Amazing Burpee Workout

Amazing Burpee Workout for Muscle Growth & Fat loss

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What is burpee?

Burpee is an amazing intense fat burning workout which works in a multidimensional way to get rid of stubborn fat, build lean muscle and whole body conditioning.

Burpee is one of the best multi-joint body weight exercise which require no more than 15 minutes to make your lungs and heart crave for mercy.

Basically, burpee involves 5-steps to complete a single repetition

  1. Squat position
  2. Squat thrust
  3. Push-up (optional)
  4. Frog jump
  5. Jump squat

Check the video below for better understanding.

Where burpee came from?

Burpee was originated in late 1930’s and this exercise is named after the American physiologist Royal H Burpee, who developed this exercise format.

Burpee was developed to check the mental and physical endurance of candidate, and US military adopted it in 1942 as a part of a quick fitness test for the recruitment of new recruits who were getting recruited for service during World War II.

What makes it so special?

Burpee grabbed world’s eyeball when it was followed by people who were required to be extremely fit for their profession.
Burpee is an exercise which is performed by military personals, elite athletes and is also included as a crucial part of CrossFit workout.

Burpee is a single exercise which affects your body from head to toe. It won’t just challenge you physically but also mentally.

How to do a Burpee

Burpee is an excellent fat cutting exercise, but you have to do it correctly to save yourself from any injury.

Burpees majorly consist of 5 major steps.

  1. Squat position- helps in body’s natural movement to bend knees.
  2. Squat thrust– helps in body’s natural movement to pick anything from the ground.
  3. Pushup- provides natural ability to push anything or anyone through the chest.
  4. Frog jump- stabilizes and strengthens your core.
  5. Jump squat- natural movement for stronger legs and generate blasting power.


Burpee Challenge

These challenges are not just to torture you, but to transform your body.

Tabata Burpee madness

This is something that you can perform with your friends or gym mates. All you need to do is perform burpee workout in Tabata style.

If you are not aware of the Tabata workout then let me explain it to you really quickly.

Tabata workout is a workout where you workout for 20 seconds and take 10 seconds rest. You repeat the process 8 times that is 4 minutes in total.

And I dare you, these 4 minutes are surely going to felt like longest 4 minutes of your life.

Anyone who is too busy for a workout should definitely try burpee workout in Tabata style.

100 burpee challenge

If you are someone who likes to take or give challenges, then this burpee workout is perfect for you.

You can share this burpee workout challenge online and make your video of completing 100 burpees within a specific time and challenging your friends and collogues to beat your time for performing 100 burpees.

100 burpee challenge is simply not for anyone, this burpee workout challenge is going to test your physical and mental limits.

100 burpee challenges are not just a workout, it’s a suicide workout for many.

30 days burpee

Not this is challenge something if you are tired of being a couch potato and not you want to have a change in your lifestyle.

30 days burpee challenge comprise of increasing the number of a burpee with every passing day, you can go through our 30 days burpee workout challenge calendar

burpee challenge

Burpee variations

We have already covered about burpee variations in the detailed article with video illustrations as well, you can check the article from here.

Some of the most common burpee variations are-

Burpee level: Beginner

  • Squat thrust
  • Burpee broad jump

Burpee level: Intermediate

  • Burpee pushup
  • Box jump burpees
  • Hindu pushup burpees
  • Lateral jump-over burpees
  • Pull-up burpees

Burpee level: Expert

  • Tuck jump burpees
  • Single legged burpee
  • Muscle up burpee
  • Dumbbells burpee

Why burpee workout is best for fat loss

Compound movements

I have been always a promoter of compound movements, because of many reasons-

  • They facilitate maximum muscle involvements
  • They help in more muscle development
  • More muscle means better metabolism
  • High rate of calorie burn
  • Multiple muscle synchronization for better mobility.

Burpee workout is the best compound movement that will target your all major muscle groups from head to toe, I will be adding a screenshot to give you are the idea of how many muscles are involved while doing burpee workout.

Afterburn effects

This is my favorite, the scientific name is EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). When you workout in any high intensity (try sprinting for 3-4 sets) you start feeling out of breath.

This happens because of the depletion of your body’s oxygen stores, as a natural tendency of the body, your body automatically starts working to improve the blood oxygen level of body and start stacking up oxygen in the body.

A research has shown that high-intensity workout forces body to work for another 16-24 hours to maintain the optimum oxygen level of the body.  Another study has also shown High-intensity exercise (like burpee or sprinting) improves the body’s ability for better consumption of oxygen in comparison to low-intensity exercise.

So we can summarize, that HIIT workout (like burpee) can improve your body’s capability to burn more calories throughout the day and improves your capability to utilize oxygen.


Do I need to mention this? I know it’s obvious.

Like any other HIIT workout, Burpee workout is extremely quick and tiring.

Pulling out few burpee sets or 4 min Burpee Tabata madness can be extremely effective and time-saving way to maintain your fitness levels.

Can be done almost anywhere

If you are someone who likes to exercise in outdoor instead of visiting gym then Burpee is a perfect solution for you.

You don’t need to carry any instrument with you, you can simply perform few sets of burpees almost anywhere.

With the different intensity level, this exercise can be proved best exercise that will never get monotonous and boring exercise.

Muscle development

Burpee workout largely trains your fast-twitch muscles.

Let’s recap fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers:

  • Slow twitch muscle is the muscle that is responsible for long-endurance work such as marathon running.
  • Fast-twitch muscles are responsible for your body’s ability to blast power. Any work that requires blasting power involves fast twitch muscle fibers. These muscles reach fatigue faster but provide power in powerful bursts.

Training fast twitch muscle results in greater testosterone levels which improve the overall development of muscle mass.

Muscle group that gets affected

Main muscles– Pectorals, deltoids (shoulders), quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, calves, hip flexors

Primary Muscles involved in Burpees
Primary Muscles involved in Burpees

Assisting muscles – Popliteus (back of the knee), rhomboids (between your shoulder blades), core (abdominals, sides, and lower back)

secondory muscles affected by burpee
secondary muscles affected by burpee

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