensity and mixing the workout pattern can help you ditch the plateau.

Running 5K on a daily basis can stall the progress, instead, mixing the workout pattern is necessary. Implementing some sprinting, hill sprinting, 10K running, pace variation, Fartlek running, etc can help you dodge the plateau.

How to lose weight the right way: 

Most of the people are unable to reach the desired weight loss goals because they are not following the process in the right way. 

Wondering how to lose weight the right way? Here is a list of every pro tip.

Watch the calories

Watching your calorie intake has to be the first step in lowering down bodyweight. 

In general scenario, in order to lose a pound of body weight you need to consume 500 fewer calories than your body’s daily caloric requirement. So do you need to calculate the calorie before eating anything? Not really, let’s try to keep in simple. Start with eliminating fast food, fruit juices, and any other unhealthy food items from your diet. 

Cut down sugar and starch

You have been consuming a lot of simple carbs in the form of carbonated drinks, fruit juices, bread, etc. 

Cutting down all the processed food items and replacing them with whole food is going to provide you the required caloric deficit. 

High protein and Low carb diet

Simple carbs are pretty much your biggest hurdle in achieving your fitness goals. 

Best solution? Replace your high carb meals with high protein and high fiber meals with low carbs. 

Relying on home-cooked food and ditching those local cafes and resturants can help you eat more nutritious food. 

A high protein diet is found to improve metabolism by packing lean muscle mass and supports a quick recovery. 

Don’t skip resistance training. 

Instead of relying on continuous running session its essential to include variations. 

Adding 3 resistance training sessions in a week can help you achieve better posture, accelerated metabolism and improved strength. 

Include some fasting (Intermittent fasting)

Fasting has been followed in many cultures for thousands of years and it has been scientifically proven to have many positive impacts on overall health. 

Fasting is found to improve the production of growth hormones, fat burning, improve cognitive functioning, and inner healing. 

Following 16 hours of fasting period can help you achieve some impressive health benefits. 

Active recovery period

Never neglect the recovery period. After every workout session, your muscles and joints need a self-healing period. 

Allowing yourself some time for active recovery will lead to having improved performance. 

Enhanced thermogenic

many thermogenic supplements are available in the market that can help you get rid of stubborn fat quite easily.

Thermogenics are available in cream form and oral supplements. Oral supplements work to improve the body’s metabolic rate that results in burning more calories.

Thermogenic gel/creams help in improving blood flow and allow greater sweating to get rid of excess water accumulated around the belly area.