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9 Basic Yoga Poses And Their Benefits.



Yoga can overall help you give peace to your mind as it increases the blood flow to your brains and to every part of your body. You don’t really need any equipments or anything. You just have to remain really calm and silent and make sure you are doing your asanas right.

Here are 9 types of yoga poses and their benefits for you:

1) Forward Fold

Sanskrit Name- Uttanasana

Benefits: It calms your brain down and relieves the stress and the mild depression. Helps you stimulate your liver and kidneys. It also stretches the hamstrings, calves and hips. It also improves your digestion and reduces the fatigue and anxiety. It can also lower your blood pressure over time.

2) Downward Facing Dog

Sanskrit Name – Adho Mukha Savasana

Benefits: This Pose will improve your digestion. Relieves the headache, insomnia, back pain and fatigue you’ve been having since a while. Helps you strengthens your arms and legs. It also energizes your body. Also it is very useful for people who suffer from asthma and sinusitis.

3) Corpse Pose 

Sanskrit Name – Savasana

Benefits: This asana helps you cool down and relaxes your body. It will calm your brain and helps you relieve stress and mild depression. It also reduces fatigue, headache and insomnia. Not only this but it also helps you lower your blood pressure. It is very easy and can be done easily. You just need to make sure that you are doing it right.

4) Bound Angle

Sanskrit Name – Baaddha Konasana

Benefits: This asana will stimulate your heart and improve general circulation. It stretches the inner thighs, groins and knees. It says that it can destroy diseases and gets you rid of fatigue. It can make your heart circulation better and thus give you a much calm environment if done properly.

5) Eagle Pose 

Sanskrit Name –Garudasana

Benefits: This asana is very beneficial. It strengthens and stretches your ankles and calves. It as well stretches your thighs, hips, shoulders and upper back. It can improve concentration and improves sense of balance.


6) Lord of the Dance Pose

Sanskrit Name – Natarajasana

Benefits: This asana will improve your balance. It helps you stretch your shoulders and your chest. It as well stretches your thighs, groins and your abdomen. It as well strengthens the legs and ankles.

7) Full Boat Pose

Sanskrit Name – Paripurna Navasana

Benefits: It strengthens your abdomen, hip and your spine. It also stimulates your kidneys, thyroid and prostate glands. It is of great help to our intestines too. It also helps you relieve stress and improves digestion.

8) Bridge Pose

Sanskrit Name –Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

Benefits: It stretches our chest, neck and spine. Calms our brain and helps us relieve stress and mild depression. Improves digestion and rejuvenates tired legs. It also reduces anxiety, fatigue, backache, headache, and insomnia. It as well rejuvenates tired legs.

9) Lotus Pose

Sanskrit Name – Padmasana

Benefits: It will calm your brain and all the thoughts going on inside it. It will stretch the ankles and knees. It stimulates your pelvis, bladder, abdomen and spine.

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