'); Angles90 vs Rings, what’s best for a fitness geek?

Angles90 vs Rings, what’s best for a fitness geek?

angles90 vs gymnast rings


Gymnast rings have been around for quite a few decades and have their involvement in the Olympic games too, but in recent days, gymnast rings are getting more common in garage gyms because of their versatility and ability to train every body part from different angles. 

Angles90 grips are quite new in the fitness market and got their first batch manufactured in early 2018. Angles90 grips were first designed & developed to provide a joint-friendly training tool but it quickly evolved into a leading fitness tool that can be used for different training patterns for strength development and muscle growth. In just two years, angles90 has gained 40,000 customers who are swearing by its utility (I am one of them). 

I am not a professional gymnast, I am just a lifelong health and fitness fanatic with years of experience in bodybuilding and coaching others to reach their desired body goals. This comparison of angles90 grips vs Gymnastic rings will be for the people who are looking to buy an all-in-one fitness tool, not to promote professional gymnasts to switch to Angles90. 

Before we start ahead with the differences its important to note that its not a sponsored article and we are not getting paid to write in anyone’s favor. This is a completely unbiased article that we are writing for our readers. 

angles90 vs Gymnast rings

In this article, we are considering the angles90+sling trainer, since the comparison of only angles90 handles will be incomparable with Rings with a suspension trainer.   

1- Design


The most noticeable difference is the design of both tools. 

Gymnast Rings consists of two small wooden circles that are attached to the straps with anchor support. They were invented in the early 19th century by the German Friedrich Jahn, known as the father of gymnastics. Since then, nothing much changed in the design of Rings. 

On the other hand, Angles90 offers a modern ergonomic design to allow a better grip and maximum comfort. Angles90 offers non-slippery ergonomic handles that fit into the palm very comfortably without risking the wrist for injury. 

One of the best design features of the angles90 handle is the finger cavity that allows a very comfortable grip by allowing your middle finger to sit properly in the design. 

2- Grip variations

You get a hell lot of gripping variations with the Angles90, you get to option to switch between Ergo grip, Power grip and Power plus grip. 

As you can see it offers a wide range of grip options to choose from. 

  • Power Grip: Power grip should be used for the heavy lifts like deadlifts, Rack-pulls, Shrugs, etc.
  • Ergo Grip: Ergo grip is best suited for the muscle isolation and best suited for the Pull-ups, Lat-pull down, Seated rowing, overhead tricep extension, etc.
  • Power Plus Grip: Power plus grips should be used with the sling trainer for the Dips, Pushups, etc.
  • Shortened Power/Egro Grip: You can adjust the length of straps to experience a greater range of motion.

I personally prefer ergo grips for most of my muscle isolation workouts. 

Although you can grab the Gymnast rings from a different position like neutral grip, false grip, and above the ring grip. But with all the different grips, you need to make the adjustments with grip position, not the ring. Gripping a ring is way more difficult because of the lack of ergonomic design.  

The rounded grip of rings is difficult to grip, apart from providing an unnatural grip it also doesn’t support much if you have sweaty hands. 

3- Versatility

Frankly speaking, angles90 grips are not for gymnastics it’s designed to be a multifunctional training tool that can improve the quality of workout by better muscle activation and reducing the joint discomfort.

Whether you like to workout at garage gym, fitness parks, outdoors, or at the gym, these simple grips are going to supplement your workout with greater efficiency. 

Gymnast rings on the other hand are versatile too but not as much as angles90 grips, Rings require proper installation and stable anchor points that make them less versatile in comparison to angles90. 

Additionally, Rings can be used for a limited number of exercises like dips, pushups, pullups, and muscle-ups. Although professional gymnasts can do a wide range of stability workouts but those workouts are just too tough for normal fitness enthusiasts. 

Angles90 Grips on the other hand can be used in different ways, you can use them for sling trainer or resistance bands or just the grips alone. The versatility of angles90 grips makes them compatible with different machines and different training patterns. You can use these angles90 grips for your pullup, bicep curls with resistance bands, Kettlebell swings, farmers walks, or with gym machines.  


4- Difficulty:

Training with the gymnast rings is not everyone’s cup of tea, you might require months of constant practice and dedication to master the basic moves.  If you have never been into calisthenics then investing in gymnast rings for a home workout might be a wrong decision. Training with rings will require a high level of strength and stability. Additionally, Gymnast rings usually have high chances of injuries

Angles90, on the other hand, can be used with a wide variety of exercises, if pullups or dips are too difficult for you then you can use these grips with resistance bands or machines to develop the basic strength before you progress to challenging variations. Additionally, the ergonomic design of angles90 always made it easy to grip while pullups, pushups, dips, or muscle-ups. 

5- Price: 

The price of gymnastic rings will cost you around $40-$50 USD and A bundle of angles90 (which includes a set of grips, sling trainers, and resistance bands) will cost about $85 USD. 

If you want to purchase the grips alone then you can get it at a price of $45 USD. 

From my point of view, rings should be left for the professionals, I will choose a tool that is easy on my joints and less stressful on my body. I would certainly invest a few bucks more for a bundle of angles90. 


Angles90 vs Rings, in short: Rings are good and have proven their track-record over the period of time but Angles90 offers an innovative design that offers far more versatility than the gymnastic ring. Angles90 is a revolutionary tool that can help you ripe the benefit of gymnast ring while eliminating some of its drawbacks, additionally, angles90 is a lot more versatile solution since they can be used for gym workouts too.

If you are a gymnast or interested in gymnastics then you should certainly choose gymnastics rings but if you are over 30 years old or someone who is looking for workout tools to improve fitness levels without stressing joints then angles90 grips should be the only choice.  

Hey guys thanks for reading. We worked really hard to compile this article, your feedback will be highly appreciated.

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