9 Proven Tips To NATURALLY Boost Up Your Body’s Testosterone..


Having low testosterone level is something that a lot of people have started facing lately. All the people facing this issue are between the age group of 35 to beyond 60; which basically means till you die.

For a lot of people who do not know anything about testosterone are probably curious right now that what does this testosterone do to your health and why is there a sudden talk about it. Testosterone can help you out in a lot of ways but it is mainly sensual and a lot to do with your mental health too.

For example, low testosterone level can affect your mood, which means that you may notice that you have started having various mood swings and that you have begun to feel low. Basically your mood has started seeing extremes instead of your other normal ‘mood behavior’. Testosterone is mainly known has the male sex hormone which also means that if you have low testosterone level then you will start to notice that you have been facing trouble getting erection and your response to sexual arousal has become terrible, like you can literally see it decline. However, having a good testosterone level can help you out with all of this.

Having a good testosterone level can keep your mood better and as well give you a better response to sexual arousal. And, well, believe it or not you do not want to have any sort of trouble with your sexual life. Apart from the sexual arousal, testosterone can help you keep your heart healthy and your blood issues sorted as well. Stronger bones as well are a part of benefit to have when you have a good testosterone level. Now that you know the benefits of having a good testosterone level, lets jump to the part where you can increase testosterone level.

Lose weight:

If you happen to weight more than what you should be, after analyzing your height and age, then shredding a few pounds would be a good decision. You may want to improvise your diet in such a case and follow it religiously. We strongly suggest only to change your diet and not to start fasting. Fasting or staying hungry can help you lose weight in no time but you will lose out on a lot of minerals and vitamins which you need at the same time. Losing weight can surely be a task, but what you will gain after that will be worth all the salads that you have eaten. While losing or shredding down the weight, remember that you do not overdo it either where you lose weight up to that extent where your testosterone not only starts rising, which then suddenly ceases, but you also start facing other health issues.

Change your sleeping schedule:

Have you been sleeping less than what you should be? Or have you been having some issues with sleeping early and for longer hours than usual? When you do not get your quality sleep, it may not be good enough for your health. Not only will it give you other health issues but also cause 9 to 12% low testosterone level. In fact, when you do not sleep for the right number of hours, it can affect your weight as well. Depending on your hormones, if you do not sleep well you will either shred or gain weight. The normal recommended hours are 7 to 8 hours per night. If you are sleeping any less than that, you must change your sleeping schedule.

Lower your stress level:

It is said that your stress level as well has a direct effect on your testosterone level. When your stress level increase, the hormone cortisol increases which interrupts the making of testosterone and other such hormones. Which means that not only your testosterone level be affected but also your other related hormones will cause damage to your body. You can try reducing your stress levels by focusing more on relaxing. Start your morning with some few deep breathing exercises. This will not take more than 5-10 minutes of your morning. There are other exercises as well which can help you start your day with no stress and you can further continue your day with a much lighter mood and stress.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is known as a steroid hormone which can help you with development of your body. It can help you with the production of sperm cell count, maintain the semen quality, and other such related things. Spending some good 30-40 minutes under the sun from 7am to 8:30 am where you can get direct sunlight. This is the most pure and natural way of gaining vitamin D. You can try for oral supplements but direct sunlight can give you better results comparatively.

Stay Active and high-intensity exercises:

Now for those who love to laze around and prefer being a couch potato, this is for you guys. You need to get your ass off that couch or bed and start with at least a morning run or jog. When you do not stay active enough, you not only gain weight but put your body at some great risk. Exercises can help you prevent many lifestyle related diseases. For those who have already been exercising, you need to get into intense workouts which can be a bit challenging but can give you great results. People who exercise daily have a higher level of testosterone compared to the ones who do not workout at all. Go for exercises where you can lift weights because it can help you increase your short and long term testosterone level.

Eat more of natural food than preserved/packaged food:

Preservative food will never give you as much nutrition as much as natural food can. Go for more high quality fish and meat, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds. These things can help you with cutting off excess trans, sugar, fats everything. You might as well want to avoid processed food and dairy. When you have preserved/packaged food, it can lead to increase in weight as well as obesity which can further lead to lower testosterone levels. Along with your testosterone level you are also risking yourself for heart disease and diabetes. Hence start cutting off on processed and preserved food and replace them with more of natural fruits.

Cut down on sugar:

This includes food, from the above pointer, like preserved food or packaged food because that can as well have sugar and also artificial sweeteners. This can hit you up with diabetes as well as affect your testosterone level. Look out for alternatives which can work better on your body than just sugar.

Article By Harsh Chauhan

Article By Harsh Chauhan

A guy who believes in endless possibilities in life, business analyst turned entrepreneur, writer, motivational speaker, taekwondo expert, fitness enthusiast and an ALPHA. Now, on a mission to improve your soul to lead a successful and fabulous lifestyle, We hope you will get all the much needed kickass motivation..