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Incline walking vs running, what’s better for weight loss

Introduction: Jogging burns more calories than walking, but little changes in your walking pattern can help you burn more calories than jogging.  Yes, we are going to talk about the incline walking vs running and how to make accelerate the calorie-burning process. Some also call it uphill walking. Many people are unwilling or

Burn Fat Fast: Interval Running For Weight Loss

Introduction Whenever you think about weight loss, what is the first thing that evolves into your mind? Most of the people think about those hours of boring and exhaustive cardio sessions.  Cardio is definitely a fabulous way to lose those extra pounds but its not everyone's cup of tea. Cardio seems like slow torture to some people and

5 Best treadmill brands for home use.

Introduction: Buying a treadmill for the home workout is definitly a costly investment, knowing the best brands in the market can ensure the reliability of performance. Today, we are going to cover all the best treadmill brands for home use and their best performing treadmill models. But before we hop on the best brands its