5 Best way to strengthen core at home.


Before we start, let me promise you one thing, I am not going to list any boring core workout pattern that takes tons of effort and gives minimum results.

A strong core is an invaluable asset that one needs to earn. A strong core exhibits the levels of dedication and discipline someone has. It doesn’t just give you an attractive look but also assists in providing better body balance and posture. 

Your core is made up of different muscle groups, let’s get to know them first:

  • Rectus abdominis: It’s an upper and most visible layer of your core, including your abs. 
  • Transverse abdominis: it’s is a layer of muscle under your abs, strengthening your transverse abdominis plays important role in the development of the perfect core. 
  • Erector spinae: a set of muscles in your lower back, it also plays an important role in core stabilizations. 
  • Internal and external obliques: these present in the side of the abdomen. 

Crunches are not the best solution to build a strong core since they focus mainly on the rectus abdominis. 

We are going to introduce you to the best way to strengthen core while enjoying the process. 

Best way to strengthen core. 

Stronger core doesn’t just make you look super hot but it plays a vital role in the overall functioning of the body.

Most of the people are just concerned about there strength while squats, deadlifts, bench press. Your Core act as a primary stabilizing agent to help you lift heavier weights. You don’t necessarily need a gym to gain core strength, you can build that chiseled core at the comfort of your home. Let’s get the know the 5 best way to strengthen the core.


Planks are the best way to strengthen your core, it doesn’t just train your rectus abdominis but also your Transverse abdominis, erector spinae and side obliques. 

The problem is practicing planks on a regular basis is a quite boring process.

Planking seems boring to you as well? Stealth core games will make the planking interactive and fun.

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I was in love with this dynamic plank machine the day I used it for the first time. For me, it’s one of the greatest inventions that will help you develop a stronger core. 

Stealth core games is an interactive fitness product that will push you to a new level of core training in the privacy of your own home. 

This plank board is powered by gameplay technology that uses your core strength to control the action on your mobile phone screen, making static exercises like the plank more engaging. 

It’s a fun way to improve your core strength while playing interesting mobile games. 

Want to make the process more interesting? Invite your friends or cousins for a core strength challenge and compete for a better score. 

Medicine balls

One of the most versatile and all-time favorite equipment for overall toning and fat burn. 

With a simple 15 lbs medicine ball, you can do hundreds of workout combinations to strengthen your full body. Good news is, most of the medicine ball workouts primarily requires core stabilization which results in strengthened core.

Medicine balls come in a variety of sizes and give you the flexibility to choose the best weight and size for your needs. You can carry them for the outdoor activity or add them to your garage gym workout essentials.

Kettlebell Swings

Ask me about my personal favorite single workout equipment and I will say “Kettlebell”. 

Kettlebell swings come under the aerobic activity due to its rhythmic swinging pattern. It helps in effective engagement of core muscles. 

Kettlebells are favorite body conditioning equipment for many professional athletes because of its minimalistic pattern. You can hit almost every body part with the help of kettlebells which makes it highly versatile equipment to keep at home. 

If you are a big fan of home workout then you should definitely own a pair of kettlebells to enhance intensity to your bodyweight workouts. Adjustable kettlebells are also available in the market that reduces the cost of purchasing multiple kettlebells and also saves a lot of space. 

Chin-up bars

Have you ever seen a man doing 20 comfortable pull-ups with belly fat? No, because that’s a rare case scenario. 

Many people neglect the importance of chin-ups and pullups in the development of a strong core. Pullups and chin-ups help in the development of stronger lats, traps, delts and arms we all know that but it plays an important role in core development as well. 

Your core muscles get activated when you do the chin-ups, thats how your body support itself to pull upwards. 

Chinup bar also gives you the ability to do some hanging leg rises which are known for the development of lower abs strength.  

Abb roller

Ab rollers always worked wonders to get stronger core but they were quite difficult for the people at the beginner level.

Ab pro roller has got a revolutionary ultra-wide design with built-in resistance to help you develop core strength without putting excess pressure on the lower back. 

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Its ultra-wide wheel design allows you to target not just your rectus abdominis but also your side obliques. Additionally, ergonomic hand grips are angled to relieve stress from shoulders and activate core muscles.  

Other additions that can help in getting rid of belly fat. 

There is no spot-fixing in bodybuilding, you can not work only on the belly. Collective efforts of the right training and nutrition are required to get a stronger and leaner core.  

Here are some of the additional ways to accelerate the process of belly fat reduction. 

Neoprene belts:

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Some say these belts works and other says the opposite.

There is no scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of neoprene belts for belly fat reduction. Still, they are been trusted by millions of customers. 

Neoprene belts actually help in providing the thermogenic effects, which leads to getting rid of water accumulated around the belly. Getting rid of this excess water leads to a drop in the size of the waist. 

It’s not recommended to do your core training with these belts, instead, use neoprene belts while other physical activities like daily cardio or brisk walks. 

Workout enhancer gel:

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Many pro athletes are using sweat gel for muscle activation and to burn fat fast. 

Sweat gel helps in improving blood flow towards the targetted muscle group which leads to a better supply of oxygen and other nutrients to achieve improved performance. 

Workout enhancer sweat gell works well with core training and daily cardio. 

Fat burners:

Fat burners are supplements designed to accelerate fat loss by triggering a body mechanism to use fats as a primary source of fuel. 

They primarily boost up the metabolism to burn extra calories. If you are someone looking to trim down extra body fat while strengthing coee then a good fat burner is a must-have in inventory. 

Most fat burners contain natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve metabolism and fat burning.

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Many people are so confused about which exercise to choose from. We recommend you choosing one single exercise to practice daily, instead of going for multiple fancy exercises.

We have just talked about the most effective ways to shred that extra layer of body fat while strengthing the core muscles. Connect to us through facebook if you have any question about core strengthening.