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26 Empowering Benefits of Having Six Pack Abs.

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In a world full of averages, Be an Outstanding. 

This article is for all those who really questions the benefits of having six pack abs. 

I have seen many people around who say “I don’t need abs to attract women” or “I am married now, don’t need abs” or “I am too old to have abs”.  Additionally, there is a group of people who are promoting obesity in the name of “body positivity”. 

I was an Endomorph, it’s a body type that gains weight real quick but takes a lot of time in shredding down weight. For 22 years of my life, I lived with more than 25% of body fat composition. Until one day, when I decided to reduce my body fat close to 10%. 

Cutting down fat or having well-defined abs is not a bro-science, it took me more than two years to achieve that fitness goal. But all the hard work was worth every penny, having a well defined 6 pack abs changed my life in many different ways and today I want to share 26 positive benefits of having six-pack abs. 

The fact is, having six-pack abs is less about how many crunches you do on a daily basis and its more about your overall body’s fat percentage, to get those visible abs you don’t just need to train them but also require to keep an eye on the food you eat. Let’s start with the benefits.

Benefits of six-pack abs

Six-pack abs have always been related to a healthy body because of the benefits it delivers. There are three types of benefits

  • Psychological benefits: Perks that can help in changing people’s perspective towards you. 
  • Professional benefits: These are responsible for doing well in your career. 
  • Personal benefits: These are the benefits that determine your personal physical and mental health. 
benefits of having six pack abs

1# Increased Overall Health

Global Weight Loss and Weight Management Market is accounted for $168.95 billion in 2016 and predicted to reach $278.95 billion by 2023 (1) with a CAGR of 7.4%.

It’s clear, obesity is an epidemic that is a root cause of multiple health issues. 

The process of getting visible abs required to you maintaining low body fat percentage which is directly correlated to the healthier heart.  

Improved heart health will improve the overall cardiovascular system, blood pressure, and overall performance. 

2# Elevated confidence levels

Look yourself naked into the mirror, do you feel ashamed? That dad’s bod is the gravest thing that is affecting your self-confidence levels. 

Confidence breeds success. Winners are not the most talented people in the room, but they are confident enough to get their things done in the best way possible. 

Good things start happening to life when you feel confident and happy. 

Looking good and presentable has a great psychological impact on productivity. 

3# Skyrocketed Perceived Attractiveness

Do me a favor and Google “top 100 sexy celebrities in the world,” believe me, the most common trait that defines sexiness is well carved six or eight pack abs. 

No matter how much you try to ignore it, chiseled abs do help in improving the overall attractiveness of a person. This is applicable to both men and women. 

Women loving “men with belly fat” is the dumbest idea prevailing in the market. Women love those guys because of their caring nature, intelligence, and other behavioral traits. Yeah, some women do feel insecure to date a man with six-pack abs. 

4# Enhanced Speed & Agility

Six pack abs are not only for the good looks. They act wonders to produce better agility, speed, and performance. 

Your belly fat is directly correlated with speed and performance. Not sure how? Grab a 10 lbs weighted vest and go for a 5K run, it will be hard to do right? The same happens with the belly fat, it makes you slow. 

A strong core is a powerhouse that improves the body’s natural balance and stabilization which helps in generating better speed and agility.

Whether you are looking to improve your functional performance or running speed, a well-defined core plays an important role in delivering power-packed performance.  

5# Increased Testosterone

This is FitnessVolt personal favorite. Six pack abs and low body fat will help boost testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a male hormone that plays a key role in many vital functions. Higher body fat percentage is linked with higher estrogen levels and low testosterone levels [1, 2]. 

A 2008 study found, “Genes that control the percentage of body fat are also responsible for circulating levels of testosterone in men”. This means lower body fat helps to increase testosterone levels. 

There are some people saying “Low fat percent leads to a reduction in testosterone levels”, that happens when you go below 6% of body fat. Lower than 6% of body fat is achieved by extreme bodybuilders only. 

6# Improved facial looks

Have you seen a model with a double chin?

Of course not, because they get paid to stay under 6-12% of body fat. You might not be a model, but should this be an excuse for not looking presentable and attractive? 

I see people investing in products on amazon to improve their jawline definition. 

There is no “spot-fixing” when it comes to fat loss, you can get visible 6-pack abs only when you are under 10% total body fat. 

Shredding the excess fat and getting six-pack abs will help you get that pronounced jawline and eliminate excess puffiness from cheekbones without investing in any idiotic product-. 

7# Discipline & Focus

The problem with the majority of the population is, they don’t want to get out of their comfort zone. 

The day you achieve those six-pack abs is the day you will start to respect people who have them. Developing a six-pack abdominal will demands a 24*7 discipline that is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Getting and maintaining six-pack abs will not just improve your social attractiveness but will also help you achieve the discipline level that you have been craving to improve the quality of life.  

Additionally, you perceive capable of achieving anything in life. 

8# You Never Feel Ashamed To Take Off Your T-shirt

Taking off those shirts in front of people is not an embarrassment anymore, instead, it will make you feel proud. 

Whether you are heading to the beach or a pool party, six-pack will not just help you get a girl but will elevate the level of comfort. 

9# Halo effect for professional success

Are you aware of the Halo effect? 

The halo effect was named by psychologist Edward Thorndike. Halo effect is the tendency for positive impressions of a person, company, brand or product in one area to positively influence one’s opinion

People have a subconscious tendency to communicate with people differently on the basis of their appearance. 

Well carved ab makes you look better by providing better jawline, posture and masculine look which has a positive impact on how people treat you. 

Whether you are a marketing guy or a customer support team member or human relationship manager, looking more attractive can always relate to better productivity and performance.

10# Improved muscle definition

Pursuing defined abs will help in achieving a better muscular definition as well. 

Do you know why most of the celebrities look so lean and big on the screen? Because of their low bodyfat percentage. 

If you are looking to get better muscle definition the first thing you should be concentrating on is “lowering down your fat percentage”

Most of the people have big muscle mass underneath that layer of fat. Dropping a few pounds of fat and water weight will give your body a better proportion to get that chiseled look.  

11# Clothes fit better 

I see people investing tons of money in branded shirts and blazers to have a superior fitting. 

The fact is, low abdominal fat will instantly give you a far more superior look. 

This is my personal experience guys, I never prefer to invest in expensive wardrobe, instead, I try to maintain a body shape that can make that cheap shirt look expensive. 

12# People won’t look at you the same way

Development of visible 6 pack abs is not just confined to attracting the hottest women, it changes people’s perspective towards you. 

For many, you are going to be an inspiration to achieve their dream physique. 

For others, you will be an example of what a constant dedication can do to the body.   

13# Money saver

Most of the people are spending tons of money on junk food and weekly parties. 

The process of achieving and maintaining a six-pack requires high level of self-discipline and eliminates any expenditure on unnecessary junk food that you eat in cafeterias and burger joints. 

Overall, a good fat loss routine will make you aware of the amount of money you were spending on junk that is making you sick. 

couple with defined abs

14# Better health now

Most of us are tired of getting the same advice from doctor again and again, the advice is “drop few pounds of weight”. 

Most of the people are suffering from lifestyle diseases that are directly and indirectly correlated with excess obesity. 

The process of getting visible abs will require extensive progression on daily workout and a healthy diet.  

Lean body will improve your endurance and speed by improving overall health. 

15# Better health later

The day you plant a seed is not the day you eat the fruit. 

Excess of stored fat might not be an issue for now, but I will surely be an issue in upcoming years.

By cutting fat, you may be able to eliminate health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, joint pain, a variety of cancers, high blood pressure and dementia.

Maintaining a lean body physique is the key to a healthier life. 

16# Sense of accomplishment

Six pack abs definitely give you a sense of accomplishment, its a proud feeling that can motivate you to accomplish anything in life. 

Sometimes, when we are just disappointed by life, a feeling of accomplishment is something that can help you keep going without giving up. 

Sense of accomplishment feels like making a positive step towards the better version of yourself, your family, friends, your clients, and your co-workers.

17# Improved libido

Having a low-fat percentage is directly related to higher testosterone levels that will not just improve muscle development but also improves the libido.

Sexy abs will also make you look more confident which helps in improving sex drives. 

Lower abdominal fat is also related to better erection because of the improved supply of blood flow towards genitals. 

18# Better Functional movements

Functional movements are movements based on real-world situational biomechanics. 

A strong core plays a very crucial role in upper body stabilization which improves the body’s ability to perform functional movements with ease. 

Whether you talk about lifting anything from the ground, jump squats, planks, push movements, pulling movements, etc. A strong core will help in the generation of improved strength while practicing functional exercises. 

19# Healthier back

A large percentage of the population is suffering from back issues.

A good abs workout helps in strengthening the core to allow support to the spine. 

Core strengthening exercise also helps in improving pasture and rectifies muscle imbalance to further prevent back pain and injuries. 

20# Balance and stability 

Your core stabilizes your upper body to maintain balance and stability, It also support the body to move freely in any direction. 

Working on the development of six-pack abs will help in strengthening the core foundation of your body. 

21# Good posture. 

Bad posture is getting more common because of a sedentary lifestyle and long hours of desk jobs. 

I guarantee you will never see a guy with slouched back and sculpted core altogether. A strong core supports your spine to maintain a neutral stance and posture. 

Additionally, it also reduces the wear and tear on the spine and allows you to breathe deeply. 

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22# Strong Core Muscles Decrease the Risk of Injury

A strong core workout routine not only prevents back pain but also helps in preventing a wide variety of injuries. 

Gymnasts are perceived to have the extraordinary core strength because they are more prone to get injured, strong core works as a cushion to absorb sudden jerks while practicing. 

Strong core plays an important role in preventing gym injuries as well, it helps in supporting your body while heavy compound movements like deadlifts, squats and bench presses.  

23# You’ll Be a Better Runner

We talked about the analogy of running with a weighted vest, dropping pounds of belly fat will surely help in improved running experience. 

A strong core is a powerhouse that improves the running performance as well, your core assists your quads, hamstrings, and calves to generate more energy. That’s the reason, 100m sprinters develop ripped abs. 

You should start working on your core strength even if you are planning to run your first marathon, anytime soon.

24# You’ll Improve Digestion

So we talked about the improves physical performance, now let’s talk about the improved internal mechanisms.

Gaining strength and flexibility along the pelvic region will help in cleansing and improved metabolism. 

Core strengthening also helps in improved defecation.

25# Impress people in a social situation

Doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not, good looks play a very important role in “the first impression”. 

Whether you are meeting your girlfriend’s family for the first time or preparing for an important interview, a beautiful body can not be neglected. 

It’s an era of social media where anyone with well-defined six-pack abs can be a famous influencer.  An attractive physical appearance enhances personality. It is an added advantage.

26# Better sex

Saved the best for the last. 

Yes, your six-pack abs can help you achieve the best sex of your life. How do abs improve your sex life? Here is the answer. 

  • Abs will make you look good naked that has a positive impact on confidence levels. 
  • Lower abdominal fat helps in improved blood flow. 
  • The lower fat percentage also boosts up the testosterone levels which surely assist in enhanced intimacy. 
  • You won’t really see a single man with beautiful abs. If he says he is single, he is probably lying.   
  • Most of the sex position requires core strength. A stronger core might make more positions available to you and your partner. 

Six pack Abs FAQ

are six pack abs genetic?

Genetics plays a very important role in your overall body composition, but that should not stop you from working for it.
Developing of visible six pack abs might be easier for your cousin or colleague because of their genetics but you can gain it too with little extra work.

how have six pack abs?

Maintaining a constant caloric deficit is the easiest and most practical solution to shred extra fat and develop visible abs. Don’t forget to train those abs at least 2-times a week just like any other muscle group.

can i get six pack abs at home?

Absolutely! developing visible abs does not require you to invest in expensive gym memberships. here are the steps to get six pack abs at home:
– Find your basal metabolic rate and the amount of calories you are burning on daily basis.
– Start tracking your calories.
– Consume 200 lesser calories than you burn.
– Train those abs for 20-minutes for 3 times a week.

can i get six pack abs in a month?

That certainly depends on your body’s fat percentage.
Its hard to get visible abs in just 30 days if your fat percentage is above 15%.


Discussed enough about the benefits of well-defined six-pack abs, now it’s time to plan ahead to make those abs a reality. 

Thanks for reading. Questions welcomed in the comments as always. 

This site contains affiliate links as well as general health and fitness information. Please read my Medical Disclaimer and Writing Disclaimer for more information.    

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