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7 Ways to Make Your Money Grow, Be Financially Independent.


#1 Make MOney
#2 Use That Money To Make More Money
#3 Repeat!

Making your money grow is not easy because you have so many barriers firstly that you need to overcome. There’s so much you have to clear and then invest with little money and hence it takes a lot of time and patience. You don’t need a lot of money to start off with. You need to make a To-Do list of where to save and where to spend. Some of these suggestions might help you understand your pattern to grow your money:

Clear your debts:

If you are in any amount of debt, make sure you clear that out first instead of spending more on something else. That play-station can wait till next few months. And if you end up saving more, maybe you can end up buying the latest edition of it. Clearing your debts is the foremost step to be taken. 

Savings Account:

If you don’t have a savings account then you need to open one right away. This will help you keep control on your expenses and make you realize how much money you actually have left. This will encourage you more and more to save because no one likes to see their bank account have zero money in it. 

Save by cheats:

We all know that there is something known as coupons that exist where you can save money in bulk. One has to restrict himself, but when you feel like you wish to spend money and pamper yourself, you can check out certain sites which can give you coupons and you can save up to 50% or more of your money. 

Work extra shifts:

So for the starters you can work extra shifts and gather some good money. One has to work an extra mile just to make your money grow and make the digits look good. No one work is easy and at least for starters you will have to work hard. 

Invest in property:

Investing in something like property is the wisest decision ever. Property prices, even though they go down, they tend to rise after a while. One clear example can be when you compare your apartment price from the last 10 years. So when you have good enough money to invest money in, you should try and invest it in property and your money will grow for sure. 

Make bonds and invest in shares:

Making bonds will save you from spending money on worthless things that you don’t need at that right moment. And investing in shares will multiply your money. But that does not mean that you will invest in any random share. You need to sit with an adviser who will help you compare the shares and which one to buy. 


By now you should know that investing is like one of the major factors in growing your money, once you have enough of savings. Gold on the other hand is something what is worth investing on. It is one of the safest investments and can be invested on small budget too.


You must make investments with open eyes and do not trust any advice blindly before totally looking into the details. Keeping the money safe when its growing is important too.

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