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Best Blood Ketone Meter To Track Weight Loss Progress.

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The ketogenic diet is definitely one of the most effective dieting patterns for fat loss and many studies have proven it. 

When starting a ketogenic diet, pretty much everyone is focused on the blood ketone levels. Blood ketone levels are the accountable factor for optimum fat loss

Testing the ketones levels on a timely basis may help in tracking the process and assist in tailoring diet for optimum result

Fact is, each body is different and respond differently to various diet pattern. Some diet might work wolders for someone but might not work for you, for that reason you need to check the blood ketone levels. 

What Is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural process of burning body fat at a primary source of fuel

Ketogenic diet got its name because you push your body into a state of “Ketosis”. 

The body accumulates fats to use them in the emergency situation, but those fats never get utilized because of the plenty of carbohydrates. So to push the body into ketosis, we lower the carbohydrate consumption to minimum levels and consumes more medium-chain triglycerides to promote the ketosis.  

How long does it take to go into ketosis

We see many people getting restless about getting into ketosis. If you are consuming the right diet then you should enter into a state of ketosis within 3-4 days. Some people might take longer than that. 

Problem is, many people never get into the state of ketosis because of the inefficient knowledge about the food they eat. Many people consume higher carbohydrates unknowingly.

Most of the packaged food items and supplements contain hidden carbs that might restrict the process of ketosis. Solution? Relying less on packaged food items and checking the blood ketone levels to track the progress is the best thing to do. 

If you find yourself not into ketosis after 7 days on following the ketogenic diet then you might need to reexamine the food you are consuming or visit a nutrition expert near you. 

Best Time To Test Blood Ketones Levels

Your blood ketone levels simply determine whether your liver is effectively converting fats into ketones. 

Your ketone levels vary throughout the day and you might get a different reading at a different time of day. 

Ketones testing while on the keto diet should be done for two reasons:

  • To compare your ketone levels on a daily or weekly basis, this type of testing is best for tracking process and its recommended to do the test at the same time. 
  • To understand the changes in ketosis after a particular meal or exercise

I personally like to test my blook ketone levels as a first thing I wake up and sometimes post-workout. 

Keeping the ketones levels in check keeps me aware of the progress. 

Best Ketone Level For Weight Loss

If you are in ketosis, finding the sweet spot of ketones levels for effective weight loss is very essential. 

If you find the blood ketone levels between 0.5 to 1.5 mmol/l, its light nutritional ketosis. 

Best range of healthy ketosis lies between 1.5 to 3.0 mmol/l. You can achieve the optimum weight loss journey if stay in the best range of blood ketones. 

The Best Way To Test And Measure Ketones

There is a wide variety of options available to test and measure ketone levels. You can either use ketone strips or digital meter of breath analyzer. 

Urine ketone strips:

Urine ketone strips are the cheapest and most convenient option to choose from. If you are planning to check your ketone levels on a daily basis then you can use urine ketone strips. These will give you a rough idea about blood ketone levels. 

Only draws back is, these strips are not accurate and cant deliver exact data. The results of these testing strips reflect the ketone levels over the past few hours rather than the live ketone levels.

Blood Ketone Meter:

Blood ketone meters are the most accurate method to analyze your blood ketones. These meters are specially designed to detect the blood ketone levels. 

The only drawback is the cost of test strips, their cost might bother many people. Because of its high accuracy, it’s recommended to use the blood ketone meter at least once in a week.  


It’s possible to analyze your ketone level through your breath. Buying a breath analyzer is a one time cost and you don’t require to buy any other add-on. 

Method is not very accurate but still better than urine testing strip. Additionally, it allows you to check your ketone levels multiple times a day. 

This can be useful for people who are willing to sincerely get frequent update on the process of ketosis. 

Best Keto Test Strips

Ketone Strips by One Earth Health

One Earth Health has provided the most cost-effective and easy to test ketone testing strip. 

About the product

  • Made with the GOLD standard.
  • Once OPENED, good for 90 Days. These are the keto pee test strips, not the blood test strips.
  • Made in USA: Lab grade strips that are tested to produce reliable results. 
  • Additionally, you also get a Keto E-book that provides all the basic details to kick start your keto diet
  • Trusted by thousands of customers, your daily ketone testing kit. 

Best Blood Ketone Meter

Keto-Mojo Blood Ketone meter

The most advanced and accurate way to test your ketone levels. 

About the product

  • The test strips utilize industry-leading technology for precision & accuracy: patented 2+2 bio signal reading. 
  • Meter comes with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Great customer support, they are always ready to help. 
  • Recommend by leading keto experts; Dominic D’Agostino; Dr. Nasha Winters; Prof. Thomas Syfried; Mariam Kalamian; The Diet Doctor; Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt; Virta Health and Dr. Stephen Phinney

Product review: 

It’s definitely one of the most essential product to follow the keto diet in a healthy way. Blood ketone meter reads ketone & glucose through blood testing strips. 

Meter stores up to 1000 tests results which make the tracking easier than ever before. 

It’s definitely a bust buy for everyone on the keto diet. 

GDbow Ketone Breath Analyzer 

A far more accurate than urine testing strips. Additionally, it saves you from periodical spending on test strips. 

About the product

  • More convenient than any other option, you only need to breathe with the digital ketone meter
  • Breath Ketone Meter save you from finger pricks, and the device can be used repeatedly by replacing the mouthpiece
  • The ketone meter result will be slightly different from the blood testing because of using different ketone testing methods
  • Comes with a guarantee of 12-months

Its a best companion of blood ketone meter, breath analyzer allows you to keep track of your ketone levels and blood ketone meter give you accurate ketone reading in every once in a while. 


Although all the blood ketone meters are effective enough to give you an idea about your progress its always recommended to trust accurate data for better tracking.

We hope this article about the best blood ketone meter added value to your life, don’t forget to share the article with friends and family to accelerate their weight loss journey.

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