'); Arm Blaster vs Preacher Curl- For Max Bicep Peak.

Arm Blaster vs Preacher Curl- For Max Bicep Peak.

arm blaster ve preacher curl


For most of the lifters, arms training has always been a favorite routine, and guys are constantly searching for the best methods to develop a cannonball bicep peak. 

Arm blaster and preacher curl work almost the same way, they both are designed to lock the elbow in the forward position and enhances bicep isolation (by preventing cheating). 

We have been constantly getting queries about the best exercise for maximum bicep peak, and several lifters are confused between choosing arm blaster or preacher curl. 

Let’s have a look at the difference between preacher curl and arm blaster. 

Basics About Arm Blaster 

arm blaster ve preacher curl

Arm blaster has been a part of the arms training routine for more than fifty years now. Arm blasters were more famous in the old school days of bodybuilding, you can still find the pictures of legendary bodybuilders performing curls with the arm blasters. Several bodybuilders can still be found training with arm blaster. 

While some lifters consider arm blasters an overrated workout tool, others consider it an absolute tool for cannonball bicep development. We are going to talk about the pros and cons ahead in this article. 

Basics About Preacher Curl Station

arm blaster ve preacher curl

Preacher curl station needs no introduction, all the modern commercial gyms has got this piece of equipment.

You can use dumbbells, barbells and even EZ curl bars to isolate your biceps as well as specifically target your brachialis muscle, which can sometimes be a difficult feat.

Arm blaster vs preacher curl

1- Visible difference:

Both the equipment are enormously different in terms of visible differences. 

Arm blaster is a simple piece of a curved metal plate attached with straps. You can also call is a minimalistic tool to train the arms. 

The preacher curl is definitely the most common machine found in almost every commercial gym. Preacher curl can be found in two varieties: free weight and the weight stack. 

Preacher curl station mainly contains a barbel holder and padded armrest that locks the elbow at a certain angle and prevent cheated reps.  

2- Comfort:

A preacher curl station is a far more comfortable way to do the concentration curl without involving other stabilizer muscles. A lifter is allowed to adjust the angle and hight of Arm Rest which makes the preacher curl quite convenient for lifter of every size. 

Training with arm blaster feels awkward in the beginning as it puts the arm in an unnatural position which makes the lifters uncomfortable. Additionally, many lifters complain about the stress on the back, rib cage, and elbows. The stress on the back and rib cage is normally felt by lifter who does not have a habit to keep their core tight while workout and lifters who try to train with usual weight. in order to allow the body to adapt, you are expected to allow some time to the new training equipment. 

3- Effectiveness:

Both the training tool has been proven very effective if done correctly, but the probability of doing it correctly may vary. Both the tool has its own limitation and benefits, preacher curls station are too comfortable to train with, which actually lead lifter to make mistakes. 

The most comfortable option is not always the best approach to grow and strengthen. Some of the mistakes lifters make with preacher curl are: 

  • Ego lifting: I see many lifters still trying to use their whole body to do the preacher curl. A preacher curl station was developed to stop the lifter from ego lifting but most of the lifters are still doing the ego lifting. Instead of paying emphasis on the proper contraction lifters are trying too hard to curl with tons of weight. 
  • Range of motion: Because of trying to lift heavy weight with preacher curl, the lifter often compensates with the range of motion. 

I personally found arm blaster to be more effective, it required different levels of expertise in the beginning but eventually lead to a more effective workout session. 

4- Expertise: 

Preacher curls are for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a pro bodybuilder, preacher curl has been loved by everyone. 

Arm blaster will require some level of expertise and body control before you start to experience results. Beginner level lifters are not quite comfortable in training with arm blasters. 

5- Portability & Weight capacity:

Obviously, preacher curl stations are not portable. Preacher curl stations are high quality and built to last long, most of them support more weight than your lifting capacity. 

Arm blaster is a highly portable piece of workout equipment that can be easily carried in a gym bag. 

So whether you want to workout at a garage gym or commercial gym, you can always carry away your personal arm blaster. Arm blaster has its limits, you can not expect it to withstand 200 lbs of bicep curl (which is practically impossible too).

6- What’s best for the garage gym?

Preacher curls stations are built to last very long but they are not suitable for garage gym because of the space they occupy. If you want to preacher curl at garage gym then I would suggest you buy at power rack and get a preacher curl rack-mount as an added accessory. 

On the other hand, arm blasters are very affordable and consume no space. Additionally, you can use the arm blasters with dumbbells, barbells, or even resistance bands. You can get an arm blaster under the price of $50 USD. 


Arm blaster vs preacher curl, whats better? Arm blaster is an inexpensive piece of equipment that is easy to carry and it works really well to get the best arm development. Preacher curl stations are bulky but are more suitable for the beginner or intermediate level lifters, many people found preacher curls more comfortable to train with but arm blaster felt little better when it comes to efficiency, muscle isolation, and pump. 

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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