5 Most Popular Exercise Equipments

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Have you ever thought about why people of stone and iron age were so healthy? Despite having so many luxuries and comforts they were still able to live 70 and 80 years of life without any illness at all.

I know some of you may not agree but most of them were quite healthy and strong. Have you ever thought about that? Yes! There was one thing in common that helped them to be healthy and stay strong. It was physical exercise.

Back in those days, there weren’t any TVs or Laptops or things like that where most of us spend time today. Even their wars used to be full of physical activities but today everything has turned us lazy.

After seeing the current situation it is safer to say that around 80% of diseases are caused by obesity. However, there is still a way to get rid of that even if you have a tough daily routine. Today we will talk about the 5 most popular exercise equipment that will blow your mind.

Using this equipment you can stay fit and live a longer, happy, and healthy life. Moreover, you can get these equipment for your home and make good use of them as well. So without any further ado, let’s not waste any more time and jump straight into our top 5 favorite exercise equipment.

5 Most Popular Exercise Equipment

1. Treadmill

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The first one on our list of the most popular exercise equipment is the treadmill. Of course, it is something that makes a gym complete. Cardio is the basic building block of all exercise and workouts. A good cardio routine will make you stay fit and not only fit but will give you a sufficient amount of stamina.

Since everyone is busy these days and not everyone has got time for a daily jog or running. You can still say fit with the help of this amazing machine. Though we don’t want to claim that a treadmill can replace that daily morning jogging routine. However, it still is the best training equipment which will help you shed pounds of weight and stay in a good shape.

There are so many workout machines out there as the technology advances and so these machines. Some of them will not tell you your daily caloric burn and even measure your daily VO2 max consumption. Together these stats and values need additional equipment like fitness trackers and bands etc.

Having that said, modern treadmills have replaced all of these. You can still have fitness trackers at all because they are cool devices. There are so many things a fitness watch can do alone. For instance, you can wear it to measure your heart rate and stuff like that in real-time.

Without a good treadmill and a decent running routine, you won’t get the most out of your workout routines. During our research, we noticed that people who are actually into running and sprinting, specifically tend to burn more calories.

Well, there isn’t any proof required at all, just don’t forget about CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo and other soccer players. How fit are they? I hope that’s enough and it will help you make a rough sketch about the treadmill. So if you are going to make an indoor gym right in your house don’t forget to write treadmills on top of the list.

2. Exercycle

Wait a minute! Are you worried about your knees and lower back? If you are really out of shape then you shouldn’t use the treadmill right in the beginning. It will put too much stress on your joints and even may cause serious injuries.

However, there is still some great equipment that can help you do great cardio training at all. Though we are not talking about elliptical trainers but the Exercycle. Yes, it is one of those great machines that will completely replace your cycling activities.

It is such a great machine that will let you burn your calories and shed pounds and that too without hurting your lower back and knees. Even if you are not in shape right now you can still ride it and get the ball rolling.

3. Pullup Bar

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Another decent piece of equipment for exercise is the pullup bar. Nothing can beat those old school but effective bodyweight exercises at all. Luckily there are some great pullup bars available on the market. You can use these bars and do some great workouts. It will help you tone your muscles and your upper back at the same time.

Unlike other exercise equipment, pullup bars are quite affordable and you can get the best with probably a few hundred bucks. Some of them offer multiple workout settings such as you can use them for dips, chip ups, and even pushups.

4. Elliptical Trainers

For those who love cardio training but they can’t use either treadmill or the Exercycle, there is one more machine. An elliptical trainer is one of the best and the most popular workout equipment that can help you get fit and build muscles.

It offers the same workout that you can do with a treadmill with a slightly different approach. Treadmills don’t involve bending your knees which makes them quite helpful for those who are suffering from joint problems.

There are different variations of treadmills available on the market you can read our article about elliptical trainers for more information.

5. Resistance Bands

Last but not least, resistance bands are one of the most popular workout equipment. People use them for so many different purposes. They are superlatively awesome because they make you do more work and spend your energy against them.

Whatever workout you are doing whether it be pull-ups or pushups. If you are a beginner you can use these bands to help you make progress. Apart from that, they can be useful for upper body exercises too. There are tons of videos on youtube you can watch and make them useful in your daily routine.

Another thing which makes them quite amazing is that they are pretty cheap. You don’t have to spend loads of money on them because you can get a good pair just by spending a few hundred bucks.

Final Thoughts

If we take a look around there are so many different workout and exercise training programs. However, these programs require some great equipment that can help you do the workout. If you are a beginner then you must be looking for some of the best workout equipment.

Don’t worry we wrote a detailed article just for you which explains the 5 most popular exercise equipment. These are the ones that will surely help you get fit and live a super healthy life provided that your diet is up to the mark too.

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