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Arm Blaster Benefits – Is It Really Worth investment?

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Arm blaster is one of the few old school training equipment that has been used by new generation bodybuilders too. Since the old school training days, this tool has been widely used by bodybuilders to lock the elbow forward for maximum muscle contraction. 

Who is the first person that comes to mind whenever you think about the arm blaster? For me, Its Arnold Schwarzenegger.  

Arnold has been a big believer in the effectiveness of arm blaster and he is the one who brought this decent arm training tool into the limelight.  

How does arm blaster works? 

Arm blaster is a simple piece of a curved metal plate which is usually about 20” long and 5” wide. Arm blasters were originally designed to lock the arms in the forward position to prevent cheat reps.  

Arm blaster is a simple arm training tool that helps to gain maximum bicep peak by transforming a simple bicep curl into a more efficient bicep isolation workout.

Although I don’t really suggest the lifters to rely only on the arm blasters for the bicep isolation, there are a lot many ways through which you can isolate different bicep peaks. 

Arm Blaster Advantages

1- Prevents cheating 

Curls, Curls & Curls are the best recipe to develop massive arms, still, the majority of the guys are struggling to develop bigger and stronger arms. What is the number of reasons behind undeveloped arms? It’s because of cheat curls (using the momentum to lift weight), which prevents bicep isolation. 

The main purpose of the development of arm blaster it to lock the elbow at a fixed position to get better isolation and concentration.  

Additionally, it also prevents ego-lifting while training arms. Arm blaster won’t allow you to swing which will ultimately lead to curling with the weight that your biceps are truly capable of.   

2- Range of motion

Most of the lifters are soo much concerned about lifting weight up that they totally forget to pay emphasis on the optimum range of motion. 

Keeping the elbow forwards allows better room to extend your arms for a greater range of motion. 

A better range of motion will also promote a crazy pump like never before. 

3- Mind muscle connection

Arm blaster will prevent the ego lifting and cheat reps which allows the lifters to establish a better mind-muscle connection. You will be able to feel your bicep like never before.  

Additionally, gaining a better mind-muscle connection not only improves the concentric part of muscle contraction but will make you more aware of the eccentric part (negatives). 

4- Perfect for garage gym

Are you someone who loves to train at home/ garage? It’s a perfect tool for you. 

Most of the garage gyms do not have preacher curl stations (because of space requirements and the expensive price tag). Having an arm blaster for arms workout will help you isolate those biceps which is quite difficult to do at garage gym.  

5- Core activation

It’s something that no one is talking about but I felt my core activated every time I do the bicep curls with arm blasters. 

Your elbows push the arm blaster against the torso to lift the weight while curling, this requires the lifter to keep the core tight and maintain a straight spine throughout the training session. 

Arm Blasters Drawbacks

If it worked for Arnold then it should work for you as well? Not necessary. Pro-level bodybuilders have a god-level mind & muscle connection that helps them to subside the drawbacks. Let’s talk about some of the drawbacks of arm blasters. 

1- Uncomfortable in the beginning

In the beginning, your back, torso, shoulders, arms are not going to feel good but it will surely prove to be the favorite bicep training tool. 

When I first trained with arm blaster, I felt uncomfortable and a waste of effort because of my wrong approach. Arm blasters seemed like a marketing gimmick to me until I learned how to use it properly. 

At first, arm blasters are going to feel uncomfortable because your arms are not familiar with the new style of training. For others, arm blasters feel uncomfortable because they are positioning it wrong. Arm blaster should be positioned below your chest or around your mid abs. 

Another reason what makes them uncomfortable is the amount of weight you lift is substantially low in comparison to normal barbell curl

To all the bros who felt that arm blaster is uncomfortable to train with, I suggest you go lightweight and high reps for a few sessions before you start lifting heavy. 

2- Alternatives are available:

Preacher curl and incline dumbbell curls are great alternatives to arm blaster. 

Preacher curl machines are quite common in almost every gym and some of the lifters might be more comfortable with preacher curl machines instead of using arm blaster.  


Is arm blaster worth the investment? In the beginning, arm blaster might feel uncomfortable but after a while, it will be worth every penny. An arm blaster will help you train your arms like never before, you should be able to feel a better mind-muscle connection, range of motion, and superior muscle pump. Additionally, arm blasters are quite an inexpensive tool that is versatile enough to be used with dumbbell, barbell, or cable-based machines. 

Hey guys thanks for reading, let us know your thoughts on the article. Questions are welcomed in the comments as always.

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