5 Benefits of running with weights and Its Precautions


I have been into boxing training when I was around 15 years of age, that time our coach used to make us jog with few pounds in hands. Did that make any difference? Definitely yes, running with weights helped in the development of indestructible shoulders.

Many fitness gurus are talking about drawbacks of running with extra resistance. But that drawbacks come into existence when you run with heavy weight.

Many professionals around the world are using extra weight resistance for better performance and strength.

How to incorporate it properly:

Some of the people are afraid of weighted running because of the chances of injuries. But you can experience some incredible benefits if done it right.

Most common ways to train with weights:

  • Running with dumbbells in hands
  • Wearing weighted vests
  • Using wrist weights
  • Ankle Weights

Running with dumbells or running with hand weights are totally fine unless you start with very lightweight, start with 1-pound dumbells or wrist weights. After a few weeks of training with them start with 2-pounds of dumbbells. Don’t use a dumbbell more than 3 pounds unless you are training under expert supervision.

Using a weighted running vest can also be used for greater resistance and for core strengthening. Make sure to wear a tight weighted vest that can act as a part of the body, lose vest will injure your spine because of constant jerks.

Slow progression is a key to success here, else you will end up injuring yourself.  


There are some unmatchable benefits of running with weights.

More calorie burning

Running with more weight = more work done = burning more energy

You can burn about 5-15% more calories while running with weights.

Muscle endurance

When you run with the dumbbell or weighted vest you are putting additional muscles on work.

The additional weight also initiates the stabilizing mechanism of your muscle.

Better conditioning

It’s not just the calories you are burning away while running with dumbbells, its the increase in muscle activation that shoots up your body metabolism and heart rate.

Running with a weighted vest may increase your heart rate up to 15%.  

Strength building

When you run with the 10-pounds weighted vest, every muscle in your body is working harder than ever before.

Your legs need to work harder, your calved need to push harder, your core muscle group needs to work harder, Resulting? You develop a stronger body with more muscle power.

Posture and bone health

Your body has the ability to adapt to the situation.

When you put extra resistance to your running routine you are actually forcing your body to develop stronger bone, ligaments, and tendons to adapt to that additional stress.


It’s not a beginner workout, you might end up injuring your spine or shoulders.

Said that before, repeating my self again, avoid adding too much weight too quickly.

Your shoulders are not used to of running with added weight, start with single pound dumbbell or wrist weight. Your weighted vest should not more than 10 pounds and must be a perfect fit to the body.

If you experience any unusual joint pain, make sure to terminate immediately.


While running with weights, you will be breaking more muscles and you will be needing some supplements for fast recovery.

Although there is a list of supplements that will be needed, there are some basic supplements that will not just improve your performance but will also help in muscle strengthening and fast recovery.


BCAA stands for Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

These are the essential amino acids that your body requires for the proper growth and recovery. Supplementing yourself with BCAA may help in the prevention of injury and fast recovery.

Testosterone booster

These are not just for bodybuilders, test boosters are for anyone into fitness.

Testosterone boosters helps in improving the blood flow, reducing stress and improving the muscle quality. A good testosterone booster will help you develop better endurance and joint health.


ZMA is a combination of Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. It is a supplement primarily used by athletes, gymnasts, and bodybuilders.

It is found to be very useful for better sleep, bone health, and fast recovery.

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