7 Best Way To Burn Calories Faster Than Ever Before.


Obesity has grown as a serious health problem in the United States, it’s estimated that about 35% of the adult U.S. population is obese. 

Obesity may work as a catalyst for chronic health problems including heart diseases, diabetes, certain cancer, etc. 

Problem is more of the people are working hard, still not getting the appropriate results. If a regular workout is not enough to bring down those extra few pounds then this article is especially for you!

Today we are going to disclose the best way to burn more calories in the same amount of time. Our simple hacks will help you burn more body fat without investing more time into your workout. 

Our recommendation criteria? 

To achieve a healthy body weight it is essential to maintain a caloric deficit, you are overweight because you are eating more calorie than you burn and you not able to track the calorie. 

Many people are asking how many calories to lose weight? Our tips will practically help you burn 300-400 extra calories per day, which will trigger the process to faster fat loss. 

We are going to recommend the performance enhancer products and techniques which are practically proven to burn calories at a faster rate. 

7 Best Way To Burn More Calories

1# Weighted Vests

No matter whether you like to workout at the gym or outdoor, a weighted vest can be an incredibly powerful tool to burn more calories while doing the same workout. 

Weighted Vests comes in different weight categories, you can choose to load yourself with 20kg extra weight that will add extra resistance to your workout. 

How does weighted vest work? 

We all know that fact that our body burn calories according to body weight, a person with a body weight of 250pounds will burn more calories than a person with 200 pounds of weight. 

A weighted vest can boost the calorie burning process. Additionally, a weighted west also works on strengthing your core and lower body which improves the overall metabolic rate.

2# Sauna belts and vests

Although many experts are skeptical about the efficiency of the sauna belts but these simple products have delivered positive results to the millions of customers. 

Most of the people look fat because of water retention. Suna belts and vests primarily help in expelling the unwanted fluid from the body which makes you look better and lose that excess water weight. 

How does our body retain so much water? 

The body retains water because of the number of reasons like: High sodium diet (fast food), sedentary lifestyle and lack of hydration. 

How do sauna belts help? 

Sauna belts help in increasing the body temperature during exercise which improves the thermogenic effects. 

Sauna belts also promote the sweating which helps in expelling the excess water retained by the body. 

3# Sweet Sweat

It’s my personal favorite way to burn extra calories. Sweet sweat is a workout enhancer tropical gel that enhances the thermogenic effects of the body while improving the overall fat burning mechanism. 

Sweating balms helps in improving the muscle activation and blood flow which proves to be very beneficial in muscle development and growth. 

How does it work?

Sweet sweat improves the blood circulation in the applied area which helps in better supply of oxygenated blood into the area.

It improves thermogenic activity during the workout and increases the ATP production which helps in better workout performance. 

If you experience muscle soreness and fatigue then its time to try out Sweet Sweat which helps in reducing the muscle cramps and soreness.  

Overall, this product has been used by athletes around the world to cut down water weight, faster recovery and helping to prevent injury. 

Check out the video below:

4# Fat burners. 

So we have talked about the weighted vests, slim vests, and thermogenic gels, now its time to talk about some supplements that have been proven to be highly beneficial for cutting down fat and improving the metabolic rate of the body. 

If you have never tried fat burners then its time to try them now. 

Fat burners contain ingredients that will help you stay focused at work and will keep your metabolism elevated which ultimately leads to more calories burning. 

Common ingredients on Fat burners

Most of the fat burners commonly contain: 

Caffeine: Which improves the body’s metabolism and focus. 

Green tea extract: Its rich in polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a compound that can help you burn fat.

Capsaicin: It’s a compound that stimulates the release of adrenaline. Adrenaline speeds up the metabolism and stimulates the body to burn more calories. 

It’s the same compound that makes the chili pepper spicy. 

Garcinia cambogia: Tropical fruit extract that is found to be highly beneficial for fat loss. 

5# Testosterone boosters

Testosterone is a male hormone that is responsible for the overall development of the body.

Low testosterone is one of the big reason of obesity. Obese people are commonly found to have low testosterone levels, that’s why they find it difficult to develop lean muscle. Solution? Supplementing with natural testosterone boosters can stimulate the brain to produce more testosterone.

Packing some lean muscle is the best way to burn calories and you will also feel more energetic and powerful with the use of these simple herbs. 


Talked enough about the performance enhancer products, let’s talk about the exercise patterns that are the best ways to burn calories in a shorter duration of time. 

Supersets: A superset is a form of strength training in which you move quickly from one exercise to another exercise without taking a break for rest in between the two exercises.

Implementing superset in your workout routine is definitely the best way to burn calories while saving a lot of time. 

HIIT workout: Every fitness enthusiasts have heard about the HIIT. It’s a High-Intensity Workout Pattern that helps you burn more fat in much less time. 

HIIT helps in giving you an Afterburn effect, it’s a condition when the metabolic rate of body soars up for a whole day.

HIIT workouts are also proven to be very efficient in boosting the natural testosterone levels which ultimately lead to the development of lean muscle and fat loss.  

These type of exercise pattern can be quite exhausting, we would suggest you consult your gym trainer before you implement supersets in your workout routine.

7# Under desk treadmill or bike

Best way to burn calories is to keep your body moving all day. 

Most of the people are out of shape because they don’t have enough time to workout on a daily basis.

Its the ultimate solution for those who are not getting any time to workout. 

Buying a desk treadmill or bike will allow you to burn calories while working. 

These under desk treadmills and bikes are a great way to escape your sedentary lifestyle and promotes better blood flow. 

Confession: I have compiled this article while walking on my under desk treadmill LifeSpan TR1200-DT3

8# Water and Calorie Burning

70% of our body consists of fluid and water plays a very important role in the functioning of the body. 

Even water requires body energy for the absorption. Start drinking at least 3-4 liters of water a day to burn extra 100-calories. 

Here are some benefits of drinking more water: 

  • It will help you flush out the toxins. 
  • It will help you get rid of that excess water stored in the body which will lead to weight loss. 
  • Water is proven to boost up body’s metabolism which helps in calorie consumption. 
  • Water contains vital minerals that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. 
  • It will help you achieve clear skin.
  • You can get rid of constipation.