Burning More Calories With Kratom Powder

Last updated on February 5th, 2021 at 04:08 pm

Getting fit and staying fit requires more than just heading out for the occasional run. If you want to burn serious calories, you need to establish an equally strict workout routine. You can also benefit from using workout supplements like kratom powder.

Some types of kratom, such as White Borneo, are perfect for powering workouts and burning calories. In low doses, white strains of kratom keep consumers’ energy levels up and improve cognitive function. It makes it easier to maintain focus and stay motivated. Unlike other nootropics, kratom also suppresses appetite making it even easier to lose weight.

Find out how you can use this natural herbal supplement to power your calorie-burning workouts below.

How Kratom Helps You Burn Calories?

Kratom is an herbal supplement, not a miracle drug. You’ll still need to put in the work if you want to burn off that excess belly fat. However, kratom powder can make it easier for you to keep your exercise schedule and diet on track.

The primary mode of action for kratom is all in its alkaloids. These chemical components bind to various receptors in your brain to increase your energy levels. More specifically, they bind to your brain’s opioid, serotonin, and dopamine receptors. That means in addition to more energy, and you’ll also get a nice mood boost. This increase in focus and confidence will make it easier to get through tough workouts.

Kratom can also help you burn calories by promoting healthy muscle growth. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, helping to speed muscle recovery and prevent problems like delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). It can also help to improve your circulation, ensuring that your muscles get all the oxygen they need.

Best Strains for Burning Calories

There are a lot of different strains of kratom. Most fall into one of three categories: green vein, white vein, or red vein. For weight loss and muscle building, it’s best to avoid red vein strains of kratom. They’re better known for their sedative effects.

Instead, try these strains:

  • White Thai
  • Green Maeng Da
  • White Sumatra
  • Green Malay
  • White Dragon

You can also experiment with gold and yellow strains of kratom. Just keep in mind that these strains are made by mixing red, white, and green vein varieties. Each vendor has its formulas, and they’re all different. You should check the ingredients and intended uses first before buying new gold strains.

Nutritional Information

If you’re looking for kratom nutritional information, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it varies depending on your ingestion method. There are next to no calories in kratom, so if you’re using pure kratom powder, you don’t have to worry about that. If you want to use liquid kratom or a kratom tincture, you can make your own to ensure that it doesn’t contain unnecessary calories.

How to Dose Kratom for Maximum Effectiveness

If you’re using kratom to burn more calories, you’ll need to stick to low doses. For most people, that’s between one and two grams per day. At low doses, kratom offers maximum stimulation so that you can get the energy you need to superpower your workouts.

Those who have underlying health problems, such as chronic pain, may need to use slightly larger doses. Stick to no more than four grams, and choose green or gold strains with more powerful analgesic effects. You’ll still feel energized. You’ll just also get the pain relief you need to focus on your workouts.

Keep in mind that kratom is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. If you’re using it as an appetite suppressant, that’s good news. Some people even use kratom while water fasting to help keep their energy levels up.

When you use kratom before a serious workout, the potency reduction that comes with taking it with food is a worthwhile trade-off. There are no carbs in kratom, and your body will need those nutrients to build muscle mass. Sometimes, you need to consume calories to burn calories.

Maximizing Your Kratom-Powered Workouts

Experts have a lot to say about how you can maximize your workouts. Most of the advice boils down to a few simple tips.

If you want to burn some serious calories, you should:

  • Exercise every day
  • Include a combination of cardio and weight training in your workouts
  • Explore different ranges of motion
  • Set specific goals
  • Combine targeted exercise programs with a healthy diet
  • Cut out empty calories from refined sugars and carbohydrates
  • Make sure to stay hydrated

How Can I Burn 1000 Calories a Day?

Aerobic exercise helps you burn calories. Just one hour of jogging on a treadmill at a 6-8% incline at 4mph can burn 100 calories or more. You can get the endurance you need to power through these longer workouts with kratom.

Get Ready to Feel the Burn

If you’ve been putting off starting your new exercise regime, now is the time to change your tune. Start by purchasing high-quality kratom powder online so you’ll be ready to hit the gym. Some vendors offer next-day delivery, so there’s no excuse for putting off making healthy lifestyle changes any longer.

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