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Relationship advice: 10 Bad Qualities that might get you dumped sooner.


quotation-marks-left - CopyGood relations don’t just happen. They require time, patience and two people who truly want to be together.

I am sure most of the times after you are dumped you are left in wonder about what was the reason behind the breakup or who’s fault exactly was it or where did I go wrong? Or what were the signs at least? We have a list of reasons for why would you get dumped and trust me you can count on these and improve yourself, or at least try. Yes, most of the time it does hurt our ego about at the end of the day they are the ones who you have to be with and hence it is important that you take some good relationship advice. Here, we have some good reasons that you need to give yourself a check at if they are in any way related to you:


When you have mood swings it is something that will at some point bother your partner. It can be one of the major reasons for breakup. If a relationship, it is best to have just one female who has heavy mood swings. You do not want to be that woman. You have your girl for that.  So if you seem to notice for yourself having such mood swings, it is probably one of the reasons why your girl has left you. This is something that you need to change about yourself.

Not taking initiatives:

Well she is not asking for you to be chivalrous but basic things like offering her the seat, calling her, asking her how was her day, opening the door for her, asking for her opinion, respecting her and her opinion, accepting her as a whole, and a lot more other such things are somethings that you need to have. These are in fact the things that should be naturally present in you. You need to be a little and more considerate and take efforts. This is a very important relationship advice.

Bad in bed:

Being good by nature is not something all that they want every time from their guy. If you suck in bed, this can be one of the reasons for both of you to breakup and split apart. It does hurt your ego to know that you are not that great in bed, but it’s okay. Not everyone is perfect anyway. You need to improve your being good in bed skills and get your game stronger. It will help you win her back or get a better one if nothing.


As much as girls like guys who do look good, they like it better when they have the right manners. They like it when they know what to talk about when and like the certain type of sensibleness that they have. From all the relationship advices you will get, it is important that you are not someone who is completely manner less. Do not sit with your hands not cleaned once you visit the washroom or no proper clothing. In fact, that is our next advice.

No cleanliness:  If you lack cleanliness in you, then it is one of the things majorly going wrong in you. You have to make sure that you keep yourself clean at first. You will not just come across someone who is decent but as well someone who is hygienic. It is very important that you keep yourself clean with basic habits like having a bath every day and brushing your teeth every day, doing your laundry regularly, having clean underwear and socks, and many such other things.

Can’t handle his liquor:

If you are the kind of guy who cannot handle his liquor and you have broken up, it definitely can be the reason why you would breakup. As a grown up, you are expected to be really responsible and handle your liquor. You cannot just go all wild and crazy once you are drunk and then go around puking everywhere. Get drunk if you want but be a responsible one. Don’t go around running naked and calling her every time you lose it. It’s cute sometimes when you call her and let her know how much you miss her and all. But yes, it surely is not something that she will appreciate and entertain if done frequently.

Criticize a lot:

If you are the kind of person who only looks at the negatives of everything that is happening or done, then that is one sure shot reason for your breakup. take this one really powerful relationship advice about not being someone who only keeps on finding the fault in everything. That way you will not be able to pass on any positive vibes and it will only piss your girl off which will lead to a breakup.


It is important to consider yourself but it is wrong if it is always only about you. Yes, you are supposed to look for yourself too but every time if it is only about you, there will be a lot of fights and a lot of selfishness involved which means the girl will feel that she is just someone who does not matter. You cannot give yourself so much of importance that you forget her worth.


If you have been termed as someone who is really aggressive and violent in nature, then well yes. It is one of the major reasons for breakup. nobody likes aggressive guys. You will have to take this relationship advice for everything in fact.

Liar Liar:

Well lying is something that women detest the most. There will be times when they will rather prefer you to lie but trust me, you do not want to do that. You can rather just tell the truth and get away than facing a breakup. lying will not do anything good to you anyway and it will just spoil things between the both of you.