13 Life-Changing Benefits of Kinobody Diet


With thousands of success stories, the Kinobody fitness programs are one of the most famous transformation programs available in the market. 

Kinobody fitness programs got immediate recognition because of the bizarre YouTube videos filled with the lavish mansion, supercars, beautiful models, and weight lifting.

Actually, the founder of the kinobody fitness program was trying to sell a lifestyle, instead of just a transformation plan. 

The Kinobody YouTube account has more than 500,000+ subscribers, and its website is filled with success stories and impressive before-and-after shots

Kinobody fitness protocol was founded by Greg O’Gallagher, who got the recognition because of his Hollywood physique. If you follow him on Instagram or any other social media, you can find him eating stuff that was considered bad to maintain a lean physique. 

Infusion of intermittent fasting makes this program different from any other fitness program, kinobody diet should be given all credit for its huge success.

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What is a kinobody diet?

Kinobody diet pattern is the primary factor responsible for maintaining a lean body throughout the year. 

What makes a kinobody diet different from others? 

The food we feed to our body determines our body composition, Greg designed kinobody diet to make it effortless to follow. 

I admit, I have tried half a dozen different fitness plans before, but I could not see the change within my body because I failed to follow those strict diet protocols. 

It was always impossible for me to follow 6 meals a day diet pattern, kinobody diet pattern changed the whole idea of dieting. Greg has structured the Kinobody diet is such a way that it became almost effortless to be followed by a normal fitness enthusiast who has a pretty busy schedule.

Principal components of kinobody diet- 

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Counting macros, no more
  • Meals that keeps you full and satisfied

 Intermittent fasting: 

Its the key ingredient behind the success of the kinobody program. Intermittent fasting has been followed in almost every transformation program of kinobody.  

While most of the diet patterns are overcomplicated to be followed by normal people, intermittent fasting has been proven effective in delivering many health benefits. 

Greg himself is a big-time follower of intermittent fasting and he has directed his clients to follow fasting in a move effective and effortless way. 

Kinobody diet program does not promote any specific fasting window, instead, they urge clients to restrain from consuming calories in the first few hours after waking up. 

So basically, you will be expected to skip your breakfast as the first step to progress. Your daily diet routine will look something like this – 

  • Wake up – 7 am
  • Coffee – 9 am (No sugar or cream)
  • Snack (1 apple) – 12 pm (If you can’t control hunger)
  • Big lunch – 1 or 2 pm
  • Snack (1 apple) – 6 pm
  • Big Dinner – 8 pm

Counting macros, no more! 

Ever before trying “kinobody greek god program”, the idea of body transformation without counting macros was impossible for me. 

Kinobody diet will end your obsession with counting macros for weight loss, instead, they will give you the fastest weight loss results without actually counting macros. 

How do that do it? 

You will be given detailed instructions about diet patterns to follow in the initial chapters of course. 

Founder of kinobody diet protocol is a firm believer of eating two big meals, instead of eating 5-6 meals a day. 

Eating two Big and Balanced meals are found to be more effective in curbing hunger and cravings. 

You will not be restricted from eating carbohydrates or fats, thus your body will not experience any backslash. 

Meals that keeps you full and satisfied

It’s not just the eating pattern that does wonders for the fat loss, the meal options suggested within the kinobody diet program also holds strategic importance. 

Kinobody diet advises you to avoid plenty of processed food, pasta, rice and cereals and foods that don’t do much to satisfy you.

The key to effortless fat loss is to really focus on eating foods that keep you full and satisfied!

Enough talked about the basic ingredients of the kinobody diet. Let’s move ahead to discuss the benefits. 

This is how I looked before the Kinobody Greek God Physique Program.

Before trying kinobody diet

8 Weeks after following the Kinobody Diet pattern.

2 months after kinobody program

Whether the changes are good enough? I will leave that decision up to you.

Benefits of kinobody diet

Before writing this article, I have tried kinobody diet for two months, it has left a great impact on my body and the way I looked at personal fitness. 

You can also read my article where I shared my detailed review of the Kinobody Greek God Program. Let’s start with the benefits I received: 


I have tried different diet and fitness plans before, most of them were too complicated to follow. 

I am someone with a full-time job and have family waiting for me at home. I am just a normal person who doesn’t have the luxury to invest a lot of time in meal preparation and daily workouts. 

Being effortless is the biggest benefit of a kinobody diet. You are not required to prepare multiple meals or spend daily 90 minutes at the gym. 

It’s a diet pattern that could be followed for the rest of life without any issue. 

Satisfying meals

The biggest reason I failed with other diet programs because of the meal positions, they all were advocating 5-6 small meals. Those meals were too small to keep me satisfied. Resulting? Feeling hungry and starved all the time. 

Kinobody diet recommends 2 big meals supplemented with small snacking sessions as well. 

Those two big meals were helpful to keep me fuller and more satisfied for a longer period of time. 

Time saver

All credit goes to the fasting period. 

I no longer need to worry about the breakfasts, I no longer need to prepare multiple meals for the whole day. 

It was far easier for me to have the first meal at 2-3 pm and dinner at 8 pm. 

Improved Growth hormones

Yes, that’s right. Fasting for longer than 12-hours helps in the release of growth hormones that helps in preserving muscle mass and accelerating the process of fat loss. 

One study (1) found that 3 days into a fast, HGH (human growth hormone) levels boosted by over 300%. After 1 week of fasting, volunteers were found to have a massive increase in GH by 1,250%. 

Kinobody diet regulated the growth hormone production is two different ways, first (3) it helps in dropping fat % which is proven to improve testosterone levels, second, a fasting period also boost the GH levels. 

Low carb diet also has a negative impact on testosterone levels, study (2) conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA found the drop in gonadotropin-releasing hormone while on the low carb diet. 

Accelerated fat burning

Fasting in the morning session is the foundation of the kinobody diet. When you skip the morning breakfast, you actually force the body to utilize stored fats as a source of energy. 

Some people argue, what if the body takes its energy from breaking down muscle tissues? Fasting also stimulates the production of growth hormones that actually helps in preserving muscle mass and helps burning fats as fuel. 

No limitations

The main reason people put on body weight after finishing a fat loss diet is that they get back to their previous eating habits. 

Kinobody diet is not a diet pattern with restriction, it’s a lifestyle that can be followed for a lifetime.  

It’s a lifestyle where you are required to fast for a few hours in the morning and then eat big and balanced meals.

Kino diet does not restrict you from consuming a particular food, you are allowed to include fats and carbs in your diet, which makes it more sustainable for a longer period.  

You are even allowed to consume a full chocolate bar at the end of the day to satisfy a sweet tooth.  


One of the biggest drawbacks of other fat cutting diets is the level of psychological and physical stress they put you through. Anyone who has gone through the low carb and low-fat diet will understand the feeling. 

Low-carb diets stress people to either eat protein or veggies, that kind of food literally puts me in a state of depression. 

Kinodoby diet allowed me to eat almost anything in my feeding window which kept me full for a longer period of time. Adding a moderate amount of carbs and fats in diet saves from unnecessary hunger and cravings. 


It’s so obvious, kinobody diet pattern saved me from eating multiple times in the day. 

Additionally, Greg doesn’t ask to add an extensive amount of supplementation in the diet which definitely saved me hundreds of bucks. 

Stay lean forever

Kinobody diet has changed my life forever, not because it helped me lose pounds, but because it gave me a diet pattern that can be followed for a lifetime. 

Kinobody diet is a continuous approach to personal fitness that not only gives wonderful results but also proves to be a viable blueprint to stay lean. 

Improved heart health

Fasting is proven helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. According to a three-week-long study conducted with obese people, alternate-day fasting may help LDL cholesterol.  

Researchers also noted that fasting also reduced the presence of triglycerides, which type of fat responsible for stroke, heart attack, or heart disease. 

Reduce brain fog

Who else experiences the brain fog? I used to experience it almost every other day. 

Brain fog happens because of stress, hormonal imbalance, blood pressure, weak immune system, bad diet, etc. 

Kinobody diet pattern targets all the common reasons that cause brain fog. 

While in the state of fasting, your body also releases ketones that act as a source of fuel to the brain and helps in improving cognitive functioning and alertness. 

Insulin resistance: 

Insulin resistance later leads to diabetes. I was on the verge of diabetes because of wrong eating habits.

The idea of restricting calories through fasting is proven to help with insulin resistance, according to a study by Martin M. Grajower and Benjamin D. Horne. Fasting encourages insulin levels to drop, which may play a role in reducing the risk for type 2 diabetes. 

Checkout that the founder of kinobody diet Eat in a Day


Kinobody has already improved the eating pattern of thousands of people and one should definitely try it if you are willing to improve the quality of your life in a smooth and most sustainable way.

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