5 Best Amino Acid Supplement For Weight Loss

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Modern lifestyle has been ruining our lives, people were never obsessed about weight loss a few decades before. The reason for the sudden spike in the population of obese people is a sedentary lifestyle, bad food habits and lack of physical labor. 

Many people are trying to lose that extra layer of fat but most of them fail to do it. There can be multiple reasons responsible for the failure to lose weight, wrong guidance is one of the main reasons behind it. 

Ahead, this article will be focused on legitimate weight loss supplements and weight loss rules that will help you lose that excess fat. 

Most effective way to lose weight

Instead of working no multiple fat loss tips, many people are soo much interested in some ‘magic’ one step effective way to lose weight. 

A most effective way to lose weight is to maintain a consistent “caloric deficit” (1). 

That means, consume lesser calories than your body’s caloric expenditure. 

Every body’s calorie requirements are different, people with slow metabolism requires much lower calories than someone with a high metabolism. 

The best idea is to visit your local nutritionist, those people have a specialized degree to suggest the best diet for your needs. 

Apart from maintaining a caloric deficit, you can fast track your fat burning process with the help of selective amino acids that are proven to aid in weight loss.  

Best Amino Acid Supplement For Weight Loss

lets talk about some of the proven amino acids that are proven to deliver practical effects on the people. Let’s start our list.


Arazo Nutrition USA

The most effective and all-time favorite supplement for professional athletes. It helps in mobilizing stored fats for energy production. 

Supplement highlights: 

  • 1000 mg of L-Carnitine every serving
  • FDA approved, third-party tested
  • Support kidney function and speed up metabolism
  • Favorite fat cutting supplement
  • Made in the USA

What is L-Carnitine:

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid that has been widely used by bodybuilders to cut down stored fat. 

L-carnitine is commonly known for its ability to produce energy through fat metabolization (5, 6).

Other studies (7) conducted on the effects of 250 milligrams (mg) to 4 grams (g) of L-carnitine on cancer patients gained the following results. 

  • Patients were found to gain better insulin sensitivity. 
  • Improved fertility (in men)
  • Older people were found to have a mild improvement in cognitive function. 

Overall, it’s one of the finest amino acids that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they can be burned for energy.


A standard dosage of L-carnitine is 1000-3000 mg per day, it works best when supplemented just after an intense workout (with some carbs). In my experience, L-carnitine and HIIT workout is the best combination for the accelerated fat loss. 


MuscleTech Glutamine Powder

Muscletech introduced a platinum grade glutamine that is pure and easily absorbed by the body. It will help in preserving muscle mass, improved immunity and gut health.

Supplement Highlights: 

  • The purest form of glutamine for best absorption
  • Non-stimulant formula
  • Supports increased cell volume, protein synthesis
  • Flavorless and dissolves instantly. 
  • Made in USA

What is glutamine?

Glutamine is a conditional amino acid that is found in abundance in the body. It’s categorized into conditional amino acid because the body can produce it on its own but many people might require to supplement it through external sources. 

Glutamine has been known as a building block of protein and helps in the repair and development of muscle tissues. 

Assisting the development and retention of muscle tissues after an intense workout session helps in elevating the metabolic rate and leading to weight loss. 

A study (3) conducted on the weight loss effects of glutamine on volunteers found positive effects. The group of obese females was found to lost more weight in comparison to another group who was not supplemented with glutamine.

Glutamine is also found to be very beneficial for intestinal and gut health (4, 5). The healthy digestive tract is always been linked to healthy weight management and hormonal balance. 


For the best results, you can include 3-4 servings (5 grams each) of the supplement throughout the day.  


NOW Supplements, L-Tyrosine 500 mg, 

This supplement will help in improving focus and energy levels. Improved energy levels will allow you to go the extra mile at the gym, perform those extra reps, run for a longer period of time. 

Supplement Highlights: 

  • 500 mg of L-tyrosine per serving
  • Achieve better mental alertness and focus. 
  • Pharmaceutical grade product.
  • GMP Quality Assured
  • Mace in USA

How does it work?

Tyrosine is a unique amino acid that stimulates brain chemicals for the production of critical hormones that are responsible to reduce stress levels and make you feel more active and alert (7).

Tyrosine improves the production of:

Dopamine: An important brain chemical that regulates the reward and pleasure centers. It improves mood and keeps you motivated (8).  

Adrenaline and noradrenaline: these are the hormones responsible for the fight or flight response of the brain, it helps in taking better decisions.

Thyroid hormones: It’s responsible for regulating different body’s responses like mood, energy generation, and metabolism (9). 

Overall, supplementing with tyrosine will help in keeping you motivates, will improve the metabolic rate and will improve the sleep quality (leads to the production of HGH). 


Common dosage is between 1000-2000 mg, you can consume it at least 30-minutes before your workout session. 

Some people supplement it as a nootropic for improved productivity at the work/office. 


One of the most underrated health supplement, it will help you lose fat while improving the muscle mass. 

L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1 Powder by BulkSupplements

Supplement highlights: 

  • 3000 mg per serving
  • 2:1 ratio of L-citrulline and DL malate
  • Lab Tested

How does it work?

It’s one of the most underrated supplements which has the capability to deliver huge results. 

Citrulline is an amino whose main function is vasodilation, which leads to better blood flow throughout the body. 

Supplementing with citrulline will not just help in achieving enhanced muscle pump, but it will also assist in improving anabolic performance. 

Cyclists were supplemented with citrulline to check the changes in endurance. A study found to have a 12% better performance (10). 

Not just endurance, citrulline has shown positive effects on weight training as well. Study results showed a decrease in fatigue and an increase in the number of repetitions(11, 12). 

Overall, its a wonderful supplement that will improve your aerobic and anaerobic capacity for better performance and greater calorie burning.


Consuming up to 6 grams of citrulline malate is considered safe, but if it’s your first time then start with only 3 grams of serving.  


Scivation Xtend BCAA Powder

We saved the best for the last. Bodybuilder’s all-time favorite supplement that requires no introduction. BCAA has been known for its muscle-building capacity but it has some serious fat loss effects as well. Scivation Xtend is the most popular BCAA supplement in the fitness industry.

Supplement Highlights:

  • 7g of BCAAs – 2: 1: 1 ratio
  • 3.5g of Leucine to power-up protein synthesis
  • 2.5g of l-glutamine to prevent muscle breakdown
  • 1g of Citrulline Malate for improved blood circulation
  • Sugar-Free, no carbohydrates
  • Keto-Friendly

How BCAA helps in fat loss? 

  • BCAAs may help in reducing fatigue while workout which helps in improving the quality and intensity of the workout (12).
  • Supplementing with BCAA may help in decreasing muscle soreness by up to 33%, (13) reduced soreness and fast recovery leads to better regularity at the gym. 
  • Many studies have proven the positive effects of BCAA on muscle mass improvement (14). Development of muscle mass leads to accelerated metabolism and increased calorie burning.  
  • Some studies on elite wrestlers also suggested the direct effect of BCAA on weight loss (15). 


Just like any other protein supplement, the requirement of BCAA depends on your workout intensity and body weight. Adding 2 serving every day may help in getting accelerated visible results. 

Weight loss rules

The best amino acid supplement for weight loss are no magic supplements, you are required to follow some basic weight loss rules to see positive effects on your weight loss. Crucial weight-loss rules that need to be taken care of: 

  • Cutting down calories is the primary part of weight loss journey, no supplement can help you if you in a caloric surplus. 
  • Cutting down carbs can play a big role, most of the people are feeding on carbs all day. Replace your simple carbs with meals high in good fats and protein.   
  • Don’t forget your whey: whey protein doesn’t just help in building muscle but it also helps in curbing hunger. A good whey smoothie with some berries and almond milk can keep you fuller for a long period. 
  • Skip fried food: you must have heard this thousand times before but still binge on those unhealthy fast food? Its time to bring change to your diet pattern. 
  • Check on your testosterone levels: while most of the people are not so concerned about their testosterone levels, they play an important part in calorie burning. Your low testosterone levels might be the reason for fat accumulation. Start lifting heavy at gym and supplementing with natural testosterone boosting herbs may help in muscle building and fat cutting. 

Ending note:

Write to us if you have any further queries about best amino acid supplements for weight loss.

All the suggested supplements are shortlisted on the basis of their performance and user feedback.

Thanks for reading. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always. This site contains affiliate links as well as general health and fitness information. Please read my Medical Disclaimer and Writing Disclaimer for more information.    

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