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Buying a power rack worth it? let’s talk pros and cons

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Power racks might look intimidating to fitness newbies, these are the big cage-like structures that are being loved by big & experienced lifters. 

Power racks add great value to the home gyms as well and if you are considering a purchase of a full power rack for a garage gym then there are few things that need to be considered before making a purchase. Ahead in this article we will find out the pros and cons of the power rack and are they really worth your money.

Power racks come in a variety of options, you can get:

  • Full power rack or Cage: Full cage-like structure that allows maximum safety and comfort. Also supports a wide range of attachments.
  • Half power rack: Good for limited space but provide limited support.   
  • Wall Mounted rack: A power rack that is mounted on the wall. Installation is recommended only for secure concrete walls or wood studs.
  • Squat Stands: The most cost-effective rack to rack barbell for squats, but it offers low-level safety and minimum versatility.

We did a whole article on the comparison of full power rack vs half power rack. In this article, we are going to consider the full power rack only. 

Are power racks worth it?

The biggest limitation of any garage gym is the lack of resources for heavy strength training but a full power rack can definitely help you overcome that limitation. There are so many exercises you can do on the power rack which makes it a perfect home gym equipment for strength and size gains.

Are power racks really worth it? Yes, power racks are the cornerstone equipment for any home gym that acts as a mechanical spotter and encourages all the big compound movements, safety, versatility, and strength building. Their only limitation is their bulky size. If you have enough space available then a power rack is the best investment for a garage gym.   

Now let’s get into the details of the pros and cons of owning a power rack. 

Benefits of Buying a power rack at home

1- Perfect for big compound movements

The exclusion of big compound movements is one of the biggest limitations of a home gym that can be easily overcome by investing in a power rack. No other single piece of equipment will allow you to practice squat, deadlift, bench press, chin-ups, shoulder press, barbell rows, etc all at the single platform. 

You can not expect to develop serious strength with the set of dumbbells and a bench. Truth is, dumbbells can never replace the effectiveness of barbell squat and barbell deadlift.  

Some of our favourit power rack exercises

2- Safety

Unavailability of a spotter is another BIG drawback of a home gym, a power rack can act as a mechanical spotter that will save you from mishappening, thanks to the safety pins. 

Personal safety should be on a top of priority when you are establishing a home gym. A full power rack is one of the safest equipment for a home gym, It can save you from dropping weight on yourself. 

These spotter bars are present to hold the barbell if in case you fail to complete the repetition. Additionally, It also provides psychological motivation to attempt a heavier weight. 

3- Versatility

A power rack will support all sorts of barbell workouts.

Whether you are a powerlifter, CrossFit athlete, or a normal fitness enthusiast, a power rack is a single solution to train every muscle group. 

Power rack will allow you to perform Squats, Front Squats, Benchpress, Overhead press, Deadlifts, Shrugs, Rack pulls, and many more exercises. 

Power racks also allow you to integrate bands and chains to your workout more efficiently. You can also attach gymnast rings or TRX with Power Racks to make them more versatile. 

4- Heavy-duty and built to last long

Power racks are built with high quality metal and are built to last very long. Rogue is also providing the lifetime warranty on their power racks. 

Being a heavy-duty piece of equipment, power racks can be used by lifters with different strength levels.

5- Availability of Wide range of attachments

We talked about the versatility, you can increase the utility of your power rack by simply introducing new attachments. Modern power racks are designed to provide versatility, there is a whole list of attachments that can be added to your power rack. 

You can add separate attachments for Lat pulldown, Dip bar, Multi-grip pull-up station, Belt squat, T-bar row attachment, Dumbbell spotter, Safety straps, and many more attachments. 

In short, it allows training every part of the body within a cage. 

How does the most versatile power rack look? Check out the video: 

Limitations of Power rack

There are a few limitations that need to be taken care of, lets have a look at them.

1- It’s a costly piece of equipment

Power cage will cost a good amount of money that might not be affordable for many, a range of good power racks starts from $800 and you need to buy barbell, weight plates, and bench separately. 

But its a one-time investment and you can always re-sell it at a decent price.  If you have a low budget then I suggest you buy a second-hand branded power rack from garage sales to get the best value out of it.

2- Require space

Power racks are bulky and requires a decent amount of space. Additionally, you should always check your ceiling height before you make an investment in a power rack. 

Power Rack FAQ

1- What Power Rack For A Home Gym?

If you are not into super heavy lifting then you don’t really need to worry about the company. 
Most of the cost-effective power racks are stable enough to support your 500 pounds of lift. It’s important to check the technical specifications (steel gauge, dimensions, etc).

2- How Much Does Power Racks Weigh

Depends on the size of the power rack and the quality of metal used for construction. 
Most of the Rogue power rack will weight around 250-350 lbs. Heavy-duty power racks will weigh higher.  

3- How Deep Should A Power Rack Be?

Full power rack should be at least 3 ft or 36 inches deep. This depth allows interruption-free movement while workout. 
Additionally, depth plays important factor when you want to install add-on accessories to your power rack. 

4- What’s The Difference Between A Squat Rack And A Power Rack?

Squats racks are minimalistic rack that is made to help lifter while squatting. Squat racks are useful to rack or un-rack the bar while common squat variations and overhead barbell presses. A power rack is a more sophisticated piece of equipment that supports a wide variety of exercises and also allows greater safety.

5- Can You Keep A Power Rack Outside?

Iron will rust, and if you keep it outside, it will catch rust at an accelerated pace because of rain and nighttime dew. 
Yes, you can keep your power rack outside if it’s manufactured by top brand. Coating and quality of metal play a decisive role. 

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