Best Punching Bag Workouts – Getting More For Your Time

Trust me, punching bag workouts are a freaking blast especially if you have your own heavy bag at home.

Working out on a heavy bag is far better than running on a treadmill, jumping on the elliptical or lifting weights. I mean come on, that stuff gets so repetitive and there is no excitement to be had.

If you want to prevent yourself from burning out or if you intend to get into the ring for amateur or professional purposes, you cannot afford to ignore punching bag workouts.

You’ll need to practice your striking skills so you can have a chance of dominating your opinion. Just remember that some punching bag workouts are more efficient than others.

In this guide, I will tell you more about some of the best punching bag workouts so you can not only spice your workouts up but also get in to some cardio exercise with cardio boxing workouts.

Best Punching Bag WorkoutsFor Cardio Kickboxing & Beginner Boxers

Remember that there are several reasons to take advantage of punching bag workouts. These workouts will help you break a sweat, burn calories, and improve your health.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to practice your offensive and defensive boxing skills. You should use workouts to practice the different strikes you’ll be able to use against your opponent.

You’ll find more about the punching bag workouts that can help improve your jabs, crosses, and uppercuts below.

But first, you will need to get yourself a punching bag

Which Bag Will I Need To Get Started?

For most beginners and those who are training for cardio kickboxing or simply just wanting to reap the benefits of these heavy bag workouts, and the standing bag will be more than enough.

There are a few different types of standing bags, you want to make sure you get a free-standing bag, and even better if you get one designed for kickboxing to ensure that it will be able to take the abuse and constant fast striking that these types of workouts bring.

The Jab Workout – Best For Beginner Kickboxers

Many are not going to be exciting about practicing their jabs. They mistakenly believe that they should put more emphasis on their power punches.

This couldn’t be further from the truth because the jab is the most important punch in boxing.

By mastering your jab, you’ll be able to control the distance and set your opponent up for devastating blows.

With this in mind, you should try using the jab workout several times each week.

This is an easy workout to figure out. You’ll want to stand in front of the heavy bag in the boxing posture.

Keep your guard up and quickly flick a jab at the bag. When you hit the bag, you should bring your hand back to your face.

When jabbing the bag, you should push your shoulder upward so it will protect your chin when your arm is extended.

Bring your punching hand back quickly so you don’t get counter punched.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you should begin moving around the bag and jabbing. This will help you learn to jab from various angles.

Jab & Cross – Brings an Intense Workout – Good For Intermediate Boxers

As a boxer, you’ll need to learn how to work behind your jab. In most cases, the bag will be the first punch your throw before moving in and landing power punches.

Once you’ve mastered your jab, it is time to begin working on your crosses. Remember that your jab hand will be your non-dominant hand.

If you’re right handed, you’ll jab with your left hand and vice versa. This ensures that you can land power punches with your strongest hand.

To get started, you should stand in front of the bag. While standing in a boxing stance, you should quickly push your jab toward the heavy bag.

Bring it back swiftly before adjusting your stance so you can land a thudding jab.

Remember to turn your hip so you can land with brutal force. However, you shouldn’t throw with all of your might.

Be sure to conserve some power so you don’t get tired too quickly. Practice this boxing technique multiple times so you can be ready to punish your opponent.

Jab& Cross & Jab & Cross – Good for Experienced Level Kickboxers

Once you’ve finished the workouts above, it is time to start developing your combinations. If you work behind your jab and use combinations, your opponent won’t stand a chance.

During this workout, you’re going to land four punches. It will teach you how to throw two punches efficiently and effectively.

Many beginners make the mistake of leaning forward when throwing punches and this is a major problem. It will leave you exposed to uppercuts.

With this in mind, you should practice this as much as possible. While standing in front of the bag, you should jab before throwing a cross.

Don’t wait long before repeating this combination. It is essential to work slowly so you can improve your footwork, stance, and technique.

Remember that you’ll need to bring your foot up when throwing crosses and always keep your hands up.

If you don’t your hands, you’re going to get hit. With practice, you’ll be able to throw multiple punches quickly without leaving yourself exposed.

Hook Workout

It is often best for beginners to focus on one punch at a time. This helps you avoid getting overwhelmed.

If you want to focus on one power punch, it is a good idea to start with your job before moving to your hook.

Learning to use hooks effectively could make a big difference during your sparring sessions. A well-placed hook could easily put your opponent down.

To practice this punch, you need to pivot on your left foot. You should move your body like you’re throwing a cross.

Then, you’ll want to twist your body so you can land with maximum force. Your left arm will cross your body horizontally while you maintain an elevated elbow across your center line.

While throwing hooks, it is vital to keep your other hand up. This will allow you to protect your face from counter punches.

Once you’ve landed your hook, you’ll want to quickly move back to the starting position with both hands up.

Shadow Boxing

Before hitting the heavy bag, you should work on your technique and stance. This is why you’ll want to try shadow boxing.

If you watch any professional boxer, you’ll learn that they shadow box frequently. Even those who’ve mastered the sweet science use this workout because it helps improve their technique.

Shadow boxing is a good way to throw punches and move around. You can use this workout to develop your stance, footwork, and striking technique.

Once you’ve learned how to maintain the right stance, you’ll be ready to hit the heavy bag.

Remember that shadow boxing will help ensure that you’re able to hit your target.

30-Second Blow Out

Now that you’ve learned about the most basic punching bag workouts, it is time to step things up a big. You’ll want to move forward to advanced workouts.

One workout you’ll want to try is the 30-second blow out. This one is tough but it’ll pay dividends in the long run.

This workout will help you improve your strikes, footwork, reflexes, and cardio. In addition to this, you can customize the workout to improve your game as a whole.

Set your timer for 30 seconds and begin throwing combinations. You can throw jabs and hooks or a combination of punches.

Remember to maintain the right posture and continue throwing punches without stopping.

After 30 seconds, you should rest before repeating this workout.

Frenzy Punching Bag Workout

At the end of the day, your cardio needs to be in tiptop shape. With that being said, you should begin using the frenzy punching bag workout to your benefit.

This workout will push you to your limits so you can excel during your next bout. If you manage to master this workout, you likely won’t get tired in the ring.

Stand in front of the heavy bag and begin throwing punches as quickly as you can.

Try to maintain your posture but don’t stop throwing punches. It is best to punch the bag constantly for 30 seconds.

Once your timer goes off, you’ll want to rest for one minute.

Then, you can begin punching the bag again. It is best to leave this workout for last.

It will wear your arms out so you likely won’t be able to do anything else when you’ve finished.

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