9 massive benefits of weighted pushups

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Bodyweight push-ups are already the best upper body functional movements and when you add a little more weight to the exercise, results can be insane. 

Weighted pushups are ridiculously underrated, I understand that pushing 400 pounds while bench press looks more appealing but one should never underestimate the benefits of weighted push-ups. 

Weighted pushups have been practiced for ages and they are still an important part of many armed forces physical training routines.  Weighted pushups can benefit you in the following ways: 

  • Increased functional strength
  • Improves core strength and stability
  • Bulletproof shoulders
  • Escalate your bench press
  • Muscle gains
  • Stronger arms 
  • No added cost

Let’s dig deep into the benefits of weighted push-ups and why you should be including these in your weight training routine. 

Benefits Of Weighted Pushups

Weighted push-ups are not just another rehab exercise or something that you would do at the end of the chest training days to enjoy the pump. Tons of benefits can be enjoyed with the practice of weighted pushups. 

1- Massive Chest

A massive chest is something every guy wants, it not only looks sexy but also improves the functional ability to push any object. 

Bodyweight push-ups have their limitations because of limited resistance, but once you start to add weights to the push-ups then ‘skies are the limits’. 

2- Stronger Core

It’s not only the chest that is working hard while you do weighted push-ups, core stability is challenged to a higher extent. 

When you practice a pushup with added weight, your core is required to work harder to maintain the posture which benefits the core stability and strength. 

Pro tip** If you want greater core stability then place the weight plate on the middle portion of the back instead of the upper back. 

3- Lower Chances Of Injury

Many fellas are getting themselves injured while bench pressing. 

Push-Ups with added weight help in the development of a massive chest while preventing workout-related injuries. 

Additionally, being one of the best functional movement weighted pushups also improves the muscle coordination and joint strength. 

4- Bulletproof Shoulders

What do we really mean by bulletproof shoulders? Stronger, bigger, and resilient to injuries. 

Are you someone who always struggles with poor shoulder strength, staying consistent with the weighted push-ups will not only strengthen the shoulders but also strengthens the ligaments and tendons that influence the shoulder stability.

Weighted pushups also stabilize the scapula for better functioning. 

5- Improve The Bench PR

Everyone at the gym is trying to improve their benchpress but I hardly find a guy doing a few sets of weighted pushups. Most of the guys don’t even realize that pushups can improve the Benchpress PR too. 

Every fitness enthusiast reaches a point where he can’t push more weight on the bench. Staying consistent with weighted push-ups and progressive overload will improve your ability to pursue heavier bench press. 

How exactly does it help? Pushups are functional movements that activate multiple muscle groups, it not only improves the chest strength but also strengthens the stabilizer (supporting) muscle groups. Improving the strength of the tricep, shoulders, and core has a direct impact on your ability to bench press.    

6- Stronger Arms

Your arms are the prominent stabilizers that work hard to push your body up. It will force your Triceps to grow bigger.

Weighted push-ups are a blessing to someone who has underdeveloped arms. 

7- Boosts Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is a male sex hormone that that plays an important role in improving the quality of life. 

Testosterone affects the sex drive, bone density, strength, confidence, energy levels, body’s ability to pack on muscles. Problem is, testosterone levels vary from person to person. 

Lifting heavy ass weights is one of the best ways to improve testosterone naturally. Weighted pushups are the multi-joint movement that triggers the natural production of Growth Hormone and Testosterone. 

Other exercises that help in boosting testosterone levels are: Barbell Squats, Deadlifts, Pullups, and Sprinting. 

8- Burn Fat

I have always been more inclined towards heavy compound movements, they not only help in strength development but also improve the quality of life. 

Doing heavy compound movements have been proven to improve strength and muscle mass while trimming down excess body fat. 

How does it help in lowering body fat? Heavy compound movements activate maximum muscle fibers that increase the metabolic rate for the whole day which transforms the body into a fat-burning furnace. 

9- Calisthenics and Body Control

Calisthenics enthusiasts know the importance of weighted pushups for greater gains. 

Weighted pushups not only provide additional strength but also improves their ability to perform difficult calisthenics exercises like clap pushups, Full-Planche, 90-degree Push-up, Superman Push-up, etc.  

Are Weighted Push-ups As Good As Bench-press?

Yes, weighted push-ups can be as good as bench press if the right nutrition and consistency are involved. 

There were many legendary athletes in the past who developed massive chest with the help of pushups only. 

If you are into professional powerlifting then you should be practicing bench press but if your goal is to develop bigger and stronger chest muscles then you can do that with weighted pushups and bench press, both. 

How To Add Weight To The Pushups: 

There are multiple options to add weight to your traditional bodyweight pushups. Let’s have a look at them. 

1- Weight Plate:

Placing a weight plate on a back is one of the most basic but effective ways to add weight to the pushups. Additionally, it doesn’t require you to invest in any other equipment. 

The only drawback is it doesn’t provide stability and the plate might fall down while the harder variations like single hand push-ups, Plyometric push-ups, Pike push-ups, and Clap push-ups. 

2- Weighted Vest:

weighted vest
Weighted vest

Training with a weighted vest is getting popular among fitness enthusiasts, weighted vests are comfortable to train with and provides the added resistance.

Instead of investing in cheap weight vests that offer fixed resistance, try to invest in a vest that is designed to add or reduce weight. 

I personally love to use Rogue TACTEC weighted vests for my pushups, pullups, and weighted dips.

3- Resistance Bands

Resistance bands work incredibly well to increase the training intensity. 

Check out the video below to learn the right technique to do pushups with resistance bands. 


Recently, the whole world experienced long periods of lockdown which forced people to workout within the boundaries of their homes, weighted pushup has all the potential to help you stay strong and healthy without the need for gym-grade equipment. 

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