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12 Burpee Variations Will Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goal.

Last updated on May 17th, 2020 at 03:00 pm

Burpee!! A nightmare exercise for many, but for others, it’s the best tool to shred excess fat, improve endurance and get stronger.

If you are someone from a category of people who likes to challenge them self then this article is a perfect match for you.

Before we start listing the different burpee variations, let’s just recap about what burpee is and how to perform it.

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What is burpee?

In a single statement, burpee can be defined as “an aerobic exercise which works as a fat blaster and strengthens your body due to its multi-joint movements”

Burpee got into the limelight due to its brutal movements that kill body fat quickly but also tests the cardiac health of athlete and challenges them mentally.

Burpee got in to practice when USA stepped into World War II, that time their military needed a method to access the physical and mental capabilities of new recruits. Since then burpee has been a part of training for every athlete or military personnel.

How to perform Burpee?

Burpee can we divided into majorly 5 step workout.

  1. A squat position
  2. Squat thrust
  3. Pushup (optional)
  4. Frog jump
  5. Jump squat.

Squat position: To initiate a burpee, a person needs to bend down and get into squat position.

Squat thrust: Get into squat thrust position that is; placing both hands in front of your feet and kick back your feet to get into plank position.

Pushup: once you get into a plank position, perform a single pushup.

Frog jump: after completing single pushup, jump your feet forward towards your hands.

Jump squat: Perform a Jump squat to complete single repetition of Burpees.

12 Amazing Burpee Variations

Feels like conventional burpee is too easy for you? If you are someone who likes to add more challenges into your workout and likes to perform different variations for better results than this is article is one stop solution for you.  Let’s start with the different variations of burpees.

1# Box Jump Burpees

A burpee variation where you need to jump on a heightened wooden box instead of ending the burpee with a squat jump. Please check the video below for more reference.

2# Burpees Broad Jump

In this burpee variation, you will be required to jump forward instead of jumping up, this burpee variation is also a great alternative to add up some blasting power.

3# Burpee Push-up

One of the most common burpee style, where you need to do a strict push-up after getting into a plank position.

4# Dumbbells Burpees

For those who would like to add more teeth to burpee, you can add up dumbbells to put more resistance on legs.

5# Kettlebell Burpees

While some people are adding dumbbells to their burpee variation, you can also add Kettlebell as a great alternative to the dumbbell. Because of the better center of mass, kettlebell will be a better alternative.

6# Hindu Push-up Burpees

Need to put more emphasis on chest, shoulders, and triceps all together with a single exercise? Try out this burpee variation.

7# Lateral Jump-over Burpees

Another great variation, you can add up the burpee intensity by jumping over a barbell or anything else in a side direction.

8# Single-legged Burpees

Want to put extreme resistance on legs? Try performing burpee with single legs.

9# Muscle-up Burpee

This burpee variation is surely going to be workout from hell. All you need to do is perform a muscle up after the last step of burpee (Jump squat).

10# Pull-up Burpee

Can’t do muscle up? Just perform a single pull-up.

11# Squat Thrust

We have already covered a full article about squat thrust, Click here for detailed article.

Squat thrust can be called as the most basic and armature version of burpee

Squat thrust eliminates the two most difficult steps that are a push-up and jump squat.

12# Tuck Jump Burpee

Another fat killer variation, instead of performing jumping squat, perform tuck jump. This additional step will give more blasting power in your legs and will boost up your testosterone levels.

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